EDAH Chapter 185


Chapter 185: Ten Thousand Bone Ruins

A tall tree invited wind, but being a tree meant that it would be quite sturdy, even being able to withstand a hurricane.  The Dugu Family’s power was not enough to make the highest government power in China to feel fear, but their threat was even higher than the Three Forbidden Families.  But the Zuo Family did not plan to exterminate the Dugu Family because once they made a move, the balance of power would be destroyed……

The balance created by the two kings of the underworld……On one side was the Dugu Family and on the other side, there was the northern underground king – the Yun Family.

The two had occupied the north and south respectively, fighting for many years, with no clear distinction between the two.  Neither of them had been able to extend the territory they influenced, but the clever kings knew that even if they could break the balance, they should not do it.  The moment the balance of power between the north and south was broken, the Zuo Family would make their move which would be detrimental to them.  Although they were kings of the north and south, they were not true kings……The regime of the Zuo Family built over several hundred years could not be shaken at all.

So, this balance of power had continued for three generations.  There was no one that broke this balance and there was no one that planned to break this balance.


With a large network of influence in the real world, it became very easy to create a large guild with power in the game world.  So, that was how the two largest guilds in the Chinese Server appeared, God’s Realm and Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  The leaders of these two powers were not the underground rulers of the north and south, but rather they were their eldest sons.  It was clear from the development of God’s Realm and Wings of Shrouded Heaven that the Yun Family’s Head, Yun Ba Fang and the Dugu Family’s Head, Dugu Xiong did not object to the path their successors had taken, but rather supported it.  The fact is, based on their strong support, God’s Realm and Wings of Shrouded Heaven had reached the height of power in the gaming world and had brought the two families a lot of benefits.

This time, the God’s Realm Guild had coincidentally been in this quest map and had met Ye Tian Xie.  Facing the leader of the God’s Realm, the surrounding people were all waiting for Xie Tian’s response.

Hearing Ye Tian Xie’s words, Buried God began to clap once again.  The “pa, pa” sounds rang out as he shouted, “Good!  Good words!  Brother Xie Tian really is an outstanding person.  Although we didn’t have the chance to try this trial, I still know that even if we went in, there was a 80-90% chance of us being swept away.  But being able to see Xie Tian, it seems like these two hours have not been wasted.  When the “War God’s Skeleton” quest is finished, the alliance system will open.  At that time, I hope that brother Xie Tian will come and visit our God’s Realm.  If you can enter my God’s Realm, then I, Buried God will be filled with joy.  If there is any trouble brother Xie Tian has in the future, feel free to come to me, Buried God.  Although I don’t know what brother Xie Tian’s thoughts are, I, Buried God am truly hoping to become friends with you.”

When he finished, without waiting for Ye Tian Xie’s response, he revealed a calm smile and turned as he said, “Let’s go.”

Several beams of light flashed and Buried God and the other eleven members of God’s Realm returned to the city.

Although this was not Ye Tian Xie’s first time seeing Buried God, this was the first time he talked to him.  This person…..made him slightly knit his brows.

He really was not a simple person.

The feeling God’s Realm left after leaving was completely different from the one War Soul Hall had left.  War Soul Hall ran away in fear and God’s Realm had created the atmosphere of a large faction that wanted to sincerely be friends.  When facing Ye Tian Xie, Buried God was not vague and did not hide his praise for Ye Tian Xie.  He revealed an appearance of wanting to win him over while revealing a tolerating appearance and a slight arrogance that no one could be hate.  Their departure did not fill others with contempt, but rather it was filled with style that a large faction should have.

Was God’s Realm afraid of Xie Tian?  No one thought this at all.  Buried God’s act was clearly giving Xie Tian a lot of face.

Since it’s like this, we will leave too.  God’s Realm is right, with our current level, we are not suited to doing this quest.  Even the Wings of Shrouded Heaven have failed twice, so we are wasting time just waiting here.”

The one speaking was the leader of a small group near Ye Tian Xie.  He walked beside Ye Tian Xie and said, “Many people will benefit from the alliance system opening, including us.  As well, it will bring great honour to our China.  It would not be exaggerated to say that we wished for the alliance system to open sooner, but it seems like only level twenty and above teams could complete it, so it would take at least half a month before the alliance system opens.  If you are able to open the alliance system in a short period of time, you will have our heartfelt thanks.  When you have time, come and visit our World Union.  Let’s go.”

The person who was talking was named “Heaven Startling Slash” and was an expert of the World Union.  He gave a nod and led his people away.

Following God’s Realm’s lead, there were more and more groups that left this map that smelled like a rotting corpse.  Almost all the players here were from a small or large influence, so they all had a leader.  After measuring the situation, they all decided to leave.  Although the enticement was big, even the God’s Realm Guild had said that they did not have any hope in beating this quest, so they would not stay here with an evil star like Xie Tian.  At the same time, if Ye Tian Xie really had the ability to complete this quest, it was something that they wished for.  As long as the alliance system opened, they could form a true guild and would no longer act disassociated like they were doing right now.

Not long passed before over half of the several thousand people here left.  The ones that did not leave moved away from the magic seal and silently watched from the distance.  This kind situation was all because of God’s Realm.

But if it did not play out like he wanted, he wouldn’t have minded killing everyone.  He wouldn’t have cared if he offended every influence here that the players represented.  He only chased after the results he wanted, not caring about the consequences at all.  On the other hand, with the items that he currently possessed and the level he was at, there were few people that could be a match for him.

The space in front of the magic seal cleared and Ye Tian Xie continued walking forward.  Like it had been planned, when Ye Tian Xie arrived in front of the magic seal, the giant seal suddenly sparkled and then it dissipated…..before disappearing.

Ye Tian Xie did stop and continued walking forward.  As he continued walking forward, the magic seal that disappeared reformed behind him.

The Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.  As soon as he stepped in, the strong rotten corpse smell made him nauseous.  He clenched his teeth and endured it all as he walked forward while feeling suffocated.  It took him a while before he adapted to it.  Entering the “Heavenly Soul Tomb”, one needed to adapt to the darkness……As for this Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, one was met with this smell that knock people out.

Ye Tian Xie really wanted to know what loving cleanliness was right now.  Guo Guo who loved eating sweets chose this moment to appear……

It was at this moment, a sound that should not have appeared sounded beside Ye Tian Xie’s ear, “Oh la la, I slept so well…..Wu…..Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”

That lazy voice suddenly turned into a high pitched shout of surprise.  That originally floating white figure fell down with that yell of surprise.

Ye Tian Xie quickly reached out to catch her as he sympathetically said, “Guo Guo, you should go back.”

“Wu……Wu, wu……”  Guo Guo almost fainted from this smell.  She was stunned for two seconds before bursting into tears, “Wu, wa…..You’re bullying me, you’re bullying me……Wu, wu……”

Then she turned into white light as she entered into the Moment of Destiny hanging on Ye Tian Xie’s chest.

Ye Tian Xie was completely speechless……What does this have to do with me!!

This was a very spacious place, but it was also very gloomy.  The sky was covered in dense black clouds that kept most of the light shining down out.  Looking around, he saw that the ground was a dark colour that made people feel uncomfortable.  Those messy gray deposits in the back were worthy of being known as ruins.

In those ruins, there were several terrifying white skeletons.

This gloomy Ten Thousand Bone Ruins brought a bone chilling cold with it.  In his line of sight, he could see a variety of big and small skeletons walking all around.  There were skeletons that had not fallen apart yet, but many of them had broken or missing bones.  The environment and smell of this place was a large hit to normal people’s hearts.

While Ye Tian Xie walked forward, each step he took made a different skeleton appear.  According to the quest description, these skeletons came from humans who had fought a tragic battle here eighty years ago, and many heroes had been killed by the invaders here.  Eighty years worth of time was not enough for these bones to turn gray yet.

The gloomy wind that blew through the ruins had a dusty taste to it and the sky turned even darker.  In this terrifying environment, Ye Tian Xie had walked for half an hour, but the scene in front of him did not change.  He still could not see the end to this white boned ruins.

Ye Tian Xie stopped and turned around to look behind him.  The entrance that he had came through had disappeared from his line of sight.  He looked to the side and found that the skeleton ruins were exactly the same around him, with no visible difference at all.

When the surroundings are the same without any point of reference at all, whether it was humans or another animal, they would all lose their sense of direction.  Turning around, Ye Tian Xie could no longer tell which way was the way forward.

After half an hour, he did not encounter any monsters and the scenery in front of him was completely the same.  Adding in his previous doubts and all the normal player teams being able to stay in for close to two hours……Was this a hard high level search quest?

The skeleton of the War God was buried in this endless skeleton ruins, but with such a long range and without any kind of prompts or references…..Did he have to dig up the entire ruins inch by inch?

Even if it was dug up……Since it had already turned into a skeleton, how would he recognize which one was the War God’s skeleton?

Thinking of this, Ye Tian Xie’s head could not help tingling.  Standing there and pondering for a while, he looked over the quest’s description several times, but he did not find any hidden clues at all.  He could only keep moving forward.

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