EAA Chapter 920


Chapter 920 – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 3

“Elder sister…”

His voice was slightly shaky as he called out without a warning…

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly and with a tremendously resolute tone, she declared, “Hence, nobody from the Mu family will ever be bullied by anyone from now on! If there is someone that dares to make a move on the Mu family, I will annihilate their sect!”

Mu Hao Tian’s thin lips moved slightly with a layer of tears coated his large clear eyes.


‘How long has it been?

‘I’ve never felt so at ease for such a long time already since elder sister died. The two years of being very scared and on edge had already made me extremely worn out. Yet, her appearance is like a ray of sunlight warming my worn out heart…’

“Brazen little girl!”

Luo Sha didn’t think much about Mu Ru Yue, instantly releasing his entire body’s aura and surging then over toward Mu Ru Yue…

However, Mu Ru Yue just glanced at him. That glance had penetrated directly into his soul, making his heart jolt…

His entire body’s aura dissipated at that instant.

“Luo Sha!”

The two people by his side were slightly displeased as they didn’t understand why did Luo Sha suddenly withdrew his aura. In their point of view, wasn’t it a piece of cake dealing with a little girl that was still wet behind her ears?

But the girl facing them finally raised her hand gradually…

The crowd that was still looking with mockery at her suddenly had a drastic change in their expressions, revealing horror in their gazes…

“W-what’s happening?”

Mu Hao Tian was slightly stunned.

‘Elder sister Xiao didn’t seem to have done anything so why are they having such expressions?

Mu Hao Tian frowned slightly, slightly puzzled. Curiosity brimmed in his eyes…

“Y-you… what did you do to us?” Luo Sha’s face flushed red as he shouted while he seeming to be holding his breath, “Why can’t all of us breathe?”

Mu Ru Yue looked coldly at Luo Sha as she said, “I just wanted to tell you that your aura pressure is too negligible, not enough to scare anyone…”

‘My pressure is too negligible?’

Luo Sha was completely stupefied.

‘Does she mean that she is able to make the air in their surroundings disappear with just her aura pressure? H-how much strength does she have to do such a feat?’


The tyrannical power before them formed into a sword, striking heavily downward under the crowd’s frightened gaze. The sky seemed to have been sliced into halves by her at that moment, giving rise to an intense hurricane.

Mu Hao Tian dazed as he looked stunned at the snow-white figure protecting in front of him. Astonishment filled his gaze…


When the enormous sword landed on the ground, the entire path made by marbles was destroyed.

Moreover, Mu Ru Yue had purposely missed her target. Nonetheless, it was still frightening to those people, no longer daring to speak brazenly…

“Tell me!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly and with a glacial glint in her eyes, she asked, “Where is the couple Mu Yuan (admire fundamental) and Yun Luo (cloud radish) being held at?!”

Mu Hao Tian’s body shuddered when he heard those two names. A boundless glow was emitted from his large clear eyes as he stared at Luo Sha.

“Elder sister Xiao, are you saying that my parents are in their hands?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly as she explained, “Your Elder sister had previously mentioned to me that the purpose in her making a trip to America was to search for the locations of your parents. She finally discovered that their disappearance was related to Luo Sha from her investigations. It’s a pity that she wasn’t able to unearth the truth in time…”


Mu Hao Tian was enraged. Killing intents gradually filled his eyes as he demanded, “Luo Sha! Where had you hid my parents?! Give them back to me!”

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      Do you mean this chapter 920 with just few sentences or 919? This is just a teaser that I put up usually about 10% of the word of the chapter before I post the full chapter when I’m done translating and editing it.

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