EAA Chapter 724


Chapter 724 – Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 2

Yao Jun’s expression changed to astonishment. Just as he wanted to raise his sword to block her attack, a tyrannical aura was felt behind him. He was attacked by Shangguan Lan and Jun Lan, attacking his front and back simultaneously, making him unable to escape.

The two powers had reached him at the same time during his moment of hesitation as to how to counter their attacks. His body was instantly sent flying like a kite with broken string.


The crowd’s expression changed drastically as they exclaimed anxiously.


Yao Jun’s body crashed heavily onto the ground. He suddenly burst out laughing as he raised his head to look at the two figures in mid air. His rampant laughter permeated the entire courtyard of the Yao family.

Hahaha! Shangguan Lan, I won’t forgive you even if I become a ghost!”

His voice was incredibly heart-wrenching. It was filled with intense anger and hatred. His bloodshot eyes was really frightening.

“I won’t give you the chance to become a ghost!” Shangguan Lan looked down toward him from mid air with a cynical smile on her face.

“Yao Jun, your outcome will be that your soul will be annihilated!”

She lifted her sword high up over her head. A layer of silver glow coated her sword. The sword abruptly became larger under the crowd’s gaze. The gigantic sword covered the entire sky.

The crowd’s gaze was filled with astonishment and boundless terror.


Hui Yi’s widened his eyes in hatred.


He struck his hand toward Yun Tai before running like a mad man toward the old man collapsed on the ground.

In contrast to the crowd, the old man’s expression was calm. His gaze carried his will of facing death with equanimity…


The gigantic sword crashed down toward the ground like an enormous mountain, carrying an overwhelming force with it. Some people couldn’t bear but close their eyes, unwilling to see the following ruthless scene.

Hui Yi’s steps stumbled with his elderly face terrifyingly pale. Hopelessness gradually appeared in his gaze.

However, a gale suddenly came over from afar, landing heavily onto the gigantic sword.


The gigantic sword was reflected backward, recovering its original appearance after being caught by Shangguan Lan.

The crowd was shocked. They didn’t understand what happened…


Swish! Swish! Swish!

Several figures were heading toward them, entering the crowd’s eyes.

The number of the newcomers was even superior than the people from the Immortal Doctor Sect, densely filling the entire sky. Their number was as alarming as a horde of ants.

But when the crowd saw the two people leading the group…

“Young mistress! The eldest young mistress has returned!”

“It’s the eldest young mistress and the son-in-law that have returned!”

The crowd’s gaze landed on the couple with excitement brimming in their eyes.

It had been three years. The eldest young mistress had left for three years and finally returned…

Some people got so emotional that tears welled in their eyes when they thought about that.

“Qing Er…”

Yao Jun’s body stiffened as he looked with disbelief at that delicate and pretty face. Tears misted the elder’s eyes. He was already satisfied in being able to see his granddaughter again while he still lived…


Yao Yun Qing’s heart seemed to have been gripped tightly by something when she looked at the severely injured elder, suffocating her from the pain. She moved in a flash before him and asked hastily, “Grandfather, are you alright?”

Yao Jun’s voice was choked up by his emotion as he shook his head and shouted, “Qing Er, quickly go! You have to leave this place! Quickly leave!”


Yao Yun Qing withdrew her gaze toward her grandfather to raise her head to look at the crowd of people in the sky as she explained, “Grandfather, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to us. Those people… are Yue Er’s subordinates.”

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