EAA Chapter 970


Chapter 970 – Return Part 1

Hong Ying was stunned for a moment before she followed to look at where Ye Si Huang was looking. Instantly, a couple with magnificent and peerless appearances appeared under the sunlight, making her slightly stunned.

‘With my status, I naturally won’t have the privilege to meet with people of the Mu family. Although I’ve seen their pictures from the newspaper, it doesn’t come close as to how breathtaking the real people look.’

“Huang Er!”

Mu Ru Yue saw the little boy standing at the entrance with a glance. Elation surged in her eyes. With a flash of her body, she appeared beside him raising her hand to pull the little boy into her embrace.


“Little Huang Er, why have you come here?”

Ye Si Huang blinked his eyes. With a candid smile on his jade carved-like face, he explained, “It was Murong Qing Chu that told me Father and you have come to this place. Hence, I’ve come to look for the two of you. That’s right, he told me to pass you this item…”

A compass appeared in Ye Si Huang’s hand after he said that.

“Th-this is the ancient divine instrument?” Mu Ru Yue was startled for a moment.

‘I didn’t expect Murong Qing Chu to plan everything so meticulously. He even considered about the ancient divine instrument…’

“I don’t know.” Ye Si Huang shook his head as he continued, “This item was taken out by Bai Ze. Coincidentally, Murong Qing Chu was also there. Hence, he told me to use this divine instrument to come and find you, telling me to bring this item here as well…”

Mu Ru Yue heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that.

‘Since Ye Si Huang had taken the ancient divine instrument here, it means Bei Jun won’t be able to use this divine instrument to appear at this place…’

“Where is your elder brother?”

Ye Si Huang was startled as he thought for a moment before replying, “He still has some matters to settle so he temporarily can’t leave the continent…”

“Let’s return after finding Xiao Bai then.” Mu Ru Yue kept the compass. A captivating smile appeared on her flawless face.

Every person of the Hong family was stunned upon seeing this scene. It was especially so for Hong Tian Qi that had previously mocked Ye Si Huang. He seemed to have been scared witless, unable to squeak out a single word…

Hong Ying looked dazedly at that jade carved-like face, unable to return to her senses even after a long time had passed…

‘This little fella is really Mu Ru Yue’s son?’

“Mother,” Ye Si Huang held onto Mu Ru Yue’s hand as he smiled innocently and said, “It was this aunty that took care of me when I first come to this place where I don’t know any place or anyone. She had even brought me here to find Mother and Father. Mother, can you give her a pill to treat her sealed meridians in order to repay her for her help?”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Hong Ying and nodded slightly. “This lady, thank you so much for taking care of my son. I have two pills here. One of them will help in unsealing your meridians while the other pill will instantly enable your cultivation to reach the Xiantian Full Circle Realm.”


A sudden clap of thunder rang in Hong Ying’s mind. She was stupefied, looking at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent expression in a daze.

“I…” Hong Ying abruptly became nervous as she said, ill at ease, “Aren’t these gifts really precious? I can’t accept such undeserved rewards as I didn’t do anything. Furthermore, it is my duty as a policewoman to help children that had lost their way find their way back to their parents.”

The heavens knew how much Hong Ying wanted those pills. But her profession was as a policewoman after all so how could she casually accept gifts from others? If she did, she would look down on herself…

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was no longer as glacial as from the start as she said smilingly, “There isn’t any profession virtues in the ancient martial world. Since you have helped my son, you deserve these pills. If you become an ancient martial practitioner, you will be able to help a lot more people…”

Hong Ying was slightly startled as she raised her head to look at the girl’s slight smiling face.

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