EDAH Chapter 148


Chapter 148: Golden Sword Lion

Walking in front, Ye Tian Xie tried to avoid monsters as much as possible.  Although he had nothing to fear, he still had to protect the people around him.  All the traps could not escape his Evil Dragon’s Eye and he bypassed every one.

After ten minutes or so, they arrived at an empty patch of land.  There was still a sinister aura, but there were no trees in the hundred meter area around them.  With a single glance, they could see a cave that should not have appeared in this open area of the Phantom Forest.  From this distance, it was hard to tell whether the cave was made naturally or artificially.

At the entrance of the cave, there was a golden glowing lion peacefully sleeping on the ground.  If one looked carefully, they could see that the golden glow surrounding its body held traces of gray.

It was the final goal of their quest – the Golden Sword Lion.


Golden Sword Lion: Level 25 Lord Level Boss

HP: 31000

The king of a hundred beasts of the Phantom Forest, a pure physical attack type wild beast.  It has been affected by the demon qi in the past few years and its personality has become wilder and more aggressive.

Innate Skill:

Golden Eyes: It will be aware of any enemies within fifty meters of itself and it can see through any Spiritual Level and below stealth skills.


Lion’s Rush: Jumps high into the air and then charges to bite at an enemy within ten meters.  There is a chance of knocking back the target.  Has a high use frequency.

Lion Strike: Suddenly lashes out at a target in front of the user.  Has a 70% chance of dealing double damage and a 30% chance to inflict a 2-3 second stun.  Has a high use frequency.

Lion’s Roar: Roars into the sky and deters all enemies.  There is a 70% chance of decreasing the attack power of all surrounding enemies by 10-20%.  Will activate once the user’s HP falls below 50%.  Has a low use frequency.

Hidden Skills:

Enraged Lion’s Roar: When the user’s life is below 20%, their life will decrease by 5% with every use.  Using this skill will launch a heaven and earth shaking enraged roar, sending out a shockwave around the user.  All enemies within a ten meter range will be dealt 1500 points of damage and be forcefully stunned for 3 seconds.  This skill requires 3 seconds of charge time.

Weakness: It fears light and fire attributed attacks.

Not only did the Evil Dragon’s Eyes tell Ye Tian Xie all of this level 25 Lord Level Boss’ stats, it also even clearly revealed all of its hidden stats.  It could be imagined that if one did not know about the Golden Sword Lion’s hidden Enraged Lion’s Roar, which is used at the final moment, once the skill was activated, other than a full health Knight, everyone caught within the range of the attack would suffer a terrible fate.

After he shared the stats of the Golden Sword Lion with Zuo Po Jun and the others, Su Fei Fei revealed a shocked expression while Zuo Po Jun sucked in a cold breath, “Twen……Level twenty five……Lord Level Boss!?  Second brother, is the monster you have to kill this……”

It was impossible for players at this level to defeat a level twenty five Lord Level Boss.  With a Lord Level Boss’ strength, even if a high HP and high defense character like him went forward, he might survive a single attack if he was lucky, but it would be impossible for him to survive a second.  There was no doubt that any other Job would be instantly killed.

“Un, it’s this lion.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.

Zuo Po Jun shrunk his neck back.  No matter how much faith he had in Ye Tian Xie, he still said in a cautious voice, “Second brother, is there truly……no problem?”

“Just wait here for me and don’t get within ten meters of it.  There should be no other monsters near here at all.

The Golden Sword Lion’s Lion’s Rush could attack any target within ten meters.  With a high cast frequency, it was definitely the nightmare of anyone with the Archer or Mage Jobs.

Fighting a monster ten levels higher was not that great, but he was fighting a ten level higher boss by himself.  That was something truly fantastic, but challenging a ten level higher Lord Level Boss……That was just seeking death.

With a Lord Level Boss’ strength, even if one fought a Lord Level Boss at the same level alone, that would still be seeking death.  But there were only a few people that could even accomplish this.

Throughout his gaming career, Ye Tian Xie had fought quite a few Lord Level Bosses by himself and he had done so without being injured at all, but he had done this with bosses that were all at the same level as him.  At most they were one-three levels higher, but as for a boss that was ten levels higher……This was a challenge he had never tried before.

But in the past, he had balanced stats for his level and now, he had completely broken stats……Could fighting something ten levels higher truly be done?  Although the Golden Sword Lion was strong, its attack power would not go past one thousand and he had over two thousand HP……

In his world, as long as something could not instant kill him, no matter how strong an enemy was, there was a chance he could defeat them.  The fact was…..As long as the enemies couldn’t instant kill him, he had never lost a single fight.  Whether it was players, strong demon beasts, or even……NPCs.

“Elder sister Su, an unparalleled gorgeous battle is about to appear in front of your eyes.  As for the protagonist, it is your destined man.  I believe in just ten minutes, no, in just five minutes, you will fall even more in love with him, going crazy with love.  This is because, he is heaven’s favoured child.”  Murong Qiu Shui half narrowed his eyes.  He had a very lazy appearance and his voice was as gentle and lazy as a woman that had just woken up.

Su Fei Fei: “……”

“Just ignore him.  But the scene of my second brother fighting a boss is not something a normal person can witness.  You just need to see it once to feel……He was born a monster.”  Zuo Po Jun laughed as he spoke.  Because of Ye Tian Xie, he was very polite to Su Fei Fei.

Deeply sleeping beasts usually still maintained a high vigilance and this Golden Sword Lion’s detection range reached up to fifty meters.  Ye Tian Xie walked as silently as possible, making no noise as he moved forward.  Whether it was fighting humans or beasts, seizing opportunities was always the first step.

Fifty meters…..Forty meters……Thirty meters…..Twenty meters……Fifteen meters…..

Finally when he came within fifteen meters of the Golden Sword Lion, it finally awoke.  A pair of sparkling golden eyes instantly locked onto Ye Tian Xie and it was at this moment that Ye Tian Xie had finally seen its entire body……It was a giant lion with golden fur and golden eyes.  It released a giant pressure on anything it locked gazes on.  

The movements of the Golden Sword Lion were faster than he expected.  There were still ten meters between them.  It stood up from its lying down position and its two legs stepped off the ground, sending it forward.  When it was within ten meters of Ye Tian Xie, its body rushed out again and it flew up into the sky with a giant lion’s roar, then it charged forward at Ye Tian Xie.  Its golden claws were like blades and the glowing forest began to reflect a cold golden glow.

The Golden Sword Lion’s Lion’s Rush was not just a simple charging attack.  Not only did it have a large ten meter range, the charging attack itself was incredibly quick.  The giant lion’s body rushing forward sent out a very oppressive pressure that made feel fear from the bottom of their heart, even making them forget to dodge.

To defeat a three star elite monster, it would take five-six normal players at the same level.  To defeat a Lord Level Boss, even if it was professional players, it would take several tens of players with different Jobs and perfect coordination a long time to finish.  With extremely high defense, a terrifying attack power, and shocking skills, a Lord Level Boss could easy fight over ten three star elites by itself.  At the same time, it was certain that once this formidable Lord Level Boss was defeated, it would drop a rich harvest.  A Lord Level Boss rarely appeared, so there would always be countless people coming to kill it once it appeared.  Of course, that all depended on if they died in vain.

At the current stage, perhaps only Ye Tian Xie could fight a Lord Level Boss by himself.

Before the Golden Sword Lion’s body jumped off the ground, Ye Tian Xie had already calculated its landing trajectory.  Instead of moving back, he actually took two steps forward, perfectly evading the Golden Sword Lion’s charging attack.  Then he perfectly landed a casual Dragon Rend Slash on its back.


As soon as the collision sound was heard, the Golden Sword Lion was sent back two meters by the Dragon Rend Slash’s knockback effect. When it landed, it did could not stand up and was knocked down by the effects of this one attack.

This Dragon Rend Slash’s double damage effect could only deal 840 damage to the Golden Sword Lion.  Ye Tian Xie had a base attack of 679……That meant, the Golden Sword Lion’s defenses could negate around 250 points of damage!  It was hard to find a player at the current stage that could break through that kind of defense.  Even if it was a player at the same level, the damage they could deal out would still be very limited.

After the Golden Sword Lion fell down, how could Ye Tian Xie let this kind of opportunity go?  He quickly rushed forward and landed another two Dragon Rend Slashes on its body once again, taking off close to two thousand HP.  Then he quickly drew back, creating distance between them while it angrily roared and stood up.

In the game «Murder God» he had chosen to be an Archer.  It was the Job with the longest range and its HP could not compare with close range combat Jobs, so when he was challenging Lord Level Bosses at the same level as him, as long as he was touched once, he would be instantly killed.  But even so, he still challenged Lord Level Bosses at the same level as him.  He always moved like a ghost with unbelievable reactions and awareness, using a single bow to make the Boss feel like he was better off dead than alive.  At that time, he had never cared about the word “defense”, rather he focused on move speed and attack power……The most important thing was of course move speed.

In the «Destiny» world, there was no doubt that his Job was a close combat job and he was focusing on attack power.  It could be clearly seen that all his free stat points had been added to his strength.  Move speed was also important, but what allowed him to create all those myths was not a stat that existed in this world.  The most important thing was……Reaction.  Reacting to any attack as soon as possible and using the quickest speed and method to dodge at the perfect angle.  Awareness.  Instantly being able to predict the movements of the enemy from their smallest actions and being able to make a decision immediately.  Judgement.  There was no doubt as to how important this was.

To Ye Tian Xie, when facing a strong boss like this Golden Sword Lion, choosing a Job like Archer made it too safe.  Being able to fight up close like this, it gave him a stimulating feeling, a feeling that he enjoyed.  Although the Golden Sword Lion was much stronger than the Amethyst War Tiger he solo killed before, to the current Ye Tian Xie, the danger he felt could not compare to it.

One could even say……there was no danger here all.

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