EDAH Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Yao Yao

Once he stepped into the light again, Ye Tian Xie looked around himself.  He immediately recognized where he was…… He was on the edge of the Hidden Dragon Abyss, where the azure haired man had brought him before.  If he took  another step back, he would fall into the Hidden Dragon Abyss once again.

Ye Tian Xie was currently to the south of Heavenly Stellar City, in a place that Kong Xiu had said contained monsters at level 60, a level he could not fight against.  After Ye Tian Xie hesitated for a bit, he decided to give up on his idea of exploration.  After looking around and making sure that there were no monsters around, he walked forward a few steps and sat down on a large flat stone and began to think.

Immediately, a mass of white light came from his body.  Then the little fox that forced him to be her master appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie.  After the Profound Snow Spirit Fox appeared, she gave a “wu” sound and was bouncing up and down on the ground.  She suddenly jumped onto Ye Tian Xie and affectionately rubbed against him.

“Wa oh!  How cute.  So small and white, I really like it.”  Guo Guo excitedly fluttered around the Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s head that was around the same size as her, speaking in a gentle affectionate voice.  This little girl liked pure and cute things and this Profound Snow Spirit Fox perfectly fit into this category.  From its snow white furry tail to flawless white fur, to its ears that were standing up, to its dark eyes and nose, it was like a patch of snow that had no impurities at all.  It could easily charm people with just its appearance.


“Master, how about we come up with a name for it?”  Guo Guo stood on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder as she stared with big eyes at this new fellow who she liked.

Guo Guo who only cared about appearances did not notice the shocked expression on Ye Tian Xie’s face as he stared at the Profound Snow Spirit Fox.

Profound Snow Spirit Fox: Level 0 Third Grade Pet.

Comes from an unknown origin.  It was sealed within the Dragon God’s Stone seventy million years ago by the dragon god and has just escaped.  It has an exquisite style, gentle nature, and is extremely ornamental.  It will not take the initiative to attack another creature.

Master: Ye Tian Xie

HP: 100

MP: 400

Physical Attack Power: 10

Magical Attack Power: 20

Dodge Rate: 5

Accuracy: 5

Attack Speed: 150

Move Speed: 180

Innate Skill:

Profound Spirit Body: A special mysterious physique that cannot be described.  It can instantly offset any damage that it takes.  Reduces physical and magical attacks by 30%.  Automatically recovers 5% of max HP and MP every second.


Profound Spirit Self Recovery Technique: Instantly restores one’s HP back to max and eliminates all abnormal conditions and stat decreases.  Costs 100 MP to cast and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Profound Spirit Healing Technique: Instantly heals a certain amount HP to the user and surrounding partners.  Heals magic attack x 3 HP and has a cast range of 5 meters.  Costs 200 MP to cast and has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Profound Spirit Restoration Technique: Instantly heals 30% of the user’s and all partners’ max HP and removes all abnormal conditions and stat decreases.  Has a cast range of 5 meters.  Costs 300 MP to cast and has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Origin Barrier: Unable to be learnt since user is not strong enough.

Light of Origin: Unable to be learnt since user is not strong enough.

Pets were divided into First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Spiritual Grade, Heavenly Grade, Mysterious God Grade, and Saint Extermination Grade.  A First Grade pet was just an ornamental pet, it did not have any attack power.  A Second Grade Pet started to have support skills or being able to attack.  As the grade increased, the pet became stronger.  Even between two close grades, the difference in power between pets of the same level was quite large.

The Profound Snow Spirit Fox was currently categorized as a Third Grade pet, which should be because of its support skills.  But, the strong innate skill it had shocked Ye Tian Xie……This was not something that a Third Grade Pet should have.

Although the Profound Snow Spirit Fox had been sealed in Dragon God’s Stone and it had its power drained to the point where it was extremely weakened, its memories did not disappear and it would slowly regain its power.  At the same time, various skills that disappeared because of it losing its power would slowly be awakened as it recovered……But the skills that the Profound Snow Spirit Fox could display even with its current strength were too strong.

A skill where it could instantly restore all of its HP, who could be its enemy with this kind of skill in a drawn out battle?  Once he saw the description for the “Profound Spirit Self Recovery Technique”, Ye Tian Xie began to understand why the Dragon God had chosen to seal it all those years ago……The HP of beasts on that level could be calculated in the “hundreds of millions” area, so it would take a long time just to beat one of them……And this Profound Snow Spirit Fox only needed to use a little MP to completely recover its HP…….Who could fight this kind of opponent?

What was even more astonishing was the fact that the Profound Spirit Recovery Technique healed based on a percentage of the target’s max HP.  Ye Tian Xie had never encountered a healing skill like this in his entire gaming history.  Because once this kind of healing skill appeared, it would break the balance of the game……If a cleric could heal a percentage of the target’s max HP, then a level ten cleric could easily heal a level one hundred party member.

But, this kind of skill should not be something that a level 0 Third Grade pet should have.

And one thing that Ye Tian Xie noticed that the Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s skills were strong, but each skill did cost a lot of MP.  Its max HP was only one hundred, but its max MP was four times its HP.  Its magical attack power was also double its physical attack power……There was no doubt that this Profound Snow Spirit Fox was a magical attack focused pet.  What seemed strange to him was that the Profound Snow Spirit Fox did not have a single attack skill and only had healing support skills.

Was the Profound Snow Spirit Fox just a support healing beast?

Then why would the dragon god of the past fear it so much that it would sacrifice its life to seal this fox?

“Master, master!  Say something.  How about we give it a name?”  Guo Guo was a little annoyed as she pulled Ye Tian Xie’s hair while he still did not respond.  Finally he woke up and knelt down.  Then he picked up the little fox and pointed at its head as he said, “Then I’ll call you……Yao Yao.”

The Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s eyes flashed with excitement, as if it was very satisfied with the name Ye Tian Xie gave it.

“Yao Yao?  Un, alright!  This name is cute just like Guo Guo.”  Guo Guo fluttered around.  Then she stretched out her hand and gently rubbed the Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s head.  She smiled and said, “Yao Yao, I am the most obedient and adorable little loli, Guo Guo.  We’ll be good partners from now on.”

Cute……That’s fine, but obedient……You do not symbolize that word at all.  Ye Tian Xie was complaining inside his mind.

Guo Guo’s greeting was just like talking to herself.  Other than Ye Tian Xie, there was no one else that could notice her existence.  But, something happened that made Guo Guo and Ye Tian Xie shocked.  The silent Yao Yao raised its head after Guo Guo finished her greeting and then raised its claw to gently touch Guo Guo’s little hand.

Guo Guo quickly hid her hand like she had been shocked by lightning.  Her eyes were wide open as she looked at Yao Yao in shock.  “It……It can see me and touch me……It touched me……”

Guo Guo had a strange body that could not be explained with common sense.  Only she could decide to touch others and others could not touch her.  But when this Profound Snow Spirit Fox reached out its claw and touched Guo Guo……And when Guo Guo reacted, Ye Tian Xie was once again shocked by what kind of mysterious and strong origin this Profound Snow Spirit Fox had.  Because it was very clear……It could see Guo Guo and could even touch her.

“How strange……Other than master, other people clearly shouldn’t be able to see me.”  Guo Guo was dumbfounded as she muttered to herself.  Because for her, this was something that she could not understand at all.

“Isn’t it better like this?  There’s another person who you can talk to from now on.”  Ye Tian Xie suppressed the doubts he had deep down into his heart and spoke with a relaxed expression.  There were many strange things about the Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s body, but the voice begging for help that rang in his head down in the Hidden Dragon Abyss……It was the sound of a little girl begging for help.

But in any case, no matter what background or origin it had, whether it was good or evil, and what it would ultimately grow into……With the Soul Blood Contract, it could only follow him around for the rest of its life.  It had no way of escaping his control.

So, even if he had his doubts, there was nothing for him to worry about.

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