EAA Chapter 985


Chapter 985 – Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill Part 1

Mu Ru Yue had focused her gaze on the Phoenix Furnace. Following that, she took out the medicinal plants from the Alchemy Book.

Countless medicinal plants were placed before her, emitting medicinal fragrances.

Mu Ru Yue planned to refine a Heaven Stage High Rank Fire Controlling Pill!

Flames ignited from the bottom of the Phoenix Furnace, following her movement.



The intense glow of the flames shone on her magnificent face, her face glimmered with a dazzling glow…

Ye Si Huang blinked his eyes as he focused his gaze on Mu Ru Yue. His smile was pure and candid. It was just like that stars in the sky giving off a bright glow as if they were trying to shine over the entire sky…


Shi Hun snorted coldly, not thinking much about Mu Ru Yue. In his point of view, she wouldn’t be able to refine a useful pill for this round of battle.

Moreover, if she was really a Heaven Stage Alchemist at her age, she would be too talented…

Hence, it was impossible for her to be a Heaven Stage Alchemist!

Mu Ru Yue seemed to have not felt Shi Hun’s mockery, drastically intensifying the flames in her hand. She threw a medicinal plant into the Phoenix Furnace.

The medicinal plant being surrounded by flames gradually became medicinal power, slowly flowing in the Phoenix Furnace. Mu Ru Yue didn’t stop moving for even a second, carefully throwing more medicinal plants within the pill furnace…

As time passed, Shi Hun no longer glanced at Mu Ru Yue. His gaze had completely focused on Ye Wu Chen.

“Ye Wu Chen, you aren’t my match!”

Shi Hun’s expression turned gloomy. The sword in his hand formed an arc, creating a gale. Ye Wu Chen quickly retreated backward at that instant, dodging that blow.

When the ferocious blow landed on the ground, an extremely long crack instantly formed. It was as if the ground was split open by a gigantic hatchet…

Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly. But his smile was sinister cold.

“I’m not alone.”

His robes fluttered when a breeze blew past. The man slightly raised his purple eyes. With a peculiar glow in his eyes, he continued, “It is due to me having my wife and son by my side. Therefore, I’m never by myself.”

No matter how long they had been separated before and faced so many powerful foes, he had understood clearly from the start that he was never fighting by himself…


Shi Hun laughed brazenly. With an intense killing intent gleaming in his eyes, he said, “That’s a great joke! Your assistants are just a woman and a child? I admit that the woman indeed is a little strong. But it’s a pity that if I was fighting against her now instead, she would quickly be going to die without a burial ground! You still won’t be able to defeat me by teaming up with them. Ye Wu Chen, since you had rejected my request, there can only be an outcome…”


A pressuring aura once again struck toward Ye Wu Chen. Formidable killing intents circled around Shu Hun’s body. He was like an unsheathed sharp sword, shooting toward Ye Wu Chen like a bolt of lightning.


Ye Wu Chen raised the sword in his hand to block the other’s ferocious attack. Yet, the force behind that attack pushed him back a couple of steps with a trace of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth…


Shi Hun snorted coldly.


A robust blow landed on Wu Chen’s sword. Shi Hun smirked with derision.

‘Perhaps Ye Wu Chen previously can fight with me to a draw. However, he won’t have a choice but die when facing me after I had increased my might!’

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