EAA Chapter 722


Chapter 722  -Thousand Years Of Deep Feelings Part 6

When he returned after the massacre, what could he do then? She would have done what she had wanted to do. It couldn’t be that he would cripple the entire Immortal Doctor Sect, right? The Immortal Doctor Sect was his power after all so how could he destroy the entire Immortal Doctor Sect…  

“This is bad! Head! Elder Hui Yi! Something terrible has happened!”

A flustered exclamation was suddenly heard at this moment.

“What happened?” Yao Jun’s heart skipped a beat. His tightly creased brows exposed his uneasiness.


“It’s… it’s the people from the Immortal Doctor Sect! They have come!”


Yao Jun stood up abruptly. With his complexion turned ashen, he said, “I didn’t expect that it will be so soon! The Immortal Doctor Sect possesses three Spiritual Realm experts. Thus, we won’t be their match with our current capability…”

How powerful was it for one to be at the Spiritual Realm? There were only two of them in the Yao family.

Yet, the Immortal Doctor Sect had three…

“Elder Hui Yi, let’s head out to check out the situation.” Yao Jun dusted his robe’s sleeves, briskly walking out of the door.

Several people suddenly appeared in the sky outside the Yao family, filling the sky with grey figures. Moreover, the people right in front of the crowd were the Shangguan mother and daughter with two other elders.  

Yao Jun recognised those two elders of the Immortal Doctor Sect at first glance. They were experts at the Spiritual Realm, Jun Lan (gentleman orchid) and Yun Tai (cloud peaceful). It seemed that the Immortal Doctor Sect really wanted to wipe out all of the four large powers this time…

He couldn’t help but sigh. Despair filled his face. Could it be that he was really fated to die today?

His gaze suddenly landed on an elderly figure in the group. His pupil contracted instantly as he asked, “Cang Lan (vast water), why are you in the team of people from the Immortal Doctor Sect?”

The elder known as Cang Lan burst out laughing as he replied, “Yao Jun, this world reveres expert after all. Hence, I can only give you an advice. You should swear your loyalty and devotion to the Immortal Doctor Sect like us. Otherwise, you will just be asking for pain!”

Yao Jun’s expression changed as he rebuked, “I’m not like you to cling abjectly to life! I don’t know how sorrowful and disappointed the people from the Medicine Sect would be when they know what you’ve done!”

“Haha!” Cang Lan raised his head to burst out laughing. He smirked sinisterly as he continued, “Don’t you know that there’s nothing better than to be able to live? I’m not like those fools that continued to swear their loyalty and devotion to the Medicine Sect to the very end!”

Yao Jun’s body shuddered as he raised his head to look at the elder that was standing in mid air. With a cold light that glinted past his eyes, he queried, “Let me ask you this then. Did you really not have any remedy in curing my previous illness?”

Hmph!” Cang Lan snorted coldly as he replied in contempt, “That’s right, I indeed was able to treat you. But so what if I didn’t? The Yao family would fall once you die. Who knows that you still managed to survive that illness! But even if that’s the case, aren’t you still fated to die now?”

Yao Jun’s heart couldn’t help but trembled even though he had already predicted his answer. He then lamented, “We have been friends for so many years. Why did you do that?”

“Friend?” Cang Lan’s voice was filled with disdain as he continued, “You aren’t worthy to be my friend! I, Cang Lan, had never treated you as one. If it wasn’t for you, younger apprentice sister would definitely choose me to be her partner. I’ve been waiting eagerly for you to die for so many years. Why should I give up on such a great opportunity then? But I will still like to give you an advice on behalf of our past relationship. You should surrender. The power of the Immortal Doctor Sect is originally enormous. It has now taken over the three large powers. Do you think you will be able to oppose the Immortal Doctor Sect by just your punny Yao family?”

Yao Jun clenched his fist tightly until his fist gave off crackling sounds. He looked coldly at the elder standing in midair and proclaimed with an air of arrogance, “I, Yao Jun, will never surrender even if it results in my death!”

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  1. Pretty sure he would have no problems destroying the organization he had founded if he felt they got too uppity. At the very least, he would probably remove the sect master and the like for being so brazen. At most, he may destroy most of them and start over depending on how offended he would be from them acting on their own.

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