EAA Chapter 938


Chapter 938  – Misunderstanding Part 4

“Xia Rui, I had confiscated your tools in making love as a result in you fancying our Young Madam! You should remember that some women are out of your reach. If there’s a second time, it will be the day for the annihilation of the Xia family!”

Luo Ya smiled mockingly.

‘How can he snatch away the young madam when the Young Master and Young Madam loved each other for two lives already? The Young Master wouldn’t have hidden his identity in dealing with him if it wasn’t for his consideration of the safety of his Father and Mother-in-law being in the hands of the Xia family.

‘But now that the Young Master knows about this matter. He will surely dispatch people to the Xia family to search for the locations of his Father and Mother-in-law. It will be the Xia family’s death day once their safety is certain!’


Xia Rui’s complexion was gravely pale from being in pain. He gritted his teeth as he stared at those two figures disappearing into the night. He yelled, deep and low, “Shen family and Shen Mo! I will make all of you pay a price for doing this!”

‘That’s right, it must be the Shen family that did this to me!’

Killing intents surged from Xia Rui’s body upon thinking about that. A red glow was emitted from his eyes…

The heavens knew that Ye Wu Chen didn’t in the slightest thought that such a misunderstanding would occur when he gave that order…

It was the night. Ye Wu Chen had hugged the girl’s body with both of his hand on a soft spring mattress.

With a warm and gentle smile in his eyes, he asked, “Mu Er, is this the place that you had previously lived in? I didn’t expect we will come back here together…”

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly, covering the worries in her eyes. “Wu Chen, we must head back to the Eastern Island no matter what. There are people waiting for me at there…”

‘Bai Ze and Yan Jin are waiting for us at the Eastern Island…

‘Moreover, I will never be able to forget the last scene I saw before coming here.

‘The enchanter-like man had collapsed before me. I don’t even know how is his condition until now. But if that blade was to strike on Feng Jing Tian’s body, he… will certainly die without a doubt.’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart ached with traces of guilt surging forth in her heart.

‘Perhaps initially I had wanted to hide from Feng Jing Tian as much as possible due to him giving me a bad impression of him after that time where he forcefully confined me. But it was undeniable that he had helped me a lot in the end.

‘Even protecting me with his life…

‘I had owed too many favours in this life. It will be impossible for me to fully repay them…’

“Don’t worry.”

Ye Wu Chen tightly embraced the woman’s body. With a charming and captivating smile, he said filled with warm and tender feelings, “We will return back to that place sooner or later…”


Mu Ru Yue chuckled bitterly.

‘How can it be easy? They had come to this place with the help of the power of the ancient divine weapon. I’m afraid that it won’t be easy heading back…’

“That’s right, Mu Er, your husband has a surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

Mu Ru Yue rose her eyebrow as she shifted her head to look at the man’s handsome face.

“You will know what that surprise is really soon…”

Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly. With a raise and pull of his arm, he pulled Mu Ru Yue under his body before pressing down his body on her. With a slight narrow of his purple eyes, he said, “Now, we have a more important matter to do…”

He lowered his head to kiss gently on the girl’s eyelashes. He then placed a trail of kisses down her face before covering his lips over the girl’s alluring thin lips.

They quickly removed their clothing with the light in the room illuminating the current scene. Mu Ru Yue’s both hands clung on to the man’s neck, reciprocating his affections…

Xia Rui’s condition was obviously much more miserable as compared to the loving scene at this side.

He ruthlessly strangled the naked girl on the bed until he had completely suffocated her to death before tossing her out of the bed. His handsome face turned ashen with his tensely clenched fist cracked.


When Chu Yun saw the enraged Xia Rui after pushing open the room’s door, she subconsciously retreated a couple steps back in fright…

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      New character~ you will know the character is new when there is a ( ) with the translated version of his name at the back of the name. He is the subordinate of Ye Wu Chen from the Zi family.

  1. Which means Zi family also in the modern age? How about Little Huang and Xiao Bai? Are they in modern age too?

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