EAA Chapter 923


Chapter 923 – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 6

The Shen family held a prestigious status no matter if it was Hua Xia’s ancient martial world or that flourishing city. The Shen family was not only tremendously wealthy, but they also had a rich history. It could be counted as the top superior aristocratic family of Hua Xia.

Shen Mo naturally caught the eyes of several women as the successor of the Shen family. He had attracted several attentions from girls due to him being rich, handsome, and single.

Nonetheless, no girls was able to enter his eyes for several years. Yet, who knew he announced that he would be getting married recently, shattering numerous maiden hearts…

The information of his fiancee had been shortly dug out by paparazzi.


It was said the young madam of the Shen family Chu Yun was from an aristocratic family and was even a childhood friend of Shen Mo. She had meticulously accompanied him when he was downcast for two years. She eventually moved his heart, leading to such a great blissful fate…

Instantly, countless compliments surged toward Chu Yun as if she was the most compatible candidate to be with Shen Mo.

Yet, none of them knew whose corpse she had stepped under her feet in order to reach this position…

It was packed filled with luxurious cars outside the dignified chapel. Chu Yun smiled, emitting a candid glow from her exceptionally beautiful face.

She had her arm clung around the man’s arm, but she didn’t in the slightest discover that her newlywed groom was absent-minded…

“Elder brother Shen, Elder sister Chu Yun, we have come late in giving you our blessings.”

Suddenly, a crisp voice was heard from behind them, attracting everyone’s gaze to them…

The youth had a smirk on his face with a candid smile on his fair and handsome face. He was wearing a plain white top with a pair of jeans. His face emitted a boundless glow. It was as if he was an angel that had descended from the heavens. He was much more attractive as compared to Shen Mo.

However, his radiance was unable to outshine the woman beside him as her radiance was even more superior.

She had a devastatingly beautiful appearance. It was hard to describe how breathtaking her stunning beauty was!

There were numerous idols in Hua Xia but none of them was as beautiful as her. There wasn’t any makeup on her flawless face. Her eyebrows and eyes looked as if it was from a painting with a waterfall-like hair. Her hands were in the pocket of her pants with a layer of cold aura that seemed to have enveloped her body.

“Who are they?”

“I’m not sure but they seem to be friends of the groom…”

Tsk Tsk! I originally thought the bride was already beautiful enough but this woman was several times much more beautiful than her. I don’t know if she is still single. If she is, I plan on courting her.”

“Stop dreaming! Do you really think that you can court her with that appearance of yours? Are you sure you aren’t sleepwalking now?”

“It will be good for just a one-night stand with her even if I can’t marry her. Aren’t girls up for opening a room with a man that they had just met for the first time nowadays? What kind of girl can’t be obtained when you’re rich?”

The crowd was whispering amongst themselves, discussing, as they looked curiously at the boy and girl that had suddenly appeared.

“Yue Er?” Shen Mo looked with disbelief at that face. He was afraid to shift his gaze away from her as though the person before him would disappear with the wind at any moment. “Yue Er! I that you won’t die. How could you that is so powerful die?”

His voice was filled with excitement at this instant, having a drastic change in his expression…

Chu Yun’s complexion paled as she hastily grabbed onto Shen Mo’s hand. Who knew that he would mercilessly shake off her hand, briskly walking toward Mu Ru Yue?

“Yue Er, how could you be that heartless in suddenly disappearing for two years? Do you know how much I missed you within these two years?”


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Explanation: Have fun guys xD I find that it has been long since I gave you a puzzle~ No cheating allowed! Only Miki can 😉

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  1. Payback is a bitch and on your wedding day too.

    Interesting how Chu Yan’s just married husband ignores her. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the celebration will enfold especially when they have their marital night.

  2. Miki-chan, don’t tease our weak heart so much ah. Not good for your pitiful reader’s heart like me. Please don’t bully us *making pitiful act*

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      *pouts a little* ? but I’m getting bullied as well when I translate as I can read faster than I type haha so let’s be bullied together to be fair~

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