EDAH Chapter 162


Chapter 162: Deterrent

“She…..Who is she?”  Su Fei Fei’s eyes seemed to be shooting out flames and her heart were filled with burning stakes of hate as she wished she could drag Ye Tian Xie away……Why did he look at this girl with such a gentle gaze?  Even his voice was gentle out of fear of scaring her.  He, had never shown this expression or spoke in this voice to her before.

“About this, we don’t understand either.  They should have just met.”  Zuo Po Jun was somewhat scared.  Not to mention Su Fei Fei, even they had never seen Ye Tian Xie reveal this expression before.  This girl is……Why did he not know of this girl’s existence before?

“Su Family’s elder sister, you have to know, second brother is not destined to be a normal person.  The sun tells me he is the child of the sun……the sun itself.  The stars tell me that he is the stars’ sun…..the stars themselves.  The moon tells me that he is the moonlight’s child……the moon itself.  Ke, his charm is like the sun’s light, the stars’ splendor, and the moonlight itself, enrapturing people.  This kind of person, he needs all kind of beautiful stars by his side to embellish him…..”  Murong Qiu Shui rambled on.  Zuo Po Jun consciously moved three steps away and looked away from him.

“Humph!”  Su Fei Fei gently gritted her teeth and angrily stomped her foot, “I knew it…..He’s just a man who harasses and bullies women everywhere!  Giant pervert!  Womanizer!!”


Zuo Po Jun: (⊙o⊙)!!

Murong Qiu Shui: (⊙o⊙)!!

“Thank you.”  Broken Heart lowered her head and said with a low voice filled with gratitude.  She was so grateful that she did not even know what to say.  The crowd surrounding them knew that Xie Tian had made a move because of this girl.  It was very obvious that Lei Bao had offended someone he could not afford to offend.

“Why are you doing this……to help me?”  She raised her head and asked this question that had been bothering her.  She wanted to know why even though they were not closely acquainted, he would still help her like this time and time again……Did he do it because of her looks?

“Because you and I have a similar past and your eyes remind me of my former self.  Two parts afraid, two parts acting strong, five parts dedication, and one part a hidden deep fear of embracing hope.  Because I’ve experienced this…….Rather an even more brutal past compared to you, I knew what the past me and the current you need the most……”

Broken Heart silently looked at him and her eyes misted over.

“I did not have parents or any relatives at that time and I was only four years old.  From the age of four, other than my clothes, the me who had nothing had to force himself to live on……I remember it very clearly, from the age of four to ten, I had over thirty encounters with death.  The closest encounter was when I was five, I had not eaten for three days and I just collapsed in a cold winter day.  After being buried in the snow for an entire day and night, I was lucky enough to be saved by a snow sweeping uncle.  When I woke up, he had given me the most filling three meals I had ever eaten…….And that time, it was the only time that I owed someone to this day.  The longest time was when I went seven days with eating or drinking because I was not willing to beg.  The naive me could not find a way to make money and continued to wander.  Every day, I was just thinking about how to live……”

Broken Heart’s gaze turned from gratitude to shock as she blankly stared at Ye Tian Xie.  His gentle words began to paint a miserable and desperate picture in her mind……

He actually had this kind of past……

Ye Tian Xie shook his head with a smile on his face.  Then he said in a gentle voice, “I’m telling you this because I want to tell you that no matter how bad the past was, I have a good life now, better than most people.  The present is destined to become the past and you should not care about your misfortunes, rather you should have hope and look forward to the future.  Even if the present is terrifying, don’t lose your hope and fall down, alright?”

She wiped the tear from the corner of her eye and gently nodded, “I understand……I will remember every word you’ve said.  As long as I do not give up, Xue’er will get better and everything will be fine……Everything will be fine……”

She raised her head and gently asked, “Could you……tell me your name?”

The words Ye Tian Xie said to Broken Heart could only be heard by the two of them, but the crowd still did not disperse.  No one dared to disturb their conversation, but it was clear that this matter had not ended yet.

This was also the reason why Ye Tian Xie did not immediately leave after taking care of Lei Bao.

The crowd was pushed aside and a dark faced Lei Bao had a sinister expression as he walked out.  When he saw Ye Tian Xie, it was like seeing a mortal enemy as he wildly shouted, “It’s him……Go!  Waste him for me!!”

The Heavenly Stellar City respawn point was not far from here.  After being instant killed in the city, Lei Bao who had never been angered to this point before quickly let out a few angry roars and picked up the phone, roaring out the order for all War Soul Hall members to gather where he had died as fast as possible.  He still did not know that the person who had killed him was the top ranker on the level and prestige rankings, Xie Tian.  He did not even consider if he had been seized by the guards, or about that terrifying attack power that had instantly killed him, or even if he was in the city anymore.  After losing his temper like this, the first thing he wanted to do now was find the person who killed him and kill him eight hundred times.

Lei Bao brought a total of thirty people with all kinds of Jobs.  They followed beside Lei Bao, pushing through the crowd with strange looks on their faces.  Hearing Lei Bao’s orders, they all rushed forward, but there was hesitation in their steps…..They were still in the city, so not only was PKing not helpful, it would instead punish them.  Moreover, they were only fighting a single person.  They had brought over thirty people, if this was known, then War Soul Hall would become a joke!

“This many people…….Do we need to help him?”  Su Fei Fei’s heart was tense as she spoke in a worried voice.  If this were the real world, even if there were three times the people, she would still not be worried about whether Ye Tian Xie can take them or not.  But here……

“Young miss Su, this question of yours is not wise at all.  You should be asking……How long will these people last in front of second brother?”  Zuo Po Jun curled his lips and said.  He was looking over these people with his eyes, almost as if he was calculating how long it would take for them to die.

“Tian Xie, he……Is there really no problem?”  Su Fei Fei could not feel relaxed as she asked this question.

“Aiya!  If second brother had the same equipment and stats as me, he would still be able to play around with this motley group.  Not to mention having everything he has that even god would envy…..Ou!  I pray that they do not have nightmares tonight.”  Murong Qiu Shui revealed a pitying expression.

Everything was within Ye Tian Xie’s expectations and it was the result he wanted to see.  He raised his hand, indicating that Broken Heart should step back.  Calling out the Moment of Destiny, he had a cold smile on his face as he rushed out to attack the hesitant War Soul Hall members, “It seems like your subordinates don’t want to listen to your orders.  Since you want to die, let me help you.”

His words secretly shocked the hearts of everyone here……Perhaps, he actually wanted to use one person’s power to kill over thirty players?  This was not a duel or fighting two-three players…..It was thirty of them!  It was not something a single player could fight, even if he was the top ranked Xie Tian.

But the answer was yes…..Releasing a single “Dragon Shadow Slash”, everyone saw his figure disappear and then Ye Tian Xie appeared five meters away, sending the two knights closest to him flying……Even though they had a Job that had the highest defense and HP, they were left with only a tiny sliver of HP.  This one attack sent Ye Tian Xie directly into the center of the War Soul Hall Players.  The Moment of Destiny in his hand swept out in a 270 degree arc……This one attack hit three War Soul Hall players standing near him.

-667, -672, -1302!

Standing in the front were fully equipped Knights and Warriors.  Ye Tian Xie’s one attack had caused one critical hit, which instantly killed the Knight and left the two Warriors with a pitiful sliver of HP.  Before they could even react, the Moment of Destiny in Ye Tian Xie’s hands came back and killed those two Warriors.

In that moment, it began just like that.  The one who attacked first was not one of the thirty players from War Soul Hall……The one who attacked first was the solitary Ye Tian Xie.  A shocking sprint forward and two wild slashes.  Before anyone could even react, three people had already died!

What kind of terrifying attack power and speed was this!

When Ye Tian Xie launched the first attack, the two city guards appeared once again, but seeing that it was Ye Tian Xie, they left without saying a word.  With the Heavenly Stellar City Special Pardon Command Token, Ye Tian Xie could take the initiative to attack players five times and it would negate fifty sin points.  Ye Tian Xie currently had two of these pardon tokens which meant that he could attack players ten times and kill one hundred players without gaining any sin points.

So, there was nothing to fear.

“Go!  Waste him!”

After seeing three people die and two being injured like this right in front of their eyes, the War Soul Hall members realized just how terrifying this person was.  Lei Bao was finally fill with anxiety as he could only shout out at his subordinates.

The two injured Knights quickly drank potions and the Priest hiding in the back casted Heal to restore their HP.  The five Magicians hiding in the back began chanting at the same time.  Facing this siege, he revealed a disdainful smile.  Jumping out just like carp, he went over the people in front of him and landed right in front of the Mages.  When the gaze filled with ridicule and disdain appeared in front of them, they were so shocked that they stopped chanting.

“Standing so close, are you waiting to die together?”

The Moment of Destiny swung out and three damage figures appeared, instant killing three Mages.  Before the attack finished, he took a step forward, and using the momentum of the Moment of Destiny, he passed through the other two Mages.  With the Mage’s pitiful HP, it was impossible for them to survive a single attack from Ye Tian Xie.  In this short period of time, the five Mages had been instantly killed.

Surrounding them, the crowd that was staring right at this all drew in a cold breath.

In an instant, the five Mages, who had the strongest attack and were protected in the back, had been killed!

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