EAA Chapter 718


Chapter 718  -Thousand Years Of Deep Feelings Part 2

He surveyed the crowd indifferently before his eyes landed on Mu Ru Yue again. His eyes became gentle and smiled gently at that instant.

“Everything will be fine now that I’m here. I won’t let anyone hurt you just like a thousand years ago.”

It was destined for him to be bound to her life after the first time he met her a thousand years ago. His feelings for her had never changed even after a thousand years…

Mu Ru Yue lifted his gaze to look at the white-haired man before her. She subconsciously extended her hand to caress his long snow-white hair. Her eyelashes trembled slightly with a trace of pain in her ink-black eyes.


“Bai Ze, you must have waited bitterly during those thousand years…”

Bai Ze shook his head and with a slight smile, he replied, “I have memories of you being with me so it wasn’t hard. They… they were enough to keep me going during the wait of a thousand years…”

An exclamation was suddenly heard from within the crowd.

“Bai Ze! The ancient aggressive beast Bai Ze! The Bai Ze that accompanied Senior Yue in her battles to her end a thousand years ago! I finally remembered who Bai Ze is!”

The one that commented was Peng Fei from the Martial Sect. He shot a gaze filled with disbelief at the two people before him. His expression of shock was even worse than if he were just looking at a ghost!

‘Bai Ze… this mighty demon beast is Bai Ze… If that’s the case, won’t Mu Ru Yue be…



‘Senior Yue had already fallen a thousand years ago so how could she be alive? Moreover, this girl is so young so she definitely couldn’t be Senior Yue!

‘Wait a minute…

He suddenly thought about something and widened his eyes in shock.

‘Didn’t Bai Ze said that he had waited for her for a thousand years? Can it be that Mu Ru Yue is the reincarnation of Senior Yue? Oh god! This information is really too mind-blowing!’

The rest of the crowd seemed to have thought about the same point, casting their gazes to the two people that had a black and white hair respectively…

This was especially so for Fu Qing that had looked down on Mu Ru Yue initially. Her guts had turned green from regrets now. She bit down on her lips.

Nobody from the Central Region wouldn’t know what the title of Senior Yue meant.

She was the peerless expert from a thousand years ago. Her alchemy’s proficiency was the closest to the God Realm throughout the entire history of alchemists! It was just a step that Zi Huang and Senior Yue would become gods. But something terrible happened during that critical moment that resulted in them being annihilation, vanishing forever from the continent of the Central Region.

Yet, who knew that the previous peerless expert had returned to this land after a thousand years…

He Shao Yuan’s expression had turned ashen. Fear finally appeared in his gloomy eyes.

‘That man had killed that Eight Clawed Fire Dragon with just a move. I didn’t expect that young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect Shangguan Feng would pass such a dangerous task to me!

‘Not only will I be unable to curry favours from the Immortal Doctor Sect, I will most probably be killed…’

He regretted to the point that his guts turned green after thinking about that…



The ground and mountain suddenly quivered at this moment as an intense earthquake had occurred within the mountain valley. Everyone that was unable to snap out from their shock was stunned by the sudden situation, making them look at each other at a loss.

“Not good!”

He Shao Yuan’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “It is the Divine Medicine Magic Array. Something has happened to the Divine Medicine Magic Array!”

Everyone was alarmed as they looked in fright at the shaking mountain range. Dread permeated their hearts…  

“Be careful!”


An enormous rock rolled down from the hill, rolling rapidly toward Mu Ru Yue. With a wave from Bai Ze’s raised hand, a strong power struck at that rock, instantly shattering that enormous rock into smithereens.

Following that, he raised his arm to pull Mu Ru Yue to his side, protecting her meticulously in his embrace. A trace of a peculiar ray of light flashed past his calm eyes.

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  1. I wonder if the people there are deaf or something like that because he said 1000years and only they reacted to “Master”

    1. Post

      They shouldn’t think much about 1000 years since they know from the rumours that he was in the magic array from an ancient book so they are more shocking that Mu Ru Yue was the owner of the beast. This is how I interpreted the chapter or the author is just trying to focus on the FL~ *shrugs* well that’s my thought haha~ might be wrong but yup!

  2. You know…I´m just coming back after reading It is not easy to be a supporting male leader and Quickly wear the of devil, where all this supporting characters disturb the original BG novel hahahaha what if Bai Ze and Ye Wu Chen turn this in a BL novel turning Yue´er in their most fangirling shipper? hahahHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

    Just forget about what I said…jeeezz my my I thought Yue´er will have some kind of breakthrought but it is good that Bai Ze finally came…I was wondering what was he waiting for…it seems even now he didn´t want to disturb her progress and just when it was a matter of life and death did he came out…ohh good…worthy of the second ML tittle…

  3. ¿En serio cree que saldrá ileso solo con el apoyo de la secta?
    Y… no sería mejor que todos muriesen? después de todo ahora saben que ella es la reencarnación del Mayor Yue y aún no es momento para que el mundo lo sepa.

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