EDAH Chapter 111


Chapter 111: Job Advancement – Reverse Boned Evil Dragon!

The surrounding area continued to change between light and darkness.  When light appeared, the darkness would immediately swallow it.  When the darkness lingered, the light would appear and chase it away.  The two elements continued to clash.  These two elements that could not coexist continued fighting for the right to exist.  Both element continued to fight for its existence and to chase away the opposing side.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes were still closed and an indifferent expression was on his face.  There was no emotion appearing on his face, almost as if he knew nothing about what was happening around his body.  Suddenly, a flash of light shined against Long Mo Ya’s face, but he did not make a sound as he continued to stare at the changes that occurred with the Dragon God Stone and Ye Tian Xie.  His heart was already beating as fast as it could.  This was an inconceivable mutation, or an inconceivable miracle.  After the initial shock passed, his heart was slowly filled with the desire to see the result……He wanted to know what kind of results would be produced when dark and light attributed dragon’s power were combined.  Also what kind of dragon’s power would be produced……Would it be light attributed dragon’s power, or dark attributed dragon’s power, or would the light and dark attributed power cancel each other out to create normal dragon’s power.  Or……

As for the fourth possibility, it was a kind of impossible situation, but it made his heart once again beat wildly……

Finally, it was completely dark for a few minutes, and in addition, it was completely silent.  Even Guo Guo who was floating in the distance was staring wide eyed and open mouthed at the changes on her master’s body……Of course, her expression was not surprised like Long Mo Ya’s, rather it was surprise and excitement from seeing something strange…..As well there was a kind of hidden joy.


Finally, something changed once again in front of their eyes.  This change almost made Long Mo Ya’s eyes pop out of their sockets.

The light and dark glows no longer rotated.  On Ye Tian Xie’s body and the Dragon God’s Stone……There were light and dark glows being released at the same time.

On the left side of Ye Tian Xie’s body, there was a holy white light that was hard to look it.  It did not contain any kind of impurities and was not affected by any other kinds of light.  And on the right side of Ye Tian Xie’s body, there was a deep profound dark glow.  While it was a dark glow, it was a kind of profound darkness that even Long Mo Ya was not used to.  It was just like a dark cover that brought people into the depths of an abyss.

And in the centre of Ye Tian Xie’s body and the Dragon God’s Stone, the line between light and darkness was very clear and glaring.

It was here that light and darkness were able to coexist.  The light did not disperse the darkness and the darkness did not swallow the light.  This was a very strange situation that completely went against all common sense.  This scene that could overturn the thoughts of a normal person was currently occurring on Ye Tian Xie’s body and the Dragon God’s Stone.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes were still closed, but his brows slowly began to knit together, almost as if there was something that made him feel uncomfortable.  It was at this moment that Long Mo Ya’s eyes became as wide as they could become……With this kind of powerful dragon’s power present, how could he not feel it?  From the left side of Ye Tian Xie’s body, he began to release light attributed dragon’s power aura, but from the right side, he also began to release dark attributed dragon’s power aura.

Actually…..It could actually appear at the same time and exist at the same time!

Was everything going crazy?  How could this kind of impossible situation actually occur?  Was the natural order of the universe falling into chaos……

However, it was not over yet.

As if it had reached some kind of agreement, or as if they were controlled by some kind of incomparably strong power, the light and dark glows on Ye Tian Xie’s body did not affect each other.  Then they began to grow in intensity, slowly becoming more and more intense and increasing the area that they affected…….Soon, Ye Tian Xie’s body was covered half in a white glowing ball and half in a dark glowing ball.  The ball of light slowly began to increase in size and they soon reached Long Mo Ya’s feet.  He had no choice but to retreat step by step.

Behind him was an incredibly tall cliff wall, so Long Mo Ya kept moving back until he could not any more.  He kept watching the scene in front of him without looking away for even a second.  He was scared that if he looked away, he would miss a detail of this incredible scene.


A incomparably strange sound submerged Long Mo Ya’s senses.  That half black and half white ball suddenly quickly expanded, just like an explosion.  The explosion of light that came from in front of him completely filled Long Mo Ya’s vision with light…….Neither he nor Ye Tian Xie saw that at this moment, the Dragon God’s Stone slowly began to break apart.  At the same time, while being concealed by the strong white and black lights, a small white shadow jumped out from the Dragon God’s Stone…….

The light and dark glows disappeared from Ye Tian Xie’s body and at this moment he was covered in an unbelievable – colourless glow!

“Ding…..Your Dragon Soul’s power has been successfully awakened.  The property of your power has been determined to be Evil Soul Power which lies between the holy and demonic powers.  The power of your new strength has been turned into a new job, please create a new name for your job……Since your job is created from the power of an evil dragon, the job’s name must contain the words “evil dragon”.

In the silence, the delightful system prompt sounded in his ear.  Ye Tian Xie’s lips drew back and without even thinking, he slowly said, “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon!”

Reverse Boned…..Because he was born innately rebellious!

[TL Note: Reverse boned in chinese can also mean rebellious.]

“Ding…..the job “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” has been created!”

“Ding…..You have successfully changed into the unique job ‘Reverse Boned Evil Dragon’.  You have gained +45 Strength, +45 Vitality, +45 Agility, +45 Intelligence, +1150 HP, and +1150 MP.  You will gain 5 attribute points, +3 Strength, +3 Vitality, +3 Agility, +3 Intelligence, +20 HP, and +20 MP every level.  Each point of strength increases attack by 2, each point in vitality increases HP by 10 and defense by 1, each point in agility increases accuracy and dodge rate by 1, and each point in intelligence increases magic attack by 2 and MP by 10.”

“Ding……You have learned the exclusive innate ‘Evil Dragon’s Body’, ‘Evil Dragon’s Claws’, ‘Evil Dragon’s Eyes’, ‘Evil Dragon’s Soul’ skills for the ‘Reverse Boned Evil Dragon’ job.  The taboo dragon technique ‘Dragon Soul Burst’ has been learned.”

Evil Dragon’s Body: Dragons have the strongest and hardest bodies, fused with the light and dark attributed dragon’s power, the evil dragon’s body is even stronger than normal dragons’ bodies.  At the same time, it also has increased resistance to light and dark attributed attack.  Light Resistance +70%, Dark Resistance +70%, Water Resistance +20%, Fire Resistance +20%, Wind Resistance +20%, Lightning Resistance +20%, Earth Resistance +20%.  Defense is increased by 5 x level and increased by (0.3 x level)% and the user can equip equipments for any job.

Evil Dragon’s Claws: Dragons are the strongest beings and with the power of light and darkness, the evil dragon is stronger than normal dragons.  Dragon’s claws are terrifying weapons, if any normal weapons are infused with the power of the dragon’s claws, they would become a powerful magical weapon.  Attack is increased by 5 x level and increased by (0.3 x level)%.  Critical rate is increased by 5%.  The user can equip weapons for any jobs.

Evil Dragon’s Eyes: With the powers of light and darkness, a strange dragon’s eye has been created.  It can see through any dark and light environment and can see several times farther than normal people.  At the same time, it can see the statuses of monsters, players, and NPCs that don’t surpass 20 levels.

Evil Dragon’s Soul: An exclusive skill for evil dragons.  After it is activated, the skill burns the life force of the evil dragon to create the strongest indestructible defense.  After activation, one’s health decreases by 10% each second and the skill will be immediately deactivated once the user’s HP falls below 10%.  It can be released at anytime, but one’s HP will not be recovered.  It cannot be used when the user’s HP is less than 10%.  It can only be used three times a day and has a cooldown of one hour between uses.  It is released with the evil dragon’s power, so nothing is consumed.

When the “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” job change prompt rang out, he couldn’t believe the incomparably strong stats that he had just gained……Too strong, it was truly too strong.  It was so strong that it surpassed his expectations.  Just from the four main stats had increased by over one hundred and eighty points!!

And once the stats for the four innate skills appeared in his mind, no matter how tough his mind was, he was still completely stunned……No matter what, he never would have imagined that these incomparably strong innate skills would appear after all the strange things he had been through.  He never thought that the «Destiny» world would allow for this kind of job…….Regardless of defense or attack, it was all higher than the limits of a normal player.  Even the four innate skills that he had, they were much stronger than skills from normal player jobs.  He immediately thought that with this job’s power, he could easily tear apart the balance of the «Destiny» world.

Finally, he looked at the “Dragon Soul Blast” skill.  This skill’s description only had a few words, but this three word skill made Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat wildly.

Dragon Soul Blast: Ignites the Dragon Soul and destroys everything.

Ignites the Dragon Soul and destroys everything…….These words did not describe the skill at all.  It did not show the attack power, the attack range, the consumption of the skill, or the effect of the skill…….But, it clearly stated that it would “destroy everything”…….What kind of power would be considered “destroy everything”?

With shock and excitement filling his heart, Ye Tian Xie opened his eyes and looked around himself.  The intense white and black glow had disappeared and there was no light in his surroundings, even the unique glow of the Dragon God’s Stone had disappeared without a trace.  But, even in this world devoid of any light, Ye Tian Xie could still clearly see everything.  He could even clearly see the small crushed stones on the ground.

Evil Dragon’s Eyes……This was the Evil Dragon’s Eyes that could see through all darkness and light!

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