EAA Chapter 894


Chapter 894  –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 3

A figure had suddenly appeared in mid-air.

It was a man in black robes, emitting a dangerous vibe. It was as if he was being concealed in the dark. His dark golden mask gave off a dim glow with a ruthless smirk on his face.

“Bei Jun!”

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath with the expression on her impeccable face turned grim instantly.


“So you’ve recognised me…” Bei Jun sniggered as he offered, “Senior Yue, if you want that little wolf of yours back, you must marry me!”


Ye Wu Chen raged with fury with a sinister cold aura circling his body.

He stared at the dark golden mask, void of warmth.

He then declared sinisterly that seemed to be able to instantly make a person drop to hell, “She is my woman! I will never ever let anyone snatch her away from my hands!”

‘If there is, I don’t mind massacring each and every single one of them!’

“Zi Huang, our cultivations are on par now. But I can use a technique from what I am currently cultivating in to be in the advantage.” Bei Jun smirked with derision as he looked down on both of them and threatened, “However, I am willing to give you a chance to pick a choice. It is either to marry me or just wait to find the corpse of that little wolf…”

Mu Ru Yue clenched her fist as she looked glacially at Bei Jun.

She forcefully suppressed her anger as she said her next words heavily, “Bei Jun, you will pay a terrible price for what you did today! Zi Feng shall be the last woman in your life!”

“Are you referring to that woman known as Zi Feng?”

Bei Jun sniggered as he replied, “I originally wanted to make use of her. It was, however, a pity that she was too useless as she ended up being killed by you! I hadn’t recovered my peak cultivation at that time so I didn’t want to meet up with you just then. Hence, when she was killed by you for the first time, I abandoned her in order to avoid having my location exposed to you.”

‘That woman was too useless. However, it was due to her assistance a thousand years ago that allowed me to successfully annihilate the Zi family. But her bones must be crushed to ashes after her first death!’

“Bei Jun, where is Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai?”

A cold glint glimmered in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes.

“If you don’t reveal, I will seek them out even if I have to turn the entire world upside down!”

Haha!” Bei Jun laughed brazenly. With a peculiar ray of light that flickered past his eyes, he replied, “You will never be able to find their locations! Senior Yue, I had frequently battled against you a thousand years ago in order to gain your attention. But why did you still fail to notice me and even marry this man?”

Bei Jun pointed at Ye Wu Chen. All of his heartfelt jealousy and rage erupted at this instant.


‘How can I not hate?

‘I thought that this woman would eventually understand my feelings for her after battling with her for that many years. Yet, who knew she just treated me as her nemesis from the start to even now. Moreover, she had married another guy and even given birth to offsprings!

‘She can only marry me. I will certainly crush any guys that gets close to her!’

“Bei Jun, you are only my enemy. You were one in my past life and even more so now. I don’t know when you fell for me, but my man can only be Wu Chen. Our bond is destined to be unbreakable no matter how many times we reincarnated.”

‘I was able to spot him with just a glance within the sea of people in this life. He had also similarly found me with just a glance. Hence, we will always be able to find each other through the crowd with just a glance and be together for our entire life no matter how many times we reincarnated!’


Flames of jealousy burst forth from Bei Jun’s body. Flames ignited within his dark golden eyes…

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  1. Bei Jun is the kind of moron tht goes from teasing someone he likes to outright bullying/harassing/abusing and then gets confused why the target has not warm feelings/thoughts about such awfulness. Sure, a bit of teasing can grab some attention but persist that way or escalate it and very very few would ever even accept someone of such character even if they ‘repent’ to become kind/sweet….

    Timing is also a lucky chance to make hearts move sometimes and missing that chance might be irreversible …. tho these c-novels enjoy obsessive behaviours and vicious antics to blend with the sweet and steady moments

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  2. Those 3rd parties are really abusing the “Love” word. They thought “since I love you, I must obtain you, even if you don’t love me you must be with me, you must stay with me, nobody can be with you but me!”.. that’s not love dude! That’s called Obsession!!!! Delusional gang of people ??

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