EAA Chapter 912


Chapter 912 –Hua Xia’s Mu Family’s Crisis Part 3

Mu Ru Yue chuckled bitterly with a trace of mixed feelings in her heart.

‘I’ve transmigrated with my soul so my corpse naturally remained in Hua Xia. I don’t know how sorrowful Grandfather and younger brother were when they saw my body.

‘However, I won’t have a way to prove my identity in this case.

‘Who will believe that I am Mu Ru Yue when my corpse remained in the Mu family?’


Mu Hao Tian saw a girl in a white blouse and jeans when he just entered the ancestral hall. Her hair was fluttering gently in the wind, a sorrowful vibe could be felt from her back.

Mu Hao Tian’s heart shuddered at that moment with a layer of water mist coated his large, clear eyes…

“Elder sister?”

Mu Hao Tian couldn’t help but call out, stumbling toward Mu Ru Yue.

‘Is it her? Is she the elder sister that I’ve missed dearly for these two years?’

Currently, Mu Hao Tian failed to notice that the girl’s body stiffened when he called out. Following that, she gradually turned around, an impeccable appearance instantly entered his eyes.


‘She looks too identical. She really looks just like Elder sister!’

Mu Hao Tian couldn’t suppress his excitement, hastily wanting to pounce toward Mu Ru Yue. Yet, he halted his steps just when he was before her…

“No, you can’t be my elder sister! My elder sister had already died. Wh-who on earth are you?”

‘That’s right, elder sister died already. I had personally cremated her corpse. Yet, now, how could she be standing before me, completely perfect?

‘It is impossible for her to be my beloved elder sister no matter how similar her grandeur and appearance are…’  

“I…” Mu Ru Yue’s stirred up heart calmed down upon hearing that. She smiled bitterly as she said, “I am a friend of your elder sister. My surname is Xiao.”

“Elder sister’s friend?” Mu Hao Tian looked curiously at her as he asked, “Why hadn’t I see you before? I know all of elder sister’s friends…”

Mu Ru Yue smiled as she said, “We had met in America three years, one month, and four days ago. I’ve come here to visit her this time. Who knew… she had already been killed by someone.”


Mu Hao Tian’s heart leaped.

‘Elder sister had indeed made a trip to America three years ago. Only Grandfather and I knew about it. All of the subordinates had thought that elder sister was only cultivating in seclusion.

‘Yet, this woman knew that elder sister had gone to America?’

“Your elder sister had told me about you…” Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze to look at the youth before her. With a doting gaze, she continued, “You were still wetting your pants when you were nine-year-old. You always loved sticking to her side. You were also frequently treated as a girl when you’re young. You had fallen in love with a girl in kindergarten. Yet, she said she wasn’t a lesbian…”

Mu Hao Tian’s face flushed red. But when his gaze landed on the photo hanging on the wall, his complexion slowly turned gravely pale.

He bit his lip before saying in sorrow, “My elder sister… had passed. She was killed by those people! I will avenge my elder sister’s death no matter what. I definitely won’t let all those people that took her life off scot-free!”

The pain in the youth’s eyes was so obvious, almost making Mu Ru Yue reveal her identity.

But she managed to hold back her tongue in time as she asked, testing the water, “Perhaps she had entered another’s person body after her soul left her body by taking over that person’s life, rebirthing?”

“How’s that possible?” Mu Hao Tian chuckled bitterly as he continued, “That’s impossible. Elder sister had died! All I can do is to avenge her death by killing all the people that took her life!”

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