EAA Chapter 717


Chapter 717  -Thousand Years Of Deep Feelings Part 1

His white hair fluttered in the wind, brushing against Mu Ru Yue’s face. His hair was as smooth and soft as silk.

Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at the handsome face before her. Her heart seemed to be struck heavily by something, making her feel a painful sensation in her heart…

‘The time flow for a thousand years is tremendously long and slow. Jing Er at least had undergone that time unconscious but this man had been locked up in this place, waiting solitarily for her for a thousand years…

‘No matter if it was Xiao Yue or Zi Shao, they didn’t experience the extent of torture that this man had undergone.


‘They didn’t spend those time in solitary after all. It was this man and only this man that only had flowers, grasses, and trees as his companions for a thousand years…’

“Bai Ze…”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice trembled slightly. She raised her head to meet the man’s grievance filled eyes. A gentle smile was instantly displayed on her face.

“Bai Ze, I’m back…”

‘That’s right, she’s back.

‘I will no longer be just by myself from now on…’

Bai Ze smiled. The land seemed to have quivered from his smile.

“There is nothing… better to me than to be able to see you again. Hence, I’ve neither regretted nor remorse for waiting for you for a thousand years.”

‘I’ve neither regretted nor remorse for waiting for you for a thousand years.’

Mu Ru Yue suddenly felt tremendously ashamed and uneasy toward the man before her. Perhaps she would never be able to repay the man before her for what he had done in her past life in her current life and eternity.

The crowd was a little shocked by the sudden change of situation, making them unable to come back to their senses momentarily. Nobody knew what was going on…

The man turned his head to look at the Eight Clawed Fire Dragon before him. Everyone could feel an intense pressure coming from him even though his gaze was calm…

His white robes and snow-white hair fluttered in the wind in midair. His hair was extremely as eye-catching as snowflakes. The crowd had never seen anyone possessing such a natural white hair. More importantly, what was really stunning was that the entire world seemed to revolve around this man.

A mighty aura circled around that man, gradually giving rise to an alarming gale. He just stood in the middle of the gale, lowering his gaze to look at the Eight Clawed Fire Dragon beneath him. His eyes gave off a formidable grandeur as though he was looking disdainfully out of the corner of his eye at the world.

If he was like an immortal-like person when facing Mu Ru Yue, the current him could totally be described as a fusion of a god and devil god. He was so high up, looking down upon people from his high and lofty position.  

“A punny Eight Clawed Fire Dragon dares to run amok in my territory?! What’s worse was that you tried to hurt her!” Bai Ze raised his white eyebrows slightly as he commented in a heavy and cold tone.

He raised his eyes slightly with his gaze indifferent and cold.

Snowflakes fluttered in his surrounding after he said that. The number of snowflakes increased constantly until it formed into a snowstorm.


It struck toward that Eight Clawed Fire Dragon.

There were several ice blades1 within that powerful snowstorm that pierced into the Eight Clawed Fire Dragon’s body without any warning. Blood instantly sprayed out from its body, staining the snow red…


The Eight Clawed Fire Dragon gave out a heart-wrenching roar.


Following that, its body collapsed toward the ground before the crowd’s gaze.

A gale revolved around his body with his white robes dancing along with the wind. The man’s gaze was indifferent and cold as he looked down at the crowd from his high position as though they were ants.

“Who else is delusional in wanting to harm my, Bai Ze’s, master?”

He said master…

Everyone’s heart seemed to have been struck by a sudden clap of thunder, creating waves of ripples in their hearts. Nobody was able to imagine that the handsome man that appeared out of nowhere was her contracted beast!

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  1. Why does Byakuya’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi from Bleach comes to my mind from translating this part? XD

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