EDAH Chapter 166


Chapter 166: Enchantress

“But from what I can see, there is quite a large loophole with this agreement.”  When Ye Tian Xie heard everything, he curled his lips and slowly said, “The limits of the world you agreed on is too small……Since Ling Yun has blatantly appeared in this world and entered the level ranking containing several hundred millions of people, this clearly shows that the Ling Family wants to expand in this world.  Anything that they do in this world, he, does not violate the agreement between them and the Zuo Family.”

Zuo Po Jun nodded and gave a sigh of praise as he said, “Second brother, you’re completely right.  My father also told me a few days ago……When three names appeared on the level rankings, my father stayed up all night.”

“Oh?  Three?”  Ye Tian Xie heavily knit his brows.

“The Ling Family is the strongest ancient martial art family and the land they live on can be considered a completely different world.  What lives there are the masters that normal people see only on televisions.  Out of the other two families, one of them is the Cang Family.  The Cang Family is an even stronger power user family.  The successor for this generation, his name is, Cang Chen!”


[TL Note: Blue Dust is the english of Cang Chen, so he used his real name as his ingame name.  When referring to Cang Chen in real life, it will be Cang Chen and ingame it will be known as Blue Dust]

Blue Dust?  This name surprised Ye Tian Xie a bit.  He had not forgotten this name, this name had left him in silence the first time he had seen it.  This was because when the level ranking was first announced, this person had crashed through everyone to arrive in the top ten with the weakest Summoner Job!  This was something that surprised him at that time.

A family of power users…….The Cang Family’s eldest son, Cang Chen!

“After the fight with the Demon Palace five years ago, Sacred Domain suffered a large blow.  Currently there are only around two hundred power users left.  As for the Cang Family……They have a terrifying gene that allows one in every three child to be a power user.  The Sacred Domain enlists one power user per million person in the world, but for the Cang Family, it is estimated that they alone have over fifty power users……This is a very terrifying number.”

Ye Tian Xie was silent.  It was a while before he let out a long sigh, “It indeed is a very terrifying number.  What about the other family?  What do they have?”

A single family alone had one fourth of the total power users in China.  This was not something that could be described simply with “terrifying”.

Zuo Po Jun took in a light breath and said, “The third forbidden family is the most terrifying one, their total might surpasses even the Ling and Cang family combined.  This is a family that cannot be offended…….The members are all terrifying monsters.  What they excel in is not ancient martial arts or power users……In fact, they can’t even be considered a family, but rather an organization.  An organization the entire world fears.  Its name is, Blood Dream Paradise!”

“Blood Dream Paradise…..”  Ye Tian Xie repeated these words and then he suddenly thought of something.  He raised his head and said, “The number one assassination organization Blood Dream Paradise is based in China?”

“That’s right.”  Zuo Po Jun nodded, “The Blood Dream Paradise is the most terrifying forbidden ground in China and the mysteries around it make it even more terrifying.  In order to exist in China, not only do they have to honour the agreement, they also have to help my Zuo Family kill someone each year……And in the Blood Dream Paradise, men will always be surnamed Xue and women will always be surnamed Meng.

Men will be surnamed Xue and women will be surnamed Meng……

Women will be surnamed Meng…….

Ye Tian Xie suddenly thought of a name…….When the level ranking was announced, the second name on the list was, Meng Yu Yi.

“Meng Yu Yi, Blue Dust, and Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds……Three names, representing three forbidden families.  They all ascended the level rankings that represent absolute strength, which proves how strong they are, but it is also a form of provocation.  It seems like after being peaceful for so long, they no longer wish to continue the peace with this opportunity.  Indeed, this is enough to make your father feel restless.”  Ye Tian Xie walked at the same pace as he spoke in a casual voice.  Whether the three families existed or how they wanted to act, it did not matter to him at all.

“Eh…..It’s like this.”  Zuo Po Jun responded, but he quickly closed his mouth and swallowed down his words.

Ye Tian Xie looked at his hesitant appearance and found it funny as he said, “You telling me all this today isn’t simply just to let me know about this.  If you have something to say, then say it…….Alright, let me take a guess.  Your father has told you that if there is a chance, you should ask me to pressure them a bit.  If possible, I should stomp over them.”

Zuo Po Jun was stunned and then he quickly nodded.  Then he revealed an awkward smile and said, “Naturally, I can’t seem to hide anything from second brother……My father said that with the strength of your Tian Mo Xie, you would be able to dampen their spirits.  Moreover…..”

“A duel.  I have no need to fear anyone, but if those three families are making a move, how could it be with only three people?  Their best choice is to establish a circle of power in this world and then use that power in the real world.  If it’s like this, then I can’t cause a storm by myself and trying to crush them would be like a joke.  If they only brought a few people here to play casually, then I would have crushed them for no reason.”

“Eh, but second brother……”

“Alright, we’re here.  Let’s go in and then talk.”  Ye Tian Xie opened the door and walked in first.

Murong Qiu Shui pulled the dazed Zuo Po Jun along and pursed his red lips, “Fatty, with second brother’s personality, if such a day did happen, do you think he really wouldn’t make a move?  Un hum?”

Waving his hand, Murong Qiu Shui followed Ye Tian Xie inside.  Zuo Po Jun rubbed his head and then revealed a smile as he walked in.

When he walked in, Ye Tian Xie suddenly stopped in his steps.  Beside the fountain, there was a country destroying beauty sitting there with a graceful smile on her face.  She was touching the flowers by the fountain with her soft white jade hands.  As for the flowers, under the light of this person’s beauty, they were like little stars that paled in comparison.

She slowly stood up and walked forward with a normally that would still make people lose their minds.  Meeting Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, Liu Qi Yue slightly pursed her lips and a sweet smile appeared on her face.  In an instant, the area seemed to glow much brighter.  When her eyes fell onto Broken Heart walking beside Su Fei Fei, there was a hidden trace of bitterness found in her smile, “Little brother Tian Xie, you’ve only been gone a little while and you’re already brought another beauty back that makes…..Elder sister’s heart feel pity.”

Ye Tian Xie blushed and couldn’t help looking away, “Elder sister, when did you come?”

Zuo Po Jun saw this scene and timely came forward, “Yi?  Elder sister, you got your card this quickly?  Let me tell you elder sister, second brother has prepared a large gift for you.  You have to prepare your heart and mustn’t……”

“Oh?  Little brother Tian Xie has a present for me?  What kind of large present is it?”  Liu Qi Yue did not reveal a surprised expression and her slender brow just slightly raised.  She pursed her lips into a smile and her beautiful eyes revealed a look as gentle as water when she stared at Ye Tian Xie’s face.  There was a slight blush that slowly appeared on that beautiful face.  The way that she was pursing her lips into a smile like this, it would make anyone lose control of themselves because of her charm.

“Enchantress.  Elder sister really is an enchantress.”  Zuo Po Jun looked away before he lost control of himself.  Liu Qi Yue’s mother was his paternal aunt and when he was younger, he had followed behind Liu Qi Yue calling her elder sister.  He was already familiar to the point that they could not be any more familiar, but nevertheless, he still was not able to resist the charm that she displayed.

Even he was like this, so there was no need to mention others…….The fact that the northern Yun Family and the southern Dugu Family’s eldest sons willing to fight a bloody battle just for her was not strange at all.  But even if they were willing to fight to the death for her, it was still only one sided.  If they wanted to be with her, it would be like the relationship between Tong Lao and Li Qiu Shui in the Eight Books of the Heavenly Dragon.  They claimed to be the two most outstanding people in China’s younger generation, calling themselves “Son of Heaven” and “Son of God”.  They foolishly thought that as long as they defeated the other, Liu Qi Yue would not pick a third person, but they did not even have a place in Liu Qi Yue’s heart.

[TL Note: this is a cultural reference to a wuxia novel written by Jin Yong which talks about two unrelated characters.]

“Ha, ha……Ha, ha, ha, ha, today’s weather is quite good, nice and sunny.  It is good weather to enjoy the scenery in.  Old fourth, let’s go take a walk in the backyard and enjoy the flowers planted there.”  Zuo Po Jun pulled on Murong Qiu Shui, rushing towards the backyard.  In the blink of an eye, not even a shadow was left.

Ye Tian Xie turned around and looked at Su Fei Fei who had a visible strange expression on her face as he said, “Fei Fei, bring her around for a walk.  I’ll talk to elder sister about the land deed matter first.”

Su Fei Fei pursed her lips, but did not say anything.  She pulled Broken Heart away as she said, “Come little sister, I’ll guide you around first……Hee, it’s just as big as I said it was.”

Actually what she wanted to say was…….it was just a land deed.  Why did he have to talk to her alone……

Once Broken Heart stepped into the mansion, she fell into a shocked trance.  Then again, no matter who walked into this mansion, they would all fall into a stunned state that would take a while to recover from……When she saw Liu Qi Yue, a flash of shock like she had seen an angel appeared in her eyes, but immediately, panic also filled her eyes and she lowered her head.  She no longer dared to look at Liu Qi Yue anymore.

When Su Fei Fei and Broken Heart with her lowered head walked past Liu Qi Yue, Liu Qiu Yue slightly turned around and said in a gentle voice, “This little sister, have we met before?”

Broken Heart suddenly stopped and lowered her head even lower.  Her hands squeezed together and she spoke in an unnatural voice, “I……You…..No.  Elder sister you must have recognized the wrong person.”

Liu Qi Yue thought about something and then revealed a faint smile as she slowly nodded, “Then I must have recognized the wrong person.”

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