EAA Chapter 906


Chapter 906 – Lovesick Feng Jing Tian Part 1

A man in black robes appeared before Mu Ru Yue as he gradually neared her. A tyrannical aura arose from his body as he neared, causing a gale to appear in his surroundings.

“Master, quickly leave!”

Xiao Yue’s expression changed greatly as she charged toward Bei Jun like a lightning bolt, determination flashed past her silver irises.

“Xiao Yue!”


Mu Ru Yue finally panicked as she raised her hand, trying to grab a hold of Xiao Yue. Nonetheless, she had only managed to tear a piece of her clothing…  

Xiao Yue had rapidly charged before Bei Jun. A sword then suddenly appeared in her hand, horizontally slashing at his throat from the side.

Bei Jun glanced coldly at Xiao Yue. But he had successfully made Xiao Yue’s body stiffened from just that glance. Following that, he used a large hand to smack Xiao Yue, making her fly backward.

Blood flowed down like rain from the sky…

“Xiao Yue!”

Raging flames of fury exploded forth from Mu Ru Yue’s body as she locked her gaze coldly on Bei Jun. Her body was currently burning with scorching flames of fury as though the man before her would forever be her nemesis for all of life and eternity.

“Senior Yue.”

Bei Jun’s hoarse voice was low and heavy. But his dark golden eyes had locked onto Mu Ru Yue as he said, “I had already given you a chance but you didn’t cherish it. Since that’s the case, I can only make you my woman by force.”

A long arm tightly restricted her body into his embrace before Mu Ru Yue could make any reaction. The man’s icy aura enveloped her body as though it was capable to instantly make a person fall to hell at that instant…

Bei Jun was really enraged this time!


Xiao Yue yelled out with despair but she just couldn’t move a muscle. She could only watch on as that man pushed Mu Ru Yue onto the ground.


Yet, a mysterious power erupted from Mu Ru Yue’s body at this moment, instantly blowing Bei Jun away from her. Disbelief surged in his pair of dark golden eyes.


A large hammer seemed to have landed on his heart, unable to recover his senses even after a long period of time.

“Golden flames? Th-this is just impossible!”

‘She could only possess golden flames in her previous life. But why is sh-she able to have golden flames now?

‘Did she hate my touch to such an extent?’;

Bei Jun’s heart seemed to have been ripped open by a hand, unbearably painful.

‘I’ve waited for this woman for a thousand years. Yet, she had always been so ruthless and heartless from the start.’

“Bei Jun, I’ve already told you not to touch me!”

Mu Ru Yue slowly raised her gaze as she looked at that dark golden mask.

Golden flames were blazing from her body, surging toward the sky and spreading outwards. It was like the sky was being covered by a layer of gold sands…

When Feng Jing Tian raised his head and saw that golden flames from a place near him, he narrowed his phoenix eyes slightly and said, “Can it be…”

He stopped dallying upon thinking about that. His red robes soared through the sky, heading toward those flames…

‘Woman, you must wait for me!’

“Bai Ze! Yan Jin! Both of you can come out here.”

Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze slightly as she said that coldly.

Swish! Swish!

Two rays of light appeared in mid-air before landing before Mu Ru Yue.

One of them looked like a monarch in the human world. His black eyes were domineering and cold. He seemed to be looking down upon the world, looking disdainfully on the common populace of the corner of his eyes.

The other man was astonishingly handsome.

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  1. Its really beyond me why every antagonist in these novels think if they can sleep with the female lead (even against her will) she will fall in love with them..

    thanks for all the hard work translating! ^_^

    1. Post

      I love and hate this novels for making me type mean stuff that I also don’t understand their logic haha but there are more fluffy and lovely moments that made me love this novel more than my hate for it haha~

      1. Yup I read for that stuff too plus the story line itself :p
        but these characters do annoy me a lot. The female antagonists are the same: just want to possess the ML regardless of how the person himself feels about you… -_-‘

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