EAA Chapter 720


Chapter 720 -Thousand Years Of Deep Feelings Part 4

He Shao Yuan hugged his head tightly and explained bitterly, “Shangguan Feng said that the talents of the three large powers were increasing too quickly so this Immortal Doctor Banquet is just a trap in order to wipe out of all the talents from the three large powers! I… I didn’t have a choice in this!”


Peng Fei’s fist struck He Shao Yuan’s head. With his voice drenched with fury, he shouted, “He Shao Yuan, I’m going to kill you bastard!”

Seeing that he was going to attack He Shao Yuan again, a voice was suddenly heard by his side, “Enough! You won’t achieve anything by hitting him now. You can kill him as you like after we leave this place!”


Peng Fei placed down his fist upon saying that but with a bitter smile on his face.

“Leave? You think we can still leave this place?”

Horror and despair filled the crowd at this instant. Couldn’t it be that they would be stuck in this magic array for the rest of their lives and eternity without the slightest freedom?

Bai Ze swept a light glance throughout the crowd before his gaze landed on Mu RU Yue again.

With his gaze as gentle as water and smile as soft as the wind, he asked, “You have a way out?”

It was undeniable that Bai Ze’s voice was indeed really pleasant to the ears, giving people a refreshing spring wind sensation. Yet, he was only like this toward Mu Ru Yue…

The crowd’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue at this moment.

If she really was the legendary Senior Yue, there definitely be nothing that she couldn’t do…

Hope started to fill the gazes of the crowd as they thought about that.

“If we want to leave…” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before continuing, “It isn’t impossible but I don’t have that capability yet…”

Peng Fei was elated.

‘She said that she doesn’t have the capability yet so does this mean that there’s a way for them to leave this place?’

“How can you help us in leaving this place?”

“Heaven Realm!” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly before continuing, “There is an internal exit in this Divine Medicine Magic Array in case something bad was to occur. But only I can activate the array. Moreover, my cultivation needs to reach the Heaven Realm!”

Heaven Realm?

The crowd was stunned before they became slightly melancholic. Nobody knew how long she would take to reach the Heaven Realm after all. Wouldn’t it mean that they would need to stay here for a long time?

Who knew what would happen in the world outside the magic array after such a long period of time…

“It’s better to have some hope than none!” Fu Qing snapped out from her shock as she surveyed the crowd before continuing, “Usually, there is some friction between our three large powers. But the current crisis affects all of the three large powers. Since the Immortal Doctor Sect wants to make moves on us, they naturally wouldn’t let off our various sects. Hence, we should lay down all of our grudges toward each other to team up in order to survive!”

The crowd’s heart shuddered as they shot a gaze toward Fu Qing’s delicate and pretty face. They couldn’t believe that this girl that was usually a little haughty would say such words.

“What Fu Qing says is right.” Hua Yun paused for a moment and with a trace of light that flashed past his eyes, he continued, “Thus, we should team up to fight as one against the Immortal Doctor Sect. The Immortal Doctor Sect dares to treat us in such a manner. As a disciple of the Medicine Sect, I definitely won’t forgive them! If I don’t get my revenge on this matter, I won’t be fit to call myself human!”

Perhaps his words stirred up the crowd, making all of their blood to start racing.

“That’s right! If we don’t get our revenge on this matter, we aren’t fit to call ourselves human! We will constantly fight against the Immortal Doctor Sect as long as we still breathe!”

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