EAA Chapter 916


Chapter 916 –Bad At Judging A Person Part 2

“Elder sister Chu Yun, how is it going between elder brother Shen Mo (liquid ink) and you?” Mu Hao Tiao stopped thinking too much as he shifted his head toward Chu Yun and asked, “Do you have wedding plans?”

Chu Yun blushed as she replied shyly, “We will be marrying in a month time. The purpose as to why I’ve come here this time is to deliver the wedding invitation to you.”

Nobody knew the bitterness in her heart at this moment.

‘That man only has Mu Ru Yue in his heart. If it wasn’t for him being depressed for a period of time after her death and I stayed by his side without taking a break, he probably wouldn’t have gradually opened his heart to me…


‘Moreover, there was once that he was drunk and did the deed thinking that I was Mu Ru Yue, making this man willing to marry me…

‘The feeling of being a replacement is really uncomfortable.

‘Although Mu Ru Yue had already died, it won’t be easy to make him forget her completely…’

“Congratulations then.” Mu Hao Tian smiled youthfully. With a candid glow on his handsome face under the sunlight, he said, “I will definitely be attending your wedding. Elder brother Shen is a good person. It’s a pity my elder sister didn’t like him…”

Chu Yun’s expression changed slightly as gloominess flashed past her eyes.

‘Does Mu Hao Tian mean that I had picked a trash that Mu Ru Yue didn’t want? I really don’t know if he just said it generally or intentionally! Mu Hao Tian should not know that I was the one that secretly killed Mu Ru Yue that day. Moreover, he shouldn’t be suspecting me as I’ve been his childhood friend for so many years!’

Chu Yun heaved a sigh of relief upon thinking about that. She then replied with a smile, “Shen Mo indeed is a great guy. I’m fortunate in being able to marry him…”

“Is that so? Th-then elder sister Chu Yun should cherish him well.”

It was unknown to Chu Yun why she felt that there was a deep meaning in what Mu Hao Tian had said. She couldn’t help but turn her head to look at the youth. She then felt she was overthinking when she saw the youth’s candid smile.

Mu Ru Yue smiled upon seeing the current scene played out.

‘That’s right, Mu Hao Tian indeed is innocent and kindhearted. I’ve even protected him so well that he is as pure as a sheet of white paper. However, I forgot that this brat is extraordinary witty since young. He had completed all of the elementary educations when he was just eight-years-old. Following that, he had no choice but be homeschooled due to the family’s condition. He also loved delving into law subjects so how could he completely believe Chu Yun?

‘Only Chu Yun other than Grandfather and him knew that I was heading to the Long White Mountain two years ago. Grandfather would naturally not expose it so there won’t be anyone else other than Chu Yun that could leak out my location…’

“Elder sister Xiao, you had promised my elder sister to take care of the Mu family. Will you be going to elder sister Chu Yun’s wedding?” Mu Hao Tian blinked his eyes as he continued, “I hope elder sister Xiao can give your blessings on behalf of my elder sister. My elder sister will certainly be happy when she could see that in the netherworld.”

Chu Yun’s expression changed.

‘Honestly, I don’t want this woman to come to my wedding. But Mu Hao Tian had said that already and I can’t find any way in rejecting her from coming.’

“Young miss Xiao,” Chu Yun calmed down as she smiled elegantly and asked, “I don’t know if young miss Xiao is keen in attending my wedding?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. With a glacial gaze, she agreed, “I’m really keen!”

“I will welcome the both of you at the Shen family at that time then.”

Chu Yun no longer looked at the two people behind her upon tossing out those words, turning her head to walk out of the room towards the sunlight…

Mu Hao Tian’s smile gradually disappeared upon seeing her disappearing figure…

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