EDAH Chapter 102


Chapter 102: Blood Phoenix Azure Wolf (Part 1)

Once Ye Tian Xie attacked for the fourth time, under the corrosion of the light, the Undead Monarch’s HP bar finally became empty.  It heavily fell onto the ground and stopped moving.  The mass of gray fog surrounding its body stopped moving and slowly dispersed, revealing the unformed body of the Undead Monarch.  There was also a bunch of glowing equipment on the ground.

“Ding……You’ve successfully killed the Level 15 Lord Level Boss, Undead Monarch.  Prestige +15.”

“Ding……You’ve reached level 15.  HP +10, MP+10.  You’ve received 5 free stat points.”

“Ding…..You’ve successfully killed the juvenile Undead Monarch and have successfully completed the Hidden Unique quest ‘Gu Ping Town mayor’s request’.  Please report back to the Gu Ping Town mayor to receive your reward.”


The experience given by a Lord Level Boss was quite a lot, it allowed the Ye Tian Xie with his level fourteen and 80% experience bar to directly rise to level fifteen.  Picking up the elemental illumination light slowly rolling on the ground, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help breaking out in laughter……A fight that should have been extremely exciting, was actually solved with such a simple method.

According to the little girl, this elemental illumination light could last for another three minutes.  He had just used the light for not even half a minute.  Ye Tian Xie turned off the light effect and returned it to his backpack.  To this large reward given to a “hero”, right now, he wasn’t willing to waste it for even a second.  Because one day, it could be used just like today……Probably to be used to weaken another undead.

The body of the Undead Monarch was not exactly a skeleton, rather, it had started out as a human body.  Looking at it, it looked like a three-four year old child.  A Lord Level Boss rarely appeared and every time one was killed, it would take a long time before another one appeared.  Perhaps it would take few days, perhaps it would take a few weeks, it could even take a few months before another one appeared.  In terms of a special boss like Undead Monarch, perhaps it would take several years before another one appeared.  Because it was in essence not a real Lord Level Boss and because it was still in its developmental stage, it could only display the power of a Lord Level Boss.

But every time a Lord Level Boss was killed, there would always be a beautiful large explosion.

Although there was no money that popped out, there were two gold and three silver glows that appeared beside the Undead Monarch’s corpse.  Such a generous drop was probably because of the fact that he killed it alone, moreover, it was only possible because Ye Tian Xie had over twelve luck.

Undead Cloak: Gold Grade Equipment

Level Requirement: Any level 15 Job

Unidentified, unable to be equipped.


Cloaks were one of the hardest types of equipments to appear.  For example, regardless of large or small city weapon shops, one could buy helmets, armours, leg armour, boots, gloves, and all other kind of white equipment, but they would not sell any kind of cloaks.

Looking at the black cloak that covered the body in a layer of gray fog, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help sighing……It didn’t matter that it was unidentified and couldn’t be used, he didn’t have a Job, so he didn’t meet the requirement to use it.

The other gold equipment was a long spear slightly glowing gold and was covered in a gray fog – Undead Spear

Undead Spear: Gold Grade Equipment

Level Requirement: Level 15 Warrior Job

Unidentified, unable to be equipped.

After looking over the other three silver weapons, Ye Tian Xie put them all into his inventory.  Then he picked up a scroll covered in gray mist.

Skill Scroll – Dark Fog: The support skill “Dark Fog” will be learned after this scroll is used.  After the skill is used, a fog will surround the user’s body and decrease the user’s falling speed.

Skill Scroll……It was actually an incomparably rare skill scroll that had a small chance of appearing.

Ye Tian Xie felt that it was a little off.  Although he had his luck was twelve points higher compared to normal players, it was hard to imagine that after killing the Amethyst War Tiger after the Beginner Village, the second Lord Level Boss he killed would also give him a skill scroll.

What were skill scrolls?  Potions would disappear after use, equipments would be replaced on day, but skills……Once they were learned, they could be used forever.  At the same time, the skills a player could learn from skill scrolls were far beyond the skills they could learn from the Job Change Instructors.  So, skill scrolls were immeasurably valuable, and this also made them have a low drop rate.

Perhaps it was god that made it so Ye Tian Xie couldn’t change his Job, but had actually presented him with this probability that was even less likely than Mars (Author’s Note: Mars does not refer to this Mars) hitting the Earth.

Although this skill did not seem all that powerful.

[Author’s Note: Ung…..After a death seeking skill like the “Berserk Fighting Will” appeared, there seems to be another skill appearing that doesn’t seem to be all that useful (Doraemon: Why is it that the two skills obtained by the main character all seem to be useless?  DoraBmon: If garbage skills can be properly used, doesn’t that make the main character awesome?  Doraemon: Big brother really is big brother, you’re absolutely right)…….Alright, just watch how this coquettish main character will show just how strong these trash skills are……Of course, waiting for certain person surnamed Ye to get a flying skill, that would truly be a useless skill.]

After placing the skill scroll inside his inventory, Ye Tian Xie squatted in front of the Undead Monarch’s small and thin body.  He began to use the “harvest skill” on its corpse.

“Ding……Your ‘harvest skill’ has failed!”


The system prompt in his ears was a little surprising to him because the prompt wasn’t “there is nothing to be harvested”, rather, it said that the harvesting failed.

There was only one explanation for this…..The Undead Monarch’s level was too high or his harvesting skill was too low, that’s why it failed.

Ye Tian Xie began to ponder in his mind and didn’t immediately leave.  He chose to use the harvest skill again and again on the Undead Monarch’s corpse.

“Ding……Your ‘harvest skill’ has failed!”

“Ding……Your ‘harvest skill’ has failed!”

“Ding……Your ‘harvest skill’ has failed!”


After using the harvest skill repeatedly, Ye Tian Xie’s MP slowly began to drain.  After using the skill around twenty times, Ye Tian Xie still wore an indifferent look.  Without showing a disappointed expression, he continued to drink MP potions and continued to use the harvest skill.

Ding……Your ‘harvest skill’ has failed!”

“Ding……You’ve harvested ‘Death Core’.”

“Ding…..Your harvest skill has reached high level.  You can now harvest higher level items from monster or special locations.”

The prompt in his ear made Ye Tian Xie’s lips rise and at this moment, the Undead Monarch’s body on the ground slowly began to disappear.  After a monster died, their body would remain for a while. Ordinary monster corpses would last for a minute.  One star, two star, and three star elite monsters would respectively last, one time, two time, and three time as long.  Lord Level Bosses corpses would last for ten minutes and higher level mob corpses wouldn’t disappear.

But after its Death Core was taken, the Undead Monarch immediately disappeared.  Because it was born from the power of this Death Core and the Death Core was the core of its strength and life, once it disappeared, its body also vanished into thin air.

A small orb releasing a strong gray glow appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s palm.  It was around the size of a fingernail, but the strong power coming from it was like a strong gust of wind in Ye Tian Xie’s face.

Death Core: Incomparably strong and pure death energy is contained within.  A Undead Monarch is formed using it and it can only be formed in a place filled with yin qi.  Its use is unknown.

This was…….

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes stared at the little orb.  Its description made Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat wildly and after pondering for a while, he finally placed it in his inventory.

Incomparably strong and pure death energy was contained within and Death Monarchs were formed from it……It was clear that this Death Core was not an ordinary item.  Only if it couldn’t be attached to items and it couldn’t be used to create equipment, what could it be used for?

With the death of the juvenile Undead Monarch, his goal for this trip could be considered accomplished.  Not only had it proceeded more smoothly than he anticipated, he had also gained quite a bit from this trip.  Finally taking one last look around at his gloomy surroundings, Ye Tian Xie took out the Gu Ping Town Return Scroll in satisfaction.

Every large and small town would all have their own return scroll.  As long as the return scroll was used while in a non combat state, a player could immediately return to the corresponding city or town.

“Jiu – “

As Ye Tian Xie was prepared to use the Gu Ping Town Return Scroll, an incomparably loud sound came from outside, shaking the tips of his ears.  It caused the dark and gloomy area to tremble.  Under this bird’s cry, Ye Tian Xie’s body violently shook.  His ears roared and the blood in his body violently shook up and down.  As for his consciousness, he was almost knocked out by this bird’s cry.

It was because the giant bird’s cry seemed to be close, as if it was right beside his ear.

Hong, long, long!

The ground began to shake and the walls began to tremble.  The intensity slowly increased as the scale became even stronger.  Ye Tian Xie’s body was swaying left and right, he was almost knocked onto the ground several times.

What is happening…..

That bird’s cry……



The bird’s cry was overwhelming.  Under its gigantic impact, the black walls began to collapse.  The ceiling also collapsed and light from the sky above was exposed, dispersing all the darkness that was here.

Ye Tian Xie quickly moved into a corner as he dodged the pieces of rubble that fell down upon him.  When the light shined down, his eyes suddenly contracted……In front of his eyes, there appeared a large red figure.

In his mind, he thought of only one thing……

Blood Phoenix!

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