EDAH Chapter 136


Chapter 136: Work hard Fei Fei!

Without experiencing it, one could never understand how he had lived from the age of four to ten.  What kind of life that young man experienced while living and wandering all by himself, or what kind of cold world he lived in.  He once had a peaceful family with a caring mother, a hard-working father, and a brother that would protect him all day……At that time, he was still four years old, but he had lost everything and never had a family again.  Since he was four years old, he had been living all alone.

In order to live, he did not know how many times he had dug through the trash looking for food, or snatched food from the mouths of wild dogs.  It was unknown how many times he was chased away or beaten away……Aside from being bitten by dogs, it was unknown how many times he ate things that people could not even imagine or suffered hardships that people could never imagine.  It was hard to tell how many times he was cold, hungry, or felt like dying……But no matter how many hardships he suffered, he had never suffered a loss from anyone.  He used his own methods to survive without stealing, without robbing, and without groveling.  This was the arrogance that had sunk deep into his bones.

Only afterwards did this strange and strong power appear in his body.  He was never sick or afraid of the cold……And at the end of his wandering, he had met her……That was the big turning point of his life.  At that time, he had a new home, a new family, and had new expectations for the future…….

Those memories that would never come back had already been deeply engraved in his heart and soul, never to be forgotten.  Even now, he still did not know who to blame for making him to go through all of this……He always knew that it was this world and destiny that had abandoned him.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he was different from normal people, being tougher and having more perseverance, a four year old child that knew nothing of the world would have died long ago in an unknown corner.  Ever since he met her to being with her, he had sworn that…….Rather than him defeating everyone in the world, he would not let a single person beat him in this world.  Those that provoked him and tried to take away his things, he would let them experience what was called regret……..


Perhaps, this was the method he had of venting the resentment that he had accumulated since he was four years old all the way until now……Or perhaps, after she had entered into his world, he had no way of accepting another loss.  So, he had become a hedgehog that no one could touch……

But three years ago, he had suddenly lost her…….

Seeing the lonely and confused gaze he had, Su Fei Fei’s heart felt like she had been stabbed.  Without his answer, Su Fei Fei already knew……If he hadn’t been abandoned by the world and been deeply hurt, how could he have become the way he was now……That terrifying heartless manner.

She shook her head and said with a gentle smile, “Of course not.  Don’t you know that girls like guys like you the most?   Because being with someone like you gives them a sense of security forever.  Did you not see earlier when you were walking out, the way the girls were all staring at you……As long as you said one sentence, they would have quietly……”

“Does that include you?”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled as he gently looked at her while she hooked her arms around his arm.

Su Fei Fei footsteps paused for a second and then her eyebrows were slightly raised.  She tilted her red lips as she said, “Loving yourself too much.  You are only a bodyguard my family has spent three hundred million to hire.”

Ye Tian Xie shook his head while smiling, “Is that so?  Being a bodyguard is this lucky?  The young miss even helps you wash your clothes……When you usually go out with your bodyguards, do you also call them your boyfriends?”

Su Fei Fei tried to cover her face up as she angrily said, “It’s my freedom to do what I want, why do you care!”

Ye Tian Xie secretly let out a gentle breath.  His eyes stared in front of him as he gently said, “Fei Fei, remember this……Although I am not truly your bodyguard, I am someone that will protect you.  You have everything and will have a future that will make all girls jealous of you……As for me, I already have a person that I like that I will never forget.  Even if she is not by my side, I will always be thinking of her every minute and every second.  Even if she never comes back to me, I will always guard that place that belongs to me and her waiting for her to come back.  A smart girl would not pick me because it is like a moth drawn to flames, you will be scarred.”

Su Fei Fei: “…….”

What kind of feeling was heartbreak?

In the past when her mother died, the young her cried for who knows how many days.  Every time she would cry until she was out of strength, crying until she fainted.  She would never forget her entire life the heartache she felt then.  Even if she thought about it now, she would still remember the sadness.

In this life, she had only ever experienced heartbreak because of her mother.

But now……What was that piercing pain feeling in her heart?  Why did she suddenly feel this pain……She did not even know how to breathe.

Had that girl……lived in that room before?

Thinking of that time, she remembered his reaction which filled her with fear.  Thinking of the previously dirty house, she remembered just how spotless that one room was.  The way he treated that room was like something made out of fragile glass that he had to take care of……The feelings he had for that girl must be very deep.

What kind of girl made his feelings this deep……Making it so that he could never accept anyone else into his heart.

Su Fei Fei did not look to the side, as she did not want to let him see her eyes misting over.  The stream of people and cars began to turn fuzzy in her line of sight.  She still did not release his arm and they continued walking forward just like lovers.

The two of them remained silent for a while and Su Fei Fei finally turned her head back.  She revealed a sweet smile, “Tian Xie, you’ve never told me about who you really were……For a person like Li Tian Peng to kneel down in front of you after just a single phone call.  As well, you have beaten up so many people who all belong to the Li Group and now the police aren’t chasing after you…….Could you let me understand you a bit more?”

Even if she was trying her best to hide her emotions by changing the topic, Ye Tian Xie could still see tears at the sides of her eyes that she had not wiped yet.  He was not a stupid person and he was very clear on things after spending several days with Su Fei Fei.  In order to not let things develop in this dangerous way, he could only remind her like this……They had only been together for around ten days, she should only have a good impression of him and not any kind of deep feelings……But why would she cry?

He had truly underestimated Su Fei Fei’s dedication, just like how she had insisted on living in his house…….

“What do you want to know about me?”  Ye Tian Xie followed along with her as he spoke.

“For example, who is your father?  Also who is your mother?  As well, do you have any other relatives?  We are already good friends, so it should be fine for you to tell me this, right?  I think, they should be very incredible people.”  Su Fei Fei smiled as she spoke.  “Friend”?  Why is it that when I called us friends, my heart felt constricted and full of pain?

Why did you tell me all of this?  Even letting me continue to dream……Was that also impossible?

“My father and mother both died when I was three years old.  I also had a big brother……But he also died on the same day.”  Ye Tian Xie did not conceal anything and spoke in a slow voice.  His voice was completely flat without any fluctuations.

Su Fei Fei had not expected this kind of answer at all.  Her body slightly trembled and she stopped moving to look at him.  After a while, she gently said, “I……I’m sorry.  I had always thought that I was a pitiful person, but I never thought……”

“I am not pitiful.  Perhaps I was in the past, but from now on, I never will be.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled and said.

“Alright, alright, you’re not pitiful at all……Pitiful should be used to describe those that accidentally offend you.  Also there’s me, the young miss who washes your clothes, makes your meals, and cleans up after you everyday.”  Su Fei Fei said with a smile.  A constricting pain filled her heart, but she kept the smile on her face as she said, “Forget it, forget it, for a mysterious and stingy person like you, even if I ask you anything, you would not tell me.  Then you……Tell me what kind of mischief did you get up to when you were gambling with Li Tian Peng!”

Ye Tian Xie shrugged his arms and revealed an innocent look.

“Humph, you think this young miss is stupid?  The casino belongs to Li Tian Peng’s family and that dealer was definitely an expert, so how could he possibly roll an eighteen when comparing who’s smaller?  And how could you be skillful enough to perfectly get a seventeen…….As well, the expression you had at that moment clearly showed that you already expected it.  Tell me, how did you do it?  Do you have those……magical movie powers?”  Su Fei Fei raised her head to stare at him with an expression stating that if he didn’t tell her, she would not give up.

“……If I told you how I did it, you wouldn’t believe me, right?  Then just consider it as me having superpowers.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a helpless look.

Actually when he was gambling with Li Tian Peng, that was his first time playing with dice, but in the first two rounds, he had already analyze the tiny differences in the sound the dice made when they were being shaken.  After two rounds, he could clearly understand it all with his shocking perception.  As for the final decisive round, he had only shaken his own dice and did not touch the other one……After the dealer’s hands fell, the three dice were changed to sixes by Guo Guo that no one could discover.  And he had wildly shaken the dice not because he was trying to use a profound trick.  Rather he was trying to interfere with the dealer’s hearing so that he would not notice anything strange.

As for superpowers…..Ye Tian Xie really did not have time.

Naturally the price for getting Guo Guo’s help was very big.  Three hundred lollipops, one hundred lollipops per die.

But if Guo Guo knew just how much three hundred million Chinese dollars was, then she would know that her price was too ~~ low.

“Humph, you’re clearly humouring me……Let’s go!”

“Go where?”

“Of course we’re going to play.  I’m going to play with the things that I wanted to play but never played with before……Also we need to buy some stuff.  Our house is that big, but there’s nothing there.  Also, also, the things that my father sent before has all been eaten.  So we need to buy some groceries or you can just starve to death.”


Seeing her face once again reveal that charming smile, the guilt in Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to fade.  He suddenly realized that he did not want to see her sad expression……Inadvertently, she had already become someone he cared about, someone that held a position in his heart…….

Su Fei Fei’s mouth revealed a smile and she had suppressed the heartache from earlier…….So what if her heart depended on him?  Regardless of how much he loved that girl, the one currently by his side isn’t her.  I’m the one by his side right now, right?  She could walk into his heart and occupy it, so why couldn’t she do the same?

Fei Fei, believe in yourself…….You might never find a man that can move your heart and make you want to be together again.  So you cannot give up or be discouraged…..Fei Fei, you can do it!

As long as she was with him, could she feel this joy.  Only by being with him, could she feel this peaceful without ever need to feel fear……Work hard Fei Fei!  Happiness requires one to work hard for to obtain.

The young man and young girl were embraced together like lovers, slowly walking forward.  In the sky, there were two white marks that seemed like they had been cut in half embedded into the sun.  It was as if once this mark was broken, the scalding rays of the sky would burn the earth.


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