EAA Chapter 860


Chapter 860  –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 5

At first he managed to put up a fight, but he gradually became too weak to resist. Wei Yue was so anxious that his complexion paled as he watched, but he couldn’t do anything to help…


Tian Ling’s fist which was coated with a sinister aura struck Dou Yi Jun’s body, forcing Dou Yi Jun to retreat a couple of steps.  A trail of blood trickled out of the corner of Dou Yi Jun’s mouth.

Dou Yi Jun wiped away the remnants of blood from his lip. He gazed up at the two elders before him. His body tensed and his aura was fully released from his body…


Wu Zun looked up and expressionlessly advised, “Young master, I shall give you some advice. It’s best for you to obediently heed our orders. Otherwise, we have no choice but to be a little rough!”

“I won’t return!” Dou Yi Jin’s expression was resolute, “I want to stay here and help uncle! Even if it leads to my death, I won’t obey your orders!”


A mighty aura instantly enveloped his body as he soared to the sky, charging towards the two people…

Wu Zun sneered, not thinking much of him. He slowly raised his hand, an intense gale rose in his hand, forming an enormously strong wind that moved towards Dou Yi Jun.

Dou Yi Jun’s expression changed abruptly. He hastily took out his sword, slashing at the wind. His sword cut the wind into halves, which passed by either side of him and hit an enormous tree that was behind him.


The tree collapsed, dust and sand filled the air…

The entire courtyard of the Wei family quaked for a moment.

Dou Yi Jun started panting profusely as he faced the two elders. He was so exhausted that the strength of his strikes weakened.

Just as he wanted to take a breather, Tian Ling lifted his sword and an enormous black ray of light struck Dou Yi Jun’s chest. He was sent flying backwards and crashed heavily onto the ground like a kite with a broken string.


Dou Yi Jun couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. However, the coldness of his gaze didn’t change.

“Yi Jun!”

Wei Yue clenched his fist tightly as he looked furiously at the two elders standing mid-air.

“No matter what, Yi Jun still has the surname Dou! Aren’t you afraid you’ll be chided by the head of the Dou family for making a move against him?”

Wu Zun sniggered as he replied, “The current governor of the Dou family is your daughter!”

‘The Madam is being backed by the Devil Sect. Even the current head of the Dou family doesn’t dare go against her decision. If she wants to kill Dou Yi Jun, nobody will squeak out a single word…

‘But Madam can no longer become pregnant, so she doesn’t have such thoughts yet.

‘However, Madam has only doted fondly upon her adopted child in the Dou family. The genuine young master Dou Yi Jun, on the other hand, doesn’t have any status within the family…’


Dou Yi Jun coughed drily, climbing back up to his feet. He wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips as he gazed up at the two elders.

“I said that I definitely won’t return to the Dou family. If you’re that capable, go ahead and kill me!” Dou Yi Jun looked crazy as he exposed himself, “In the past, I could only secretly help Uncle. But now, I don’t want to continue hiding in the dark any longer. How can I not protect my uncle? You can return and tell that woman our bond as mother and son has been broken. I will stay here and protect the Wei family from now on!”

Lin Feng panicked when he heard what he said.

‘If Dou Yi Jun doesn’t leave the Wei family, I can’t continue making moves against the Wei family…

‘Now, I can only rely on these two elders…’


Tian Ling snorted coldly. His sinister cold aura eventually formed into a formidable tempest. That tempest seemed capable of ripping everything to shreds, making people shiver in fright.

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  1. it is obvious that the legitimate son is not the child of Madam. Which mother will so ruthless kill her own son unless she is a power crazy psychopath?

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