EDAH Chapter 153


Chapter 153: Blood Sacrifice of Destiny, Blood Coloured Hurricane

Being continuously attack and having all its attacks completely negated, the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s eyes turned wild with rage.  It gave a low roar and purple lightning began to condense in its claws.  The qilin claws ripped out and brought streaks of lightning as it shot at Ye Tian Xie, releasing an ear-shattering thunder striking sound.

It had prematurely used its unique skill – Thunder Flash.  This was a terrifyingly strong skill that had no cast time, so even with Ye Tian Xie’s reactions, if he was close to it, he had no guarantee of being able to dodge the attack……but at this moment, the attack had landed on the dragon soul wall and did not deal the slightest bit of damage to Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie gave a cold smile as he moved forward.  The Moment of Destiny fell heavily on its body, making it move back step by step while angrily roaring.

Five seconds, six seconds, seven seconds……

The little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s rage continued to boil and the two masses of purple coloured lightning glowing in its eyes seemed like they were about to explode outwards.  Its anger reached an extreme as it finally gave a long angry roar.  A mass of light that people could not directly stare at shined out right in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.


“Ding……The Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin has been thoroughly enraged and is now releasing its hidden skill: Electromagnetic Storm……”

The Electromagnetic Storm was so terrifying that the system had to give a prompt for it.  Ye Tian Xie was not shocked or scared.  He did not even think about escaping as excitement flashed through his eyes.  He turned around and loudly shouted to Murong Qiu Shui. “Qiu Shui, interrupt it!!”

Ye Tian Xie’s HP was draining by 10% every second and the dragon soul wall had been active for seven seconds……Eight seconds…….The little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s hidden skill, Electromagnetic Storm had a cast time of three seconds before it could be released.  A slowly encroaching sense of death pressed down on Ye Tian Xie and the hearts of Zuo Po Jun and the others.  The attack range of the Electromagnetic Storm was enough to cover all four of them.

As soon as Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, a single arrow flew out from the distance.  It had a straight trajectory and landed right in the center of the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s forehead, letting out a “peng” sound.


A system forced damage figure appeared above the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s head and the purple lightning swelling around its body preparing to explode outwards disappeared without a trace.

Disruption Arrow, one of the basic skills for Archers.  Although it only dealt 80% of the user’s normal attack damage, it had a 35% chance of disrupting an opponent’s magic cast.

If one could land this attack on the target’s forehead……Then it would have a 100% chance of disruption!

Ye Tian Xie had suffered the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s wrath with this nine seconds of invincibility, just to make it use this terrifying hidden skill.  This was because he believed that Murong Qiu Shui would definitely interrupt this skill……He definitely would!

This was the trust between brothers.

The Disruption Arrow that hit the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin in the forehead interrupted its cast time at the last second.  If one looked carefully, not only had it hit the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s forehead, it had hit it right in the center of its forehead.  The distance from the right and left side of its head was exactly the same!  It almost was as if it had been perfectly measured.

Murong Qiu Shui put down the bow in his hands and traced the body of the bow with a hand that was even more tender than a normal woman’s.  Right now, the furthest distance he could shoot the Disruption Arrow from was twenty meters and he was exactly twenty meters away from the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin……Not a single millimeter off.

His unique terrifying ability would only manifest itself regularly at this point.

This was a person that could never be normal no matter how much he wished for it.  In a tragic battle that Ye Tian Xie was absent from, he had stood above the city wall with a faint charming smile on his face.  The “Paradise” that filled everyone with fear when it was heard was ringing out with beautiful sounds as his hands continued to move, shaking the souls of everyone watching him.

There was a legend that had spread across the entire Destiny world.  The legend stated that as long as one was locked onto by the “Soul Chasing Bewitching Emperor”, they would never escape from the “Paradise” he held in his hands……There had never been a single person.

Rumours said that in that tragic battle, his “Paradise” had shot a total of one thousand and eight bullets and these bullets had taken the lives of one thousand and eight enemies.  Every shot hit without a single one missing.  Every shot landed in the protected backline, being the greatest threats of the magic Jobs……Every shot instant killing!  On that day, the entire world remembered his name.  This was the name of a devil that could never be provoked.

His bullets never missed, not a single one.  If one had to find a person that could avoid his bullets, there was only Ye Tian Xie……But even if he was held at gunpoint, he would never try to take his life.

The little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s ultimate skill had been interrupted and the consequences of failing was the same as completing the cast time……An eight second stun where it could not move at all.  This was also what Ye Tian Xie’s victory relied on.

In these eight seconds, he would deal over a hundred thousand points of damage!

To normal players, this was something that was even harder than ascending into heaven.  It was even crazier than trying to ascend to heaven.

It was at this moment that Ye Tian Xie’s dragon soul wall completely disappeared.  In that second, the Blood Feather at the tip of the Moment of Destiny released a blood coloured glow.

Ye Tian Xie only had five HP at this moment!!

His HP had fallen from 90.2% to 80.2%……70.2%……60.2%……10.2%……to 0.2% at which point the dragon soul wall disappeared.  With the blood he sacrificed, the wild energy from the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny was released……With less than 1% of his Max HP, his attack power would increase by 400%!!  Five times his normal attack power!

The light coming from the Blood Feather enveloped Ye Tian Xie’s entire body.  That light shined just like blood and it was extremely life like, which made it seem blood was just pouring out of Ye Tian Xie’s body, forming a blood pool…….This blood coloured figure shocked Zuo Po Jun and the others to the point where their eyes were wide open.


The energy boiled like it was about to break his body.  It swallowed his reasoning and an intense desire to vent out filled him.  He raised the Moment of Destiny and roared out as he slashed down at the immobile little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.

Ye Tian Xie’s current attack power was – 4413!!

[Come, let’s see how we got this 4413 figure……]

[{(10+15×8+5+48) (Strength Value) ×2+150 (Moment of Destiny) +15×5 (Evil Dragon’s Claws)}×{(1+(15×0.3×0.01)} (Evil Dragon’s Claws) × (1+10%) (Moment of Destiny) ×500% (Blood Sacrifice of Destiny) × (1+30%) (Berserk Fighting Will) = 4413.]

[Author note: What Mars Gravity wants to say is, the simple figures seen in the game go beyond what is seen!  With this kinds of @#¥% calculation, it is still considered the early game.  Back when I was writing Shura’s Wrath, the late game calculations were enough to make me go insane.  Those seniors that all say that gaming novels are easy to write were all angels!!]



When the Dragon Rend Slash containing this incredible strength fell down, the sound it released could not compare with the sound it made previously.  This strength that seemed like it could split a mountain fell down and seemed to make the earth itself tremble.  Ye Tian Xie suddenly revealed a cold smile as he relentlessly unleashed a flurry of Dragon Rend Strikes on the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin while laughing.

-8100, -8091, -8150, 8042, -8055, -8101……

In seven seconds, seven wild attacks were sent out dealing seven ridiculous damage figures.  In total it dealt around sixty thousand points of damage to the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin!!

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were both dumbfounded as their chins almost fell to the ground……Even if they were dreaming, they would never have been able to find words or expressions to describe how they were feeling right now.

In the eighth second……When the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin was about to regain its freedom, the pressure that came from Ye Tian Xie increased by several times.


A golden glow mixed with the blood red light and wild wind began to concentrate around Ye Tian Xie’s body.  Under the blood coloured light, the colour of the tornado turned blood red.

‘Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits!!!”

The little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin that had just regained its freedom experienced what was called a desperation strike……

-8110, -8041, -8110, -8042, -8015, -8101, -8042!

The Blood Sacrifice of Destiny’s wild energy increased his attack power by 400% and with the Berserk Fighting Will increasing his attack power by 30% as well as the Brave One’s Heart’s guaranteed critical hit……This one attack from Ye Tian Xie dealt a total of over fifty six thousand damage!

In that one second, the little Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin had recovered from its stun state, but it did not have time to release an attack of anger before these seven terrifying slashes sent it into an abyss of despair……Its HP bar emptied and its curled up body was sent flying by the wind generated.  Its six wings dangled as its motionless body lay on the ground.

“Ding…..You have successfully defeated the level 15 Spiritual Grade Beast, Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Youth).  Prestige +150.”

“Ding……You have reached level 16.  HP +20, MP +20, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, and Intelligence +3.  You have obtained 5 free stat points.”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 11.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 12.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

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