EAA Chapter 721


Chapter 721 -Thousand Years Of Deep Feelings Part 5

Every single talent from the three large powers was arrogant, not placing any importance on the other large powers. Yet, they matured from the current crisis, laying down all of their conflicts against each other.


A frantic yell was suddenly heard, making the crowd to lift their head. They instantly saw the white-haired man that was standing in mid air had a pale complexion, looking at a loss at Mu Ru Yue.

His eyes consisted of undisguised panic and worry to the point that cold sweat flowed profusely.


The man that was overly worried said in a low and shaky tone, “Are you alright? What’s happening?”

Mu Ru Yue held onto her belly tightly with her impeccable face turning gravely pale. She raised her head to look at Bai Ze before shaking her head and said, “I’m fine!”


Contraction after contraction of her abdomen muscles was felt. Cold sweat flowed profusely down her forehead. But she just bit down on her lips, forcefully not making any sound.

Fu Qing suddenly thought about something. With her gaze toward Mu Ru Yue’s belly, she asked, “Can… can it be that she is giving birth? I don’t know what she was thinking to participate in the Immortal Doctor Banquet while being impregnated?”

Her tone no longer had the initial disdain even though she was rebuking her.

But how could Fu Qing know that the child in Mu Ru Yue’s belly wasn’t ordinary? Hence, it wouldn’t drop no matter how Mu Ru Yue battled…  

“Giving birth?” Bai Ze was a little startled. He then frowned his white brows slightly before saying, “I will assist you in giving birth.”

“Bai Ze!”

Mu Ru Yue gripped tightly onto Bai Ze’s sleeve while she raised her head to look at him.

Bai Ze smiled lightly as though to make her calm down as he said, “Don’t forget that I’ve also helped you during the previous time. But I’m a guy after all so it will indeed be a little inconvenient for me during some parts of the process. Hence, I will need a girl to help me later. Yue, don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you both mother and child.”

Mu Ru Yue gradually let her hand down. She didn’t have any alternatives than to believe him at this point of time…  

Three years later.

Yao Jun creased his brows tightly in the Yao family with a trace of unease expressed on his face.

“Head,” Elder Hui Yi’s expression was gloomy. With a glimmer of a cold ray of light that shone past his eyes, he reported, “I’ve received a recent news that the Holy Sect had also been taken over by the Immortal Doctor Sect. I’m afraid that our Yao family will be next!”

Yao Jun remained silent.

None of the talents from the three large powers that participated in the Immortal Doctor Banquet three years ago had returned. The sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect hastily assembled the heads of the three large powers to investigate that matter.

There was no longer any news heard about the heads of the three large powers after they went to the Immortal Doctor Sect. Following that, the Immortal Doctor Sect did a full-on attack against the three large powers.

Currently, the Medicine Sect, Martial Sect, and Holy Sect had been conquered by the Immortal Doctor Sect. Some of the disciples from the three large powers had voluntarily joined the Immortal Doctor Sect while the rest of the disciples that refused to join met with terrible outcomes. Those disciples with weak cultivation that refused to join the Immortal Doctor Sect were massacred while those disciples with strong cultivation were captured and tortured daily forcing them to join the Immortal Doctor Sect.

These actions by the Immortal Doctor Sect had terrified the entire continent…

“I’ve heard that the lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect had brought the young master to a place. If that wasn’t the case, how could the sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect be so daring? The sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect would have already done what she wanted to do before that lord returns. Thus, that lord couldn’t do anything about it even if he was displeased with what was done.”

People from the four large powers knew clearly that the real governor of the Immortal Doctor Sect wasn’t Shangguan Lan.

But that lord always appeared and disappeared unpredictably. He had left the Central Region recently. Hence, Shangguan Lan had the guts to do such a matter…

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  1. Three years? Quite the time skip. That said, I can’t seem to recall the exact time difference between Realmless and the Continent (was it a 10:1 ratio or something?). If I remember right, MC had spent a year their, and only a month or so had passed (thus leaving he ratio at 1 year in Realmless is a month on the continent if I remember correctly, and thus a year on the Continent would be 12 in Realmless, and three Continent years would be 36 years in Realmless). Do correct me if I am wrong about the ratio, but that is quite a while for her family (the Xiao family plus Yao Yun Qing who is pretty much her sister in law) and her to be away. But it is probably for the best as they are safe to improve themselves and make a family or whatever and wait for the day they are needed.

    I also find it amusing that Wu Chen is going to be blue balled for 3 years (longest time he has been celibate since sealing the deal with MRY). He is also going to miss the birth of his son, but it is probably fortunate for the kid as he gets to monopolize “mom” without getting his ass beat by “dad” who had promised to do so as soon as he was born for “daring” to hang around in “mom” for so long. That said, he certainly isn’t going to have much chance to spend time with her when the blue-balled (and probably bloodshot eyed) Wu Chen sees MRY again after so long separated and doing nothing but cultivation in the meantime.

  2. Finally the child will be born !! I hope he shows up soon and does not wrap … What will Wu Chen think of that?

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