EDAH Chapter 175


Chapter 175: Heavenly Soul gathered together

“Oh, la, la!  Master, something bad is about to happen.”  Guo Guo’s little head swayed back and forth, looking forward and backward.  Her voice seemed to be filled with schadenfreude as she flew to Ye Tian Xie’s ear and said in a gently voice, “That strangely dressed uncle is quite terrifying.  He has a terrifying skill called…..The Mercenary King’s Glory.  If you take care of him in less than one minute, there is a 50% chance of activating which would bring him back to life.  At the same time, it would also resurrect all his comrades!!”

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

“Oh, la, la!  Master is so unlucky…..Yi?  Wa, wa, wa!  Master, look, look, look, they are already standing up.  How terrifying……Should we run away first?”

As Guo Guo let out these cries that he didn’t know were real or fake, the fallen Mercenary King used his sword to slowly stand up……At the same time, Sword Soul, Spear Soul, Blade Soul, Shadow Soul, Bow Soul, Summoning Soul, Flame Soul, Thunder Soul, Wind Soul, Earth Soul, Immoveable Soul, and Sacred Soul…..They all slowly began to stand up.


Thirteen pairs of eyes from all directions were staring at Ye Tian Xie.

The Evil Dragon’s Eye gained information from all around him…..Not only had they been revived, even their HP……had been fully recovered!!

Ye Tian Xie really wanted to say, fuck you!!

The Mercenary King’s Glory, it’s fine if it doesn’t activate, but if it does, it has a terrifying effect.  It was not an attack, weakening, or support skill…..Rather it revived all the members of his Heavenly Soul mercenary group!

It could be imagined, when players begins fighting with one enemy and the difficulty slowly increases, after beating the final enemy……All the enemies that had been defeated were suddenly all revived……It was clear just how terrifying that kind of situation was.

What made Ye Tian Xie grind his teeth even more was…..this skill could only be activated if he defeated the enemy within a minute!  Ye Tian Xie had tried to take care of the enemy as soon as possible, so that the Mercenary King would not have the time to use this skill, but he never would have thought that his decision would actually trigger the “Mercenary King’s Glory” skill.

But then again, this activation requirement was quite normal since with normal players, it would be impossible for a twelve man level twenty team to defeat the Mercenary King in just a single minute.  Therefore, they would not trigger this terrifying skill.  If a person could take care of the Mercenary King in one minute, that meant that either the person or team was very strong.  Strong to the point that they could face this brutal challenge.

So for normal players meeting this final enemy, it would just be a normal level twenty Lord Level Boss.  For the strong……or perhaps strong players, they would have a chance to activate the “Mercenary King’s Glory”.  Then…….Would this be a hidden quest?

While Ye Tian Xie was pondering this, a notification sounded in his ears.

“Ding…..You have successfully triggered the hidden branch of the ‘Mercenary King’s Relic’ quest, the Mercenary King’s Glory.  You will now face all the revived members of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group and if you can defeat them, you will receive extra rewards.  We wish you luck.”

This system notification gave Ye Tian Xie his answer and subsided the grievances he had in his heart.  This hidden branch was truly hard to trigger and it was several times harder compared to the normal quest, but with a greater difficulty the “extra reward” the system mentioned should be even more lucrative.  As for the “we wish you luck” part, it clearly showed just how terrifying the enemies were.

After being surprised for a bit, Ye Tian Xie revealed a kind of half smile on his face.

Thirteen enemies……Ten level twenty Three Star Elites and three level twenty Lord Level Bosses.  Moreover, they all had different Jobs and different skills, so it was much harder compared to just fighting enemies at the same level and same grade.

He had never met a lineup as strong and luxurious as this before.

The smile on his lips faded as his heart began to beat slower.  When his eyes became sharp, the pressure oppressing his heart began to quickly fade away.

Ever since he entered the Destiny world, he had already encountered many exciting things.

In the Beginner Village, without a Job and weaker stats compared to normal players, he had finished the Abyss Level Trial that no one else could finish…….In the third stage, he had faced off against twelve level ten Three Star Elites.  But then again, those Wild Vicious Bulls had been more of a threat to him than the level twenty Three Star Elites he was facing right now!

After half an hour of fighting, he had passed the stage without even being hurt, killing twelve Three Star Elites by himself.

As for the trial’s final stage, he had faced off against a level twenty Lord Level Boss that could instantly kill him……He had used everything available to him and all his innate talent to beautifully dance on the edge of death, coming close to dying again and again……In the end, he had prevailed.

And not long ago, he had encountered his first Spiritual Beast……A Spiritual Beast that players could not fight against, but in his hands, with the cooperation of the Moment of Destiny and him, this impossible task……He had defeated a Spiritual Beast by himself.

So, why would he be afraid or nervous when there was no reason why he couldn’t defeat them!

So what if they were the Heavenly Soul mercenary group and what if they had thirteen people……They were the Heavenly Soul mercenary group, but he……was Ye Tian Xie!!

It was as quiet as still water and moving as fast as lightning, Ye Tian Xie’s body went from being completely still to moving at max speed in an incredibly short amount of time.  It was a kind of explosive strength that was impossible for normal people.  His first target was Sacred Soul who could heal, revive, and cast support spells.

Once he made his move, it was as if all thirteen enemies gained awareness as their cold eyes all stared at Ye Tian Xie.  A heavy pressure fell on Ye Tian Xie’s body that made him freeze for a second.  Shadow Soul went into stealth while Bow Soul raised his bow.  Summon Soul raised both hands and Immoveable Soul as well as the three warriors all charged out at him.  The bodies of the four mages were covered in different coloured magical light.

The only one not moving was the Heavenly Soul mercenary group leader.  He held his sword and shield while just standing there.  His cold eyes tracked Ye Tian Xie’s movement as if they were filled with hate for the living.

Sacred Soul and Immoveable Soul were the closest to the Mercenary King because they were the strongest protection of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group.  One guarded in front of him while the other supported him from behind.  They were positioned right by the Mercenary King.  As Ye Tian Xie charged forward, he released a Dragon Rend Slash, but Sacred Soul teleported away……and he completely avoided Ye Tian Xie’s attack.  As Sacred Soul teleported away, Ye Tian Xie activated the “Dragon Shadow Slash”, following close behind him.  After passing through him, he quickly turned around and slashed out with a Dragon Rend Slash.

-1341, -1320.

When Ye Tian Xie attacked Sacred Soul twice, a cold whistling sound rang out in his ears.  At the same time, Immoveable Soul had already charging right into him.

Around him, the four mages has already finished chanting and thunder and rocks appeared above him while the ground erupted with flames and wild wind blades shot out, all converging on where Ye Tian Xie had been standing.

The oppressive shield charge, the arrows, and the magic spells forced him to jump, dodging all the attacks coming at him.  When he landed, from the darkness, a cold dagger pierced out at his back.


Ye Tian Xie who had already sensed Shadow Soul turned around and slashed out quickly with the Moment of Destiny.  The attack did not hit and he had escaped.  After experiencing Ye Tian Xie’s terrifying attack power once, he chose to escape and disappear into the darkness once again.  At the same time, the light of the heal spell fell on Sacred Soul’s body, instantly healing him for the damage Ye Tian Xie had dealt.

The three warriors came over and stood with Immoveable Soul, blocking off Sacred Soul and the Mercenary King.  After they had been awakened by the Mercenary King’s Glory, it was as if they had been reborn and had completely regained their intelligence.  With Warriors and Knights fighting in close range, an Archer providing support, an Assassin attacking from the darkness, Mages attacking with magic, a Summoner continuously summoning more enemies, and a Priest healing everyone and providing support…..Facing this lineup, he felt the pressure increasing once again.

With the perfect Job lineup and strong skills, the Heavenly Soul mercenary group was not like those Wild Vicious Bulls in the Beginner Village, only knowing how to charge forward!  With their core, the Mercenary King’s existence, it was as if their souls had been awakened.  Although they could not match their strength from when they were alive, the silent understanding they had was completely reformed in this moment!

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