EAA Chapter 881


Chapter 881  –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 3

Liu Lu was stunned as she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

‘Is Lord Shi Hua really trying to recruit this little girl into the Devil Sect?’

Her body trembled uncontrollably when she thought about that. Hatred was expressed in her eyes as it was as though Mu Ru Yue had stolen the position that she was deserved to have…

Mu Ru Yue replied casually with an indifferent expression, “How about, no?”


Hmph!” Shi Hua snorted coldly. With an overwhelming grandeur from his body as he replied, “Don’t blame me for being discourteous then!”

‘She didn’t want to join? That’s fine, she just has to die then.’

‘This is the rules in some sects. Furthermore, the Devil Sect is originally matchless chaotic. The various elders in the sect are having a civil war within the sect. If I can recruit this little girl, it will help me some face before the rest of the elders.’

“Spiritual Realm expert?” Mu Ru Yue raised her eyebrow.

‘I am currently just at the Heaven Realm. Hence, I won’t be a match for Spiritual Realm expert…’

“Mu Er.”

A warm aura enveloped Mu Ru Yue from behind. Her tightly creased eyebrows relaxed gradually as she smiled slightly.

“Wu Chen, let me handle this.”

Worry was obviously being expressed in Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes, but he didn’t reject her request. He nodded slightly as he agreed, “Alright. It won’t be too late for me to take over when you’re in danger.”

‘I clearly understand that my woman doesn’t need to hide behind a man’s back.

‘What she desires is to mature in her might by fighting on her own! Thus, I, as her husband, should support behind her back…’

“A rice-grain of pearl actually dares try to compete with the sun and moon in radiance!” A trace of disdain flashed past Shi Hua’s eyes as he continued, “You aren’t my match by yourself! I even only just need to use a finger in defeating you!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything as she just gradually walked out of the room.

Her white robes fluttered lightly under the breeze. She lifted her impeccable face as she focused her sight on the elder that was standing in midair.

“Won’t we know whether I can defeat you if we try?”


Shi Hua seemed to have heard the most hilarious joke of all times when he heard her response. He burst out in laughs but his gaze, on the other hand, became increasingly sinister.

“Little girl, I will now let you understand the outcome of being too brazen!”


A mighty aura came pressuring over to her, carrying cold killing intents with it.

A bright glow could be seen emitted from Dou Wei Wei’s eyes as she watched the current scene played out before her. She was elated as if she was already seeing Mu Ru Yue soaked in her pool of blood…

Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at the elder that was releasing a mighty grandeur. She hastily took out a bottle of pills from her storage ring, swallowing those pills without any sign.

Her aura increased drastically at that moment as the wind in her surrounding formed into a sword, striking at the elder…

That sword seemed to have cut through the sky, sparks of flames could be seen in the sky as though by friction.

Yet, the elder snorted lightly with his aura surging out of his body.


An enormous sword floated before him.

That sword was swung downward, meeting and slicing Mu Ru Yue’s sword into two.


The remaining impact spread outward, hitting against Mu Ru Yue’s body. Her body was momentarily sent flying several meters back with a trace of blood trickling out from the corner of her mouth.

Shi Hua sneered when he commented in contempt, “You’re overestimating your might!”

‘A punny small fry at the Heaven Realm actually dares to try to resist against me as the honorable Spiritual Realm expert. This little girl seems to be tired of living. Since that’s the case, I don’t mind granting her her wish…’

“Yue Er!”

Dou Yi Jun’s expression changed greatly while he couldn’t help but glance at Ye Wu Chen that was standing by his side…

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