EDAH Chapter 174


Chapter 174: The Mercenary King (Part 2)

The ear was one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, regardless of gender.  The innocent Guo Guo did not know how bad of an action she was doing right now.  From the little girl’s touch, although it was gentle, it still felt like an electric current going through every inch of Ye Tian Xie’s body, making him tremble.

“Alright, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”  Ye Tian Xie had some difficulty saying this.  A kind of feeling told him that this kind of movement from Guo Guo would make him lose control of himself.

Guo Guo raised her head and blinked her eyes.  Then she revealed a happy smile, “Yiya, it really doesn’t hurt anymore?  Oh, la, la, la!  Guo Guo is the most, most intelligent.  Master, does it really not hurt anymore……Wu!  If master is in pain in the future, the cutest and most obedient loli will make the pain go away.”

Ye Tian Xie’s heart fell……This little girl who did not know what being obedient meant was finally understanding how to pamper her master.


“Then……Master…..” Guo Guo floated in front of Ye Tian Xie with sparkling eyes as she eagerly stared at him.  She put on an incomparably pitiful look to accomplish her final goal, “Guo Guo wants to eat fruit pudding today, as well as the lemonade that elder sister Fei Fei makes……Guo Guo is so obedient, master will definitely agree to Guo Guo’s request, right……”

“……I understand.  I’ll have Fei Fei make it for you later.”  Ye Tian Xie braced himself and promised.  He had no way of blocking this kind of move.  He also had no choice but to comply, otherwise tears and crying sounds would be coming from Guo Guo.

“Waoh!  Master is the best!  Guo Guo loves master the most!  Oh, la, la, la…….”

Guo Guo happily danced and turned in the air as she happily shouted out.  Just like a little girl that hadn’t grown up up, the thing she loved the most right now was eating.

Ye Tian Xie looked over at the golden coffin that had not moved yet.

The twelve silver coffins had all been opened and the twelve members of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group had been defeated by him.  While he had been talking to Guo Guo, there was no sound that rang out and no system notifications that rang out.  He thought that the golden coffin would open after defeating the other twelve Heavenly Soul members and reveal a final enemy……And this person would most likely be the Heavenly Soul mercenary group commander, the Mercenary King.

Was the quest already complete?  Was the quest’s goal, the Mercenary King’s Relic inside of the golden coffin?  Did this coffin require him to open it?

After thinking about it, Ye Tian Xie used potions to slowly recover his HP and at the same time, he waited for the cooldown of the Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits to reset before slowly walking over to the golden coffin.

When the tip of his toe was five steps away from the golden coffin, it slowly began to open.  Ye Tian Xie stopped right in his tracks.

A golden body slowly stood up from the coffin and at the same time, a pressure that nearly suffocated Ye Tian Xie was released.

That pale gray white face could not hide the man’s expression that did not fear death or hide his eyes that were as sharp as blades.  This was a man covered in golden armour with a golden sword in his right hand and a golden shield in his left that looked like an emperor!

Ren Zhan Qing: Level 20 Lord Level Boss

HP: 19500

The leader of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group before he died and was known by future generations as the hero, the “Mercenary King”.  Because his past was filled with hatred, he changed his name to “Zhan Qing” when he was 27 years old and established the Heavenly Soul mercenary group.  He was not the strongest of the Heavenly Soul Members, but he was the core that led and supported the Heavenly Soul mercenary group to the top.  He possessed a strong aura, courage, leadership, and great wisdom.  He was a person of great loyalty and righteousness that made the other members of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group pledge to fight to the death with him and never leave his side.  He died in a battle with demons a hundred years ago and has been corrupted by the demon qi coming from the Tower of Destiny.  He has already formed a demonized consciousness and has retained a bit of skill from before he died.

Innate Skill:

Undead Body: A body that has already died, so it cannot be hurt with death attributed attacks.  Will recover 100 HP per second.

Skills: Sprint Dash, Dragon Fang Slash, Moon Shattering Slash, Tornado Smash, and Moon Shattering Wind Slash.

Hidden Skills:

The Mercenary King’s Glory: Special Skill

Unknown activation conditions, unknown effects.

Weakness: Fears all light and life attributed skills.

The information on the golden armoured man that appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s mind astonished him.  After facing off against two level twenty Lord Level Bosses, there should be a stronger final enemy.  With how strong the two of them were, he wouldn’t have even been surprised to meet a level thirty Lord Level Boss.

But this golden armoured Heavenly Soul mercenary group leader was only a level twenty Lord Level Boss…..and there was only him alone.

But what made Ye Tian Xie even more surprised was the information he obtained on his hidden skills……An unknown activation conditions and unknown effects.  This was the first time that this had occurred.  With the Evil Dragon’s Eye, it was impossible for him to not find out any information about enemies……This made it clear that this was a very strong or very special skill.

At the same time, what Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help thinking about was……There was only a single level twenty Lord Level Boss in front of him, but why did the pressure coming from him surpass the pressure he felt from the previous two level twenty Lord Level Bosses?  This was not just an aura coming from the enemy, it also allowed Ye Tian Xie to see just how terrifying this person in front of him was.  It had to surpass……and surpass by a large amount, the combined strength of Sacred Soul and Immoveable Soul from before.

That sharp gaze looked over at Ye Tian Xie and before Ye Tian Xie could make a move, the person in front of him rushed at him as fast as the wind……Using the “Sprint Dash” skill, the Mercenary King was like a golden bolt of lightning, instantly closing the five step distance between them to arrive in front of Ye Tian Xie……

The golden sword became bigger in his eyes, but Ye Tian Xie’s body had already reacted.  Quickly jumping back, the Moment of Destiny also flew out at the same time……

The golden sword came close to touching Ye Tian Xie’s clothes and Ye Tian Xie released a Dragon Rend Strike that hit the Mercenary King’s body……The one handed sword was lighter compared to his two handed sword, but that also meant that it had a shorter range, so the attacking distance was shorter compared to the two handed sword.  With the Mercenary King’s golden sword compared to Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny, Ye Tian Xie confidently stepped back as if he had already calculated the length of the golden sword and his arm in the short period of time before the Mercenary King launched his attack.  The distance he leapt allowed him to perfectly dodge the attack and even send back a counterattack.


Although the Mercenary King had the advantage of having both a shield and sword, his HP and defense could not compare to Immoveable Soul.  It was clear that he did not follow a defensive path and his attacks increasing in strength showed that he was following an unprecedented pure attack path.

The Mercenary King’s expression did not change as he stepped forward and raised his hand.  A “Moon Shattering Slash” fell down and a golden glow appeared around the golden sword, bringing with it, a mountain of pressure as it fell.  Ye Tian Xie could tell that this skill’s might was not small as he locked onto the sword’s path with his eyes.  Concentrating his mind, it was as if the sword was moving incredibly slowly in his eyes.  His body casually moved to the side, letting the sword fall beside him while he instantly lifted the Moment of Destiny……


The Moon Shattering Slash fell to the ground and the strong might sent small bits of dirt flying everywhere.  At the same time, Ye Tian Xie sent out a Dragon Rend Slash in front of him, slamming into the Mercenary King’s chest and forcing him back three steps before he could stabilize himself.

When he was pushed back, Ye Tian Xie rushed forward and unleashed another Dragon Rend Slash at him, pushing him back once again……One slash, two slashes, three slashes, four slashes……Front slash, side slash, vertical slash, horizontal slash……Everything was being controlled by Ye Tian Xie as his Dragon Rend Slashes continued to fall on the Mercenary King’s body.  The shock from the attacks continued to push him back without giving him a chance to attack at all…..

-1210, -1213, -1205, -1986, -1200, -1201, -1220, -1204, -1211……

Every time a Dragon Rend Slash was released, he was forced back a step.  When the ninth Dragon Rend Slash hit the Mercenary King’s body, the attack finally knocked the Mercenary King back and he fell to the ground.  His HP had already been drained by over half.

Taking advantage of your illness to take your life……Ye Tian Xie quickly charged out in front of the Mercenary King and raised the Moment of Destiny high into the air.  He had taken more than half of the Mercenary King’s HP in this short period of time, but that did not make him lose his vigilance.  He had never doubted his own instinct and the golden Mercenary King had truly made him feel a kind of pressure.  The origin of this was the unknown Mercenary King’s Glory.  This kind of special and strong hidden skill would usually require his HP to fall down below half or for him to be in an enraged state to release.

Although he was very interested in the effects, he was not arrogant enough to try out its might and effects.  A truly intelligent person would not even give him a chance to use this skill at all.


“Brave One’s Heart!”

A silver glow came from the Headband of Bravery and enveloped Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny……

“Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits!!”

The wind generated by the dragon’s power was released and the Moment of Destiny created seven black arcs in the air as they wildly slashed out at the Mercenary King’s standing body……

-1215, -1996, -1204, -1201, -1210, -1204, -1221!

The magnificent tornado and slashes created a series of magnificent damage figures.  The Mercenary King with an emptied HP bar was sent flying into the distance by the tornado and slammed into the ground.  He still gripped the golden sword and shield, but he did not make another sound.

After recovering from the stun of releasing the “Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits”, Ye Tian Xie looked at the Mercenary King’s golden body……This Heavenly Soul mercenary group leader, the one known as the mercenary king had only lasted a couple of seconds at his hands before being taken care of.  This strong Mercenary King had only attacked twice and did not have a chance to display his true battle strength at all……Because Ye Tian Xie did not give him the chance to do so.

Thirteen coffins had been opened and the final enemy had been taken care of.  With this situation, the quest should be finished.

But looking at the Mercenary King’s corpse, Ye Tian Xie’s tightly knit brows did not relax.  The Mercenary King had died by his sword and his HP bar was emptied…..But the pressure he felt did not disappear at all.

Not only did it not disappear, it was actually getting stronger…….It was as if danger was approaching!

It was at this moment, something strange happened.  The Mercenary King’s silent corpse began to release a golden glow, and with this golden glow, the surrounding area became brighter……This was because with this golden glow, there were also twelve other silver glows that had appeared.

The silver light was coming from the corpses of the other Heavenly Soul members.

While the golden and silver light shined, the Mercenary King and the other twelve fellows who had died……slowly stood up.

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