EAA Chapter 979


Chapter 979 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 2

“Grandmaster, how is my daughter’s illness?” The middle-aged man turned his head to look at the girl by his side, asking anxiously.

If Mu Ru Yue was here, she would definitely be able to recognize this woman as Xiao Jing. But in comparison to her previous sweetness, Xiao Jing’s face had a sinister cold aura at this moment.

“You can only save your daughter’s life by using that boy’s heart as the main ingredient in refining the pill!”

Xiao Jing smirked. But her smile was tremendously glacial, sending chills through a person’s body through their feet.


‘Mu Ru Yue, you shouldn’t have hurt Stepfather that much. Since you hurt him, I must make you suffer unbearable sufferings!’

“Grandmaster,” The middle-aged man was elated as he continued, “It will be great if that’s the case. If the Grandmaster can really save my daughter’s life, you will be my esteemed guest.

The master of the manor had great trust in Xiao Jing. It was not due to the might she had exposed. But it was the legend from the ancient past of the Tian Huang Manor.

It was said that numerous years ago, an ancestor of the Tian Huang Manor predicted a scene. In that scene, a white-robed woman was standing on top of a white dragon with a purple-robed man standing close to her side. The two of them were being enveloped in golden rays of light. There was also a silver wolf standing in front of them.

Even though that ancestor wasn’t able to see their appearance, he could see the miracle glow…

It meant that those two people would become gods in the future, becoming the rulers of this large continent!

Hence, the ancestor had left the words that if there was a soul that came from another world, they must worship her. It was only that case that the Tian Huang Manor would be able to survive the world annihilation crisis in the future…

Since Xiao Jing knew about soul coming from another world, the master of the manor judged that she was the white-robed girl in that scene that the ancestor had predicted…


A voice was heard from outside at this moment. “I had already brought the three of them over.”


The master of the manor was jubilant as he nodded and said, “I will go and meet them now!”

‘I need to use those three people in order to save my daughter’s life no matter what…’

“Master of the manor, it will be inconvenient for me to meet them.” Xiao Jing sneered as she continued, “You just need to obtain that child’s heart and come to find me. Furthermore…”

The girl’s voice paused for a moment before she said with a sinister expression, “Theman known as Ye Wu Chen is extraordinary. I can guarantee that if you make him the son-in-law of the Tian Huang Manor, there will be a day that the Tian Huang Manor will stand at the summit of the world…”

‘Mu Ru Yue, since you hurt Stepfather to such an extent, I will not only kill your son but also make your husband be another woman’s man. You will suffer a life worse than death that way!’

Xiao Jing smiled as though she could already foresee that woman’s regretful expression.

“Grandmaster, I understand.” The master of the manor cupped his fists before he turned around and left.

Xiao Jing muttered while seeing his departing figure, “Stepfather, even though I’ve temporarily left your side, I don’t want you to live in misery. If I can separate them, perhaps you will have a chance in obtaining that woman…”

‘No matter how I couldn’t accept it and with my heart even being devoured by jealousy, if I can help Stepfather, I’m more than willing.’

Xiao Jing chuckled bitterly as that man’s cold and heartless appearance appeared in her mind, shutting her eyes with slight sorrow…

‘Perhaps I’m destined to be unable to break out from this kind of barrier for all my life and eternity from the start when Stepfather brought me to the North Devil Palace. Even though Stepfather is clueless as to what I had done, I won’t regret doing all this. A man like Stepfather should be cherished, not trampled upon…’

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