EAA Chapter 948


Chapter 948  – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 5

‘I just can’t believe what Mu Ru Yue said. How can there be such feelings in this world where he can determine whether the person is his beloved girl or not even if they have the same appearance? If someone intentionally imposters Mu Ru Yue, I am certain I won’t be able to differentiate…’

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen raised his hand to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. With feelings filled eyes, he swore, “No matter if I am that mentally foolish Ghost King or the current Ye Wu Chen, I always only have one identity and that is being your husband! I am the husband that can support the entire sky for you!”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart softened as she smiled.

Both of them looked into each other’s life with tender feelings exchanging between them. It, similarly, pierced Shen Mo’s eyes…


“Yue Er, are you really not willing to give me a chance?” Shen Mo looked painfully at Mu Ru Yue as he asked sorrowfully.

“Yes!” Mu Ru Yue glanced lightly at him before she said, “I had already married Wu Chen and even have two children. Thus, you don’t stand a chance!”

Shen Mo’s heart sunk as he said, “The two of you had already married and even have kids? This is impossible! You had only gone missing for two years. How could you marry that quickly?”

“Did I say I had always been in Hua Xia all this time?” Mu Ru Yue sniggered as she continued, “A couple decades had already passed in the place I had gone to during the two years that passed here. Our youngest son is already six. More importantly…”

She paused as her gaze shifted to Chu Yun’s gravely pale face.

“You had already married Chu Yun.”

Shen Mo relaxed his tightly clenched fist as he hastily said, “I don’t mind that you have sons. If you’re willing to marry me, I will immediately divorce Chu Yun and marry you!”

“Shen Mo?!” Chu Yun shrieked as she looked at the man in disbelief.

Shen Mo looked coldly at her and said, “I hadn’t settle the debts with you for all your wrongdoings. Currently, you still want to be my wife? Stop dreaming. I will divorce you once I leave this place!”


Chu Yun could clearly hear her heart shatter. She felt a heart-wrenching pain, it was as though an opening appeared in her heart from being ripped apart…

Ye Wu Chen chuckled and said, “Mu Er is my wife. What qualifications do you think you have to snatch her away from my hand?”

Shen Mo’s complexion paled as he said with gritted teeth, “It is due to me knowing her first. You had just taken advantage of the time when she wasn’t by my side during these years.”

“Hehe…” Ye Wu Chen chuckled lowly. He gradually raised his purple eyes. A sinister cold ray of light flashed past his eyes as he said, “Know her first? It is a pity that we knew each other in our past life. Moreover, we were also a couple then…”

“Past life? Haha!” Shen Mo seemed to have heard a hilarious joke as he burst out laughing. “Are the two of you mixing up reality with a Television drama? Even knowing each other in your past life! No matter what, I definitely won’t let her go!”

Ye Wu Chen narrowed his purple eyes slightly as he smiled dangerously and said, “There will only a path for you if you don’t let go!”

“That… is death!”

A sinister cold aura exploded forth from the man’s surrounding after he said that, looking gloomily at Shen Mo’s face.

Terror finally appeared in Shen Mo’s eyes.

‘This man is too powerful. He is so powerful that he gives people a horrifying vibe.’

At this instant, Shen Mo felt as though his life no longer belonged to him…


Shen Mo’s legs gave way and knelt under the man’s immense pressure. Cold sweat drenched his back, flowing profusely…

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