EAA Chapter 937


Chapter 937  – Misunderstanding Part 3

The crowd was slightly disappointed when they heard her words.

The girl’s voice was heard once again when their mood was down. “But… I have other pills that can assist you in breaking through. However, I will be giving those pills to the Mu family to take care of those pills. You will be able to obtain those pills if you swear your loyalty and devotions to the Mu family.”

Her voice was like the world’s nicest music to the ear, making everyone’s heart to tighten uncontrollably. Rays of hope were emitted in their eyes.

Everyone knew that the Mu family would be officially rising up today. There wouldn’t be anyone family that would be their match from today onwards…


Yet, it was the effect Mu Ru Yue was looking for.

‘It is a must to increase the power of the Mu family if I want the family to be safe while I look for my parents!’

There was a silver-white Rolls-Royce soaring in the night sky over a mountain deep in the night, heading toward the bottom of the mountain.

However, there was suddenly a figure that appeared in front of it at this moment, indistinctly carrying a powerful aura.


Xia Rui hastily braked. He frowned as his deep gaze looked through the night sky, looking at the two people blocking his way. His gaze darkened and asked, “May I know who are you people?”


A fist landed on the car’s window after he said that, instantly shattering the window glass. One of the glass fragment grazed Xia Rui’s handsome face, instantly a trace of a line of blood appeared on his face.

Xia Rui wiped off the blood remnants on his face. With his black eyes increasingly gloomy, he said, “I didn’t do any injustice or have any grudges with you people. Aren’t the two of you breaking the rules of the ancient martial world by doing this?”

“Didn’t do any injustice or have any grudges?”

The one that said that was a handsome man. He had a fit well-trained body with his flax-coloured hair giving off a peculiar glow under the night sky.

He raised his chin to look down on the man that was in the car as he said, “You fancied our Young Madam so our Young Master had ordered us to come and cripple you.”

‘Young Madam?’

Xia Rui frowned.

‘I had never been in a relationship with a married woman. The only one was Chu Yun. But how can the Shen family have such strong subordinates? Moreover, Shen Mo doesn’t even know about Chu Yun having an affair with me…’

“Are you people of the Shen family?” Xia Rui asked, testing the water.

‘I really can’t think of who else other than Shen Mo…’

‘Shen family?’

The youth with flax coloured hair sniggered.

‘How can a puny Shen family be comparable to our family? This damnable man actually said that he got interested in our Young Madam at the banquet. How can our family’s young master forgive him?’

But the youth obviously didn’t explain.


A mighty aura covered the entire area, making seem as though the entire sky carried a pressure with it.

“Damn it!”

Xia Rui punched the car’s door. He didn’t have the time to think much at this moment, hastily getting out of the car. His body moved in a flash toward the youth with flax-coloured hair.


Luo Ya (river asia) snorted coldly and just glanced at him indifferently. But that gaze seemed to be able to see through soul, making Xia Rui’s body to be startled and freeze on his spot…

A sword had appeared in Luo Ya’s hand just when Xia Rui came back to his senses. With a flash of a silver light, blood spurted out from the lower region of Xia Rui’s body.


A heart-wrenching shriek was heard throughout the entire mountain under the night sky. It alarmed the little birds that were originally resting on the tree making them flap their wings to fly away under the night sky…

The tree leaves rustled, gradually floating downward…

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