EDAH Chapter 110


Chapter 110: Light and Dark Dragon Soul’s Power

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”  Perhaps the other side already ran out of energy, but she did not respond.  Ye Tian Xie didn’t care if it could hear him, he still directly rejected her.  If he really wanted to save her, he would have to destroy the Dragon God’s Stone, which was impossible for him to accomplish.  It would be impossible for him not matter how strong he was.  From the way Long Mo Ya looked at the Dragon God’s Stone, he could tell just how important it was to the dragon race.  Not to mention if a person had the ability to destroy it, if they actually did destroy it, they would become the enemy of the entire dragon race.

As the strongest species on the Lost Continent, even humans had to bow down in front of them.  Who had the guts to offend the strongest race on the Lost Continent?  At the same time, if the little fox was truly that powerful, who would disregard all the consequences and let it out?  A beast that could make the dragon god sacrifice his life to seal, if it was an evil beast, who would be able to stop it?

No longer hesitating, Ye Tian Xie placed his hand atop the Dragon God’s Stone.  Instantly, an aura was transmitted through his hand.  This feeling made Ye Tian Xie think of the God Summoning Stone he broke back in Heavenly Stellar City.  Actually, these two god stones were quite similar.  They both tried to establish a link with one’s inner power once contact was made……The difference was that the God Summoning Stone probed one’s power to identify its potential and category.  The Dragon God’s Stone stimulated the slumbering dragon’s power within an individual and tried to awaken it.

The moment that his palm and the Dragon God’s Stone met, the white glow from the Dragon God’s Stone began to spread through Ye Tian Xie’s hand and cover his entire body.  It completely enveloped his body in a shining white light, giving Ye Tian Xie a kind of warm feeling, almost as if he had just entered a hot spring.


Long Mo Ya slightly nodded and said, “That’s good, there really is a slumbering Dragon Soul’s power within your body, otherwise the Dragon God’s Stone would not have any reactions.  You do have the dragon’s power, but you have a human’s body.  With a human father and a dragon mother, if you didn’t use this Dragon God’s Stone and tried to let your power slowly awaken, you might not have been able to accomplish that even with an entire lifetime.  But even so, with the dragon’s bloodline, even if you do not awaken your dragon’s power, your body would be several times harder and stronger compared to a normal human.  Because we as dragons have the strongest and hardest bodies.

Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes and stood completely still.  He just focused on the familiar feeling and the burning sensation within him.  This state made it so he could not hear anything Long Mo Ya said.

Suddenly, the Dragon God’s Stone released a white light……Compared to the natural white light it released, it was pure white light that was much more eye piercing.  It was a kind of sacred white light that did not have any kinds of impurities.  At the same time, Ye Tian Xie’s body was also covered in a layer of this white light.

Long Mo Ya’s face fell and a deeply astonished expression appeared on his face, “Light…..Your Dragon Soul’s power is actually light attributed!”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Our dragon race has the strongest and hardest bodies and we utilize our strong attacks to look down on the world.  If it had to be categorized, our dragon race’s power would fall under the physical enhancement category.  We generally would not have an attribute……But, there are some high level dragons that break that rule.  There are dragons that are born with innate elemental attributes……Since the emergence of dragons, there have been dragons that had innate natural elemental attributes and these kinds of dragons have always been stronger than normal dragons.  Once a dragon with an elemental attribute appears, he is destined to become the strongest of all dragons……Throughout the history of dragons, there have only been two dragons that have had elemental attributes.  One had the dark attribute and reached the legendary Saint Extermination Realm.  The other was light attributed just like you and was the strongest out of all three dragons that had reached the Mysterious God Realm.

“And you……Are actually someone born in a human body with a light attributed dragon’s power!”  Long Mo Ya found it hard to cope with his shock.  The appearance of the light attribute on Ye Tian Xie’s body completely caught him off guard.  Only innate high level dragons would have a elemental attributed power and for this kind of innate high level dragons, they would usually be purebred dragons.  All the elemental attributed dragons that had appeared so far had been like this.  He had never heard of a child of a human and dragon having this kind of elemental attributed dragon’s power.

And for this human bodied person with a dragon mother and human father to have a slumbering light attributed dragon’s power, how could he not be surprised?  The Dragon God’s Stone would not react like this if the human had practiced light magic because the Dragon God’s Stone only reacted to dragon’s power, it wouldn’t react to any other kind of power.

“There are two types of elements that dragons can have, one is light attributed and the other is dark attributed.  Dragons with the light attribute will become Sacred Light Dragons.  Not only will they have the strong and hard body of a normal dragon, they would also have increased defense and self healing abilities, even the ability to attack with light.  Those with the dark attribute are considered Dark Demon Dragons.  They would have very strong attacks and terrifying darkness attacks.  But for an elemental attribute to appear, it doesn’t just depend on their natural talent, it also depends on their dispositions.  If a dragon’s heart leans to the sacred path and they have a high level of talent, it will be likely that they have a light attribute dragon’s power.  If a dragon’s heart leans to the demonic path, those with high levels of talent will possess a dark attribute dragon’s power.  Dragons with the dark attribute will not be an evil dragon because the dark attribute does not represent evil, but they will not be a friendly dragon.  Currently, the king of dragons is the dragon with the light attributed dragon’s power.  As for the strong dark attributed dragon, he has disappeared for a long time, no one knows where he is now.  Although he has the strongest powers, his demonic nature prevents him from being the protector of dragons.”

Long Mo Ya gave this detailed explanation to Ye Tian Xie……Because this was a human with light attributed dragon’s power even though it wasn’t pure dragon’s power and the appearance of this human would definitely cause a large stir in the dragon race.  All of this, he deserved to know.  At the same time, to possess the light attribute dragon’s power, this meant that he had a sacred heart and would not be an evil person.

The white glow on Ye Tian Xie’s body slowly became stronger and the burning sensation in his body still existed.  A kind of fluctuating feeling appeared and disappeared inside his body……It was his power, his power was awakening.  It was infusing with his body and becoming his power.  

The awakening of the dragon’s power was not a straightforward process, rather it was a relatively slow process.  Long Mo Ya did not say anything else and just silently felt Ye Tian Xie’s dragon power slowly increasing.

At this moment, something that astonished Long Mo Ya suddenly appeared.

The holy white light surrounding Ye Tian Xie suddenly disappeared, and it vanished without a trace.  At the same time, the white light surrounding the Dragon God’s Stone disappeared, not a trace of the original white light was left.  Without waiting for Long Mo Ya to show a surprised expression, an extremely black light appeared in front of his eyes…….

Instantly all the light in the surrounding had disappeared and everything fell to darkness.  The only things that could be seen were Ye Tian Xie’s body and the black glowing Dragon God’s Stone.

Dark attributed…….

Long Mo Ya’s heart that had experienced all kinds of thing would not stop beating.  The indifferent expression on face took three seconds to fall off before an incomparably shocked sound came from his mouth, “Dark attributed……Dark attributed dragon’s power…..”

“Impossible……This is impossible!!”

Earlier there was clearly a shocking light attributed glow and now, he actually also possessed a dark attributed dragon’s power……The glow and power of a dark attributed dragon’s power.

Light and darkness, the two attributes that a dragon’s power could have.  There were very few dragons that could have this power, but there had never been anyone that had both the power of light and darkness.  This was because light and darkness were attributes that could not coexist and would repel one another, it was impossible for them to appear on a single lifeform.  They had a very strong repulsion for one another, it was even stronger than fire and water.  It was two elements the could not coexist.  In darkness, there was no light, and in light, there could exist no darkness.

But, this logic defying phenomenon was currently appearing right in front of his eyes.

“Impossible…..Impossible……Light and dark attributed dragon’s power cannot appear at the same time……This is impossible!”  Long Mo Ya’s eyes were wide open as he kept muttering.  Even the black robe that covered his head had fallen off, revealing pale white hair.  It wasn’t just him, anyone from the dragon race that saw this would all have no way of believing their eyes.

Not to mention light and dark not being able to exist at the same time…….A person that could have light attributed dragon’s power would have a sacred heart and a person that could have dark attributed dragon’s power would have a demonic heart.  These two different dispositions, these two different paths, they could not appear on the same person at the same time.

How could this be happening……

The black glow enveloped Ye Tian Xie’s body which caused Long Mo Ya’s eyes to tremble.  After a few seconds of silence, the black glow enveloping Ye Tian Xie and the Dragon God’s Stone flickered for a second and suddenly became weaker.  It flickered once again and it was replaced by the light attributed glow once again.

The dark space was once again filled with light, but Long Mo Ya’s mind was still filled with the black glow that appeared earlier.  The light attributed glow did not last long before the black glow appeared again.  After struggling for a bit, the black glow prevailed and the surroundings became dark once again.

After the black glow lasted for three seconds, the light attributed glow appeared once again.  Instantly, the light surrounding Ye Tian Xie and the Dragon God’s Stone changed between light and dark and the rate at which it changed slowly turned faster.  Going from changing every few seconds to once per second and finally reaching several times every second……

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