EAA Chapter 931


Chapter 931 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 6

“Mu family’s leader, it is her fault!” Lin Shan snorted as she continued saying pitifully, “I don’t know how this woman managed to infiltrate into the Mu family and even dared to seduce my husband. She, more importantly, insulted and humiliated me. Please immediately chase her out of this place!”

Lin Shan wasn’t qualified to participate during the previous wedding. Hence, she didn’t know Mu Ru Yue and Mu Hao Tian’s relationship. Thus, she thought that Mu Ru Yue wanted to seek connections with dragon and phoenix, infiltrating into the Mu family…

Mu Hao Tian’s handsome face darkened momentarily. He looked coldly at Lin Shan as he snorted coldly before he said, “Elder sister Xiao is out Mu family’s esteemed guest. I’m afraid… the person that should be chased out is you!”

‘Esteemed guest?’


Lin Shan’s expression slowly stiffened.

‘This woman was invited to the Mu family? How can this be?’

“Young master Mu, she is just an ordinary person. How can she enter your Mu family’s eyes? Moreover, she was delusional in trying to seduce my husband…”

“Your husband?” Mu Hao Tian glanced at Zhang Jun who was completely embarrassed. He coldly snorted and continued, “I don’t think your husband can enter Elder sister Xiao’s eyes!”

“Mu family’s leader,” Lin Shan bit her lip hard as she raised her head to look at Mu Zheng before she continued, “You must investigate this woman’s motive. You shouldn’t let Young master Mu be deceived by her! Such a woman doesn’t qualify to be your Mu family’s daughter-in-law!”

In Lin Shan’s point of view, Mu Ru Yue had entered this place as an ordinary person so she must have managed to seduce the innocent young master of the Mu family, wanting to be the wife of the Mu family’s successor.

‘It’s no wonder why she said Zhang Jun couldn’t enter her eyes. It was due to her claiming connections with someone of a higher status. But a woman like herself won’t be able to enter the Mu family.’

Mu Zheng’s gaze was sinister and gloomy. With a stern look on his elderly face, he questioned, “Mister Zhang, don’t you think you should be in charge of your wife a little? She is too much in bullying our Mu family’s esteemed guest in my Mu family! Don’t think you could do whatever you want with that meager power of yours. If Lady Mu is willing, she could kill you with just a move!”

Lin Shan snorted coldly in disagreement as she rebuked, “Just by herself? Mu family’s leader, you had said it the other way round. It is I only need a slap to kill her!”

‘She is just an ordinary person. How powerful could she be?’

“Shut up!” Zhang Jun’s expression turned ashen as he continued in a rage, “There will be a day sooner or later that our entire sect will be implicated by your stupidity!”


Lin Shan bit her lip lightly with resentment and fury.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Lin Shan, but she didn’t say anything. If it wasn’t for Zhang Jun’s appearance, Lin Shan would have already collapsed on the ground, unable to climb back up to  her feet again…

“Elder sister Xiao.”

Mu Hao Tian smiled candidly as he suggested, “How about I kill her?”


Lin Shan’s complexion became gravely pale with dismay in her eyes.

The rest of the crowd shifted their gazes at the youth’s angelic, charming face, unable to believe what they just heard.

Did such an innocent and naive-looking young master really say those words?

“Young master Mu,” Zhang Jun was alarmed as he hastily persuaded, “Lin Shan didn’t intentionally offend the esteemed guest of the Mu family. Young master Mu, please forgive her this time. Lin Shan, why aren’t you apologizing to Lady Mu?”

“I won’t!” Lin Shan bit her lip as she continued, “Why should I apologise when she had clearly tried to seduce you?”


Zhang Jun’s expression changed. But just as he wanted to say something, he was interrupted by a sudden report from a subordinate.

“Head leader, there is a man outside looking for Lady Xiao…”

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  1. I cannot wait to see the face slap Lin Shan is going to get. It will not come from anyone in the Mu family but an outsider. This I am sure.

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