EAA Chapter 904


Chapter 904 – Bei Jun’s Pain Part 5

‘That’s right, in my point of view, any girl in this world except Mu Ru Yue isn’t worthy of entering my eyes.

‘I will only chase after that woman in my entire life!’

“Yes, Stepfather.”

Xiao Jing lowered her gaze as she gradually pushed open the door…


Bei Jun could no longer withstand the pain the instant she left as he knelt heavily on one knee. His heartache made his expression become distorted but he was, more importantly, enraged.

“Senior Yue, you had crushed my last trace of hope for you. I will no longer be merciful toward you from now on! I will make you my woman even if it is by force! I will lock you up for your entire life and eternity!”

Mu Ru Yue was unexpectedly able to roam freely within the North Devil Palace, unhindered. She could clearly feel several powerful aurae in her surroundings but they didn’t step forth to stop her.

“I only have three hours.”

‘I must find Xiao Yue and the ancient divine instrument within the next three hours!’

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly with a trace of cold ray of light that flickered past her eyes.

‘Actually, I knew that with Bei Jun’s wariness, he would have known that I had poisoned the tea. Hence, I was betting on how deep Bei Jun’s feelings was for me.

‘It’s fortunate that I’ve won the bet…

‘That man had clearly known that the tea was poisoned but he still decided to drink it anyways.

‘However, I didn’t in the slightest regret injuring Bei Jun.

‘I will do anything for Xiao Yue and Wu Chen. Moreover, that man didn’t mind seducing Zi Feng to annihilate the Zi family in my previous life all in the name of revenging against me…’


Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue felt a call out through spiritual power.

Mu Ru Yue was jubilant as she asked, “Xiao Yue, where are you?”

“Master, I’ve finally managed to get a hold of you… I…”

Their connection was once again forcefully severed before Xiao Yue could reveal her location. Nonetheless, that short connection had already enabled Mu Ru Yue to find her location…

“It should be around here.”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at a forest near her. A peculiar ray of light flashed past her eyes. Following that, she soared toward the forest without any hesitation.

There was a silver Sky Wolf within a cage on the sacrificial altar. That wolf was elegant and beautiful with a bright glow being emitted from her eyes.

A white figure quickly moved in a flash over toward the Sky Wolf at this instant. Mu Ru Yue had hastily soared over to the cage when she saw Xiao Yue being caged within. Yet, she halted her steps after she was just before Xiao Yue…


Swish! Swish! Swish!

Several figures abruptly appeared from the side, heavily surrounding Mu Ru Yue within.

A strong aura burst forth from each of those people’s body. It was like a sinister cloud had come over, carrying a suffocating pressure.

“A group of Spiritual Realm practitioners?” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she commented indifferently, “I don’t need fear anything as long as it isn’t a Supreme Realm expert!”

The only person within this North Devil Palace she couldn’t defeat was Bei Jun!

Hmph!” The Elder, who was the leader of the group, released a mighty aura as he advised, “Little girl, you should not act so brazenly as it won’t do you any good!”

Mu Ru Yue glanced through the crowd as she asked indifferently, “Will you be going to battle against me one at a time or all at once? How about you attack me all at once as I want to save some time…”


The elder seemed to have heard a joke as he raised his head and laughed heartily, “Little girl, since you’re seeking death, I shall grant you that wish! The Devil Master had already ordered that nobody is allowed to enter this place. Trespassers will be killed!”


The elder had an imposing grandeur and with his body like a sword, he quickly neared Mu Ru Yue, standing before her.

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  1. And yet, as he claims to love MRY, these things he’s done include: trying to kill her husband, trying to kill her friends, trying to kill her family, inciting that bitch to torture her son. Only a crazy person would be able to love you back, dude!!!! Thanks for the translation!

  2. I don’t have any sympathy whatsoever he one 100% deserves it, he killed and imprisoned the souls of the Zin clan wants to kill all the males near including her two boys and husband wants to lock her up and ignore everything she is, he’s tortured our MC and the ML mentally a lot. Amongst many other things. A complete and utter delusional stalker who shows absolutely no remorse for any of the stuff he’s pulled.
    Tell me what part of this character am I supposed to feel sympathy for?? The fact that he thinks she should have any care for him at all is completely laughable.

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