EDAH Chapter 163


Chapter 163: Shock and awe

Lei Bao tightly gripped the large blade in his hand as his face turned green with anger.  His heart was jumping so fast that it almost exploded out of his chest.  A terrifying movement technique with a terrifying attack power, this was a terrifying person…..He finally realized that this person was not someone he could offend.

Three Knights held their shields up as they charged at Ye Tian Xie and at the same time, five pairs of arrows shot at him from different directions, coming from the Double Shots of five different Archers.  In his eyes, the Knights were charging incredibly slowly and even the arrows in flying through the air were just too slow.  If he wanted to dodge them, it would be as easy as pie.

Moving slightly to the left, he dodged three pairs of arrows by the smallest margin possible.  His body bent down and his head slanted to the side, and the other two pairs of arrows flew by.  Meeting the Knights in front of him, the Moment of Destiny in his hand suddenly swept out and a “Dragon Rend Slash” hit their shields.  A large explosion sound that should not have sounded out rang out and the Knights were sent to the floor……They had been instantly killed without any suspense.

Ye Tian Xie paid no attention to the charging Knights and Warriors behind him as he charged forward.  The Moment of Destiny in his hands went forward, sweeping out at the two Archers preparing to fire a second shot……Their reactions were quite good, as the quickly activated their “Quick Wind Step”, but how could their move speeds surpass Ye Tian Xie’s attack speed?  With his focus that was several times a normal person’s, whether it was his attack speed or release speed, they all far surpassed those of normal humans.  The time that it took to move his body was much shorter than normal players.  With his natural abilities, to say that he was a monster among players, or even a monster of the human race was not exaggerated at all.


The two Archers that were attacked were felled by Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny.  As they died, they heard Ye Tian Xie contemptuously whisper, “Next time, you can stand farther away!”

As soon as his voice fell, he narrowed his eyes and turned around.  The “Dragon Shadow Slash” that had just come off cooldown turned him into a shadow as he rushed forth, sending him through five players.  All of them were instantly killed, with three landing by him and two being sent into the distance, turning into white light as they flew through the air.

“Monster……”  From the crowd, one stunned person said this word.  One man was facing off against thirty, but it was like a cheetah being thrown into a flock of sheep.  With the cheetah’s agility and terrifying attacks, although there were many sheep, they could only helplessly let out cries of despair.

Monster.  No that’s wrong, he wasn’t just a monster, but rather he was a boss level monster.  With thirty people fighting against a single person, they still displayed this kind of helplessness.  It wasn’t that they weren’t strong, but rather this enemy was just too strong.  They were all players, but the difference was like heaven and earth.

His body passed through them like a shadow.  It seemed like he was moving around randomly, but in reality, every movement he made was to dodge an attack and then counterattack right away.  Even if he faced an attack that seemed impossible to dodge, he still moved his body in an unbelievable angle to avoid it.  The way he moved was like taking a stroll and he revealed a very faint taunting smile on his face the entire time, as if he were making fun of these people.  The black weapon in his hand was like a black sickle.  Every time it was brandished, someone would fall dead with a pitiful scream and there was a person dying every second……

Ten seconds, in just ten seconds, seventeen of the thirty people from War Soul Hall had already been killed!

Lei Bao’s teeth were chattering as he felt a cold breath coming in from the gaps in his teeth.

Watching this man who seemed like he was playing ruthlessly cutting down lives……That strange giant black weapon, those strange wrist guards inlaid with a black and white dragon, that mask covering half his face that allowed no one to peek on him, as well as that strange cloak covered in a grey glow that followed his every movements……In this moment, everyone in the surroundings deeply engraved this person’s figure in their minds……The top ranker of both the level and prestige rankings, as well as the person that passed the legendary Abyss Level Trial alone……He was also the only person so far that had passed the Abyss Level Trial.

They had finally seen what kind of person this legendary man was today.




-1341, -1352, -1348.

Three Dragon Rend Slashes and another three were felled by the Moment of Destiny.  With Ye Tian Xie’s ghostly figure chasing them, they had no chance of escaping.

When Ye Tian Xie dragged the Moment of Destiny over as he moved towards the final two Priests, they decisively chose to turn and run.  Ye Tian Xie did not chase them because he disdained doing so.  Turning around, he had a taunting smile as he walked step by step toward Lei Bao who was gritting his teeth as his face changed from red to white, who did not have the chance to run away.  From Ye Tian Xie’s performance, he knew he couldn’t beat him even if there were ten of him……This man was an abnormality!  He was an abnormality that should never have appeared!

The crowd was completely silent.  Before this moment, no one had thought that this result would occur.  With thirty people fighting a single man, this was a situation that people laughed and looked down on, but the fact of the matter was that this situation was very oppressive.  But in the end, the one with the advantage wasn’t War Soul Hall, but rather that one person, because he was Xie Tian!  In around twenty seconds, the thirty people from War Soul Hall turned into a joke, and as for Xie Tian, he had created another……incredible legend in one fell swoop.  Looking at Xie Tian walking over, Lei Bao’s eyes filled with varying degrees of shock and he could not stop trembling.

Xie Tian, how could a person like this be this terrifying?  Perhaps in the «Destiny» world, one could destroy the balance and use loopholes to look down on others?

With Ye Tian Xie coming closer, Lei Bao could not help moving back, but he immediately reacted and took another step forward.  His head was completely covered in a visible cold sweat.

“You’re War Soul Hall’s Lei Bao?”  Ye Tian Xie did not immediately kill him and just coldly smiled at him as he asked this question he already knew the answer to.

Lei Bao secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  He really wanted to speak in an arrogant tone, but it was as if something was pressing down in his heart and he could not speak.  Rather it was his head that disobeyed him……and obediently nodded.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes suddenly turned sinister as he leaned in.  He used his gaze to point at Broken Heart as he said in a cold voice, “Very good……Lei Bao, third leader of War Soul Hall, remember this clearly for me.  If you any member of your War Soul Hall makes her unhappy, I wouldn’t mind…..completely destroying your War Soul Hall!!”

Destroying War Soul Hall……These words, even if it was Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s Son of Heaven or the God Realm’s Son of God, they would not dare to say this so casually.  War Soul Hall was not a small power and was one of the top ten powers of China’s gaming community.  Several years ago, when their influence peaked, although they could not compare with God Realm or Wings of Shrouded Heaven, they still had over one hundred thousand members, a giant number.  Although they had just begun expanding in «Destiny», they still had their foundation.  With «Destiny»’s large player base, it would be easy to surpass their membership numbers when they were in their peak.  

To destroy War Soul Hall, if anyone else had said this, everyone would have treated it as a joke.  But coming from this man’s mouth, not a single person dared to laugh.  Moreover, there was no one that dared to doubt his words……What he said was not a mere threat and the terrifying tone in his voice told everyone that if anyone from War Soul Hall really did upset this girl, he would really follow through on what he just said.

It was also telling everyone that anyone that offended this girl would be offending him.  This in turn meant they would have to pay the price of this offense.

Suddenly, everyone remembered Broken Heart’s image in their minds.  As for the female players, there were some that revealed looks of envy.

But the emotions they felt couldn’t even compare to one ten thousandth of what Broken Heart felt.  When Ye Tian Xie said these words, she could almost hear the sound of her own heart beating.  In that moment, there was nothing but gratitude in her mind.  She was not silly…..She knew what it meant for this person to say these kinds of words.

He was the top ranker on both the Chinese ranking lists and was a legendary person, everything he did for her today would make her name known to everyone.  There would be no one that dared to offend her and she would be free to do what she wanted in this world.  At the same time, this popularity would bring her more customers looking to appraise equipment.

A vein of anger popped out on Lei Bao’s head and more cold sweat dripped down.  Facing Ye Tian Xie’s cold face void of any expressions, he felt as if a mountain were pressing down on his heart.  But being taunted like this in front of so many people, this was the first time he had ever experienced this in his life, how could he endure this?  If he endured being talked down to like this today, War Soul Hall would be turned into a laughingstock by everyone!  This was because the opponent was a single person!

He instantly angrily shouted, “Xie Tian!  Stop being so arrogant!!  Since you’ve dared to go against our War Soul Hall, be prepared to fall down to level zero by our hands!!”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes narrowed and the air around Lei Bao turned cold as an aura completely locked him in place.  He was even forced to hold in his breath.  Ye Tian Xie slightly raised his head and gently said, “Your aura is not bad, so I’ll give you a magnificent……death!!”

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