EDAH Chapter 189


Chapter 189: Frost Wolf’s Hole

“I didn’t say anything about that, so you can relax.  I saw that Yaya was so young and having to stay here by yourself to welcome players in this cold place seems very sad.  Come, have a taste.  I won’t ask Yaya for anything, I promise.  So, you can just relax.”

Ye Tian Xie peeled off the wrapper of the lollipop and moving it forward, he placed it right in front of Yaya’s nose, almost touching it.  Yaya’s nose visibly moved a few times and her eyes lit up…….Because flowing into her nose was a kind of incomparable sweet fragrance that she had never smelled before!

(A quality control worker says: This is the evil food additive XXX’s fragrance.  Usually there are more than one kind of additives in these foods which is not a good thing.)

Yaya who should have been righteous and denied all bribes could not resist the enticement of this sweet fragrance.  She secretly swallowed a bit of saliva as she took the lollipop from Ye Tian Xie.  First she used her hands to rub it and then she used her nose to take a deep whiff as a drop of saliva came from the corner of her mouth.


Sucking in her saliva and swallowing it down, Yaya suppressed the urge to eat it as she carefully said, “Big brother……You already said that you will not make any requests to Yaya, so this cannot count as a bribe.  It can’t, it can’t.”

“Un, of course it doesn’t.  It’s because I like Yaya that I’m giving this to you.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile as he spoke……If I can’t handle this eight-nine year old little girl…….How could I handle the twelve-thirteen Guo Guo!

Yaya finally gave in and placed the lollipop in her mouth.  A lollipop of the 23rd century was not a simple thing.  There were many ingredients inside that stimulated one’s taste buds which was something that a resident of this world could not resist.  Once the lollipop entered her mouth, Yaya revealed a delighted expression on her face as if she was about to float into the air……

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious!!”

Kabeng……The round lollipop was bitten apart by Yaya.  She closed her eyes and with a look of enjoyment, she chewed on this candy that had a taste she had never experienced before.

“Yiya!!  Lollipops aren’t eaten like that, not like that!”  Seeing Yaya biting into the lollipop like she was biting into cabbage, Guo Guo felt like she had been robbed as she floated in front of Yaya and shook her hands as she shouted, “Wu……Lollipops have to be licked.  They aren’t eating like that!  Wu……Master, she’s so wasteful.  That is Guo Guo’s lollipop!”

Only, even if her voice was a hundred times louder, Yaya still could not hear her.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

A lollipop that would have taken Guo Guo half an hour to eat was finished in half a minute in Yaya’s hands.

Swallowing the final bit of sweet taste down, Yaya licked her lips as she eagerly said, “Big brother, it really is delicious.  This is the most delicious thing that Yaya has ever eaten……Big brother, this thing called a lollipop, do you still have more?”

Sou…..Ye Tian Xie immediately took out an orange flavoured lollipop and smiled as he said, “Of course I have more.  I still have an even more delicious one.”

“Ah……Give it to me, give it to me, I want it.”  Yaya quickly reached out her hand and stretched forward, almost falling off the snowman.

With another “sou” sound, Ye Tian Xie moved his hand back and shook his head as he said, “I can’t give this to Yaya because this is for my little sister to eat.  She likes eating lollipops quite a bit.”

“But…..I want to eat it……Give it to me, alright?  Yaya will remember big brother.”  Yaya revealed those pitiful and innocent eyes and looked at Ye Tian Xie with a pitiful gaze…..Or rather, the lollipop in his hand.

After being trained by Guo Guo’s looks after a long time, Ye Tian Xia had already developed a slight resistance this this look.  He lifted his wrist to look at the time and then said, “Yaya, I should go back now……I’ll come and play with you tomorrow.”

“Ah, ah…..Wait a minute……”

Putong…..Yaya fell off the snowman and then fell into the snow.  After being stunned for a while, she suddenly cried out, “Wu, wu…..Big brother, you’re bullying me……”

Ye Tian Xie pulled Yaya out of the snow.  She was very small, so she was also very light.  Ye Tian Xie easily lifted her body up and placed her onto the snowman as he innocently said, “These two lollipops were for my little sister to eat.  I only gave one to Yaya because I like you, but I really can’t give you the other one.”

Yaya sniffled as she said with red eyes, “Then I……Then I’ll send you into the Frost Wolf’s Hole and you can give it to me.  How about that?  Wu, wu…..”

Ye Tian Xie smile immediately lit up, “Since Yaya wants to eat it so badly, then I’ll give it to Yaya……But, Yaya is the one who said she would send me into the Frost Wolf’s Hole, I didn’t say anything.”

Yaya took the lollipop from Ye Tian Xie and carefully held it in her hands.  Wiping off her tears, she pursed her lips, “Humph, bad person.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Yaya held the lollipop in one hand and the other hand waved in the air.  Hearing a giant explosion, the ice wall to the north exploded, turning into countless fragments of debris.  After the ice wall disappeared, a tunnel of ice appeared.

The entrance to the Frost Wolf’s Hole.

“Then I’ll be going into the Frost Wolf’s Hole now.  Yaya, I’ll play with you later.”  Accomplishing his goal, Ye Tian Xie did not want to stay any longer.  If he played any longer with this little girl, then he might go back to having a mental age of eight-nine.

After Ye Tian Xie entered the Frost Wolf’s Hole, Yaya waved her hand once again and countless pieces of ice flew up once again, reforming the wall blocking off the entrance to the Frost Wolf’s Hole.

“Wu……Big brother is a good person, so the world creating goddess elder sister cannot blame me.”  Yaya held the lollipop as she muttered this.  Learning how to peel off the wrapper from Ye Tian Xie, this time Yaya acted a little smarter and did not bite right into it.  Instead she used her little tongue to slowly lick it…..She instantly found that not only could she eat it longer like this, the flavour was even better like this.

Frost Wolf’s Hole, a world of ice.

There was no snow here, just ice.  There were ice walls all around him and below him was a slippery ice floor.  Ye Tian Xie carefully walked for a bit before taking out and putting on the Black Snow Strolling Shoes that he had bought from Yaya.

Alright, now let’s see……After wearing the seemingly broken shoes, the slippery feeling underneath his feet disappeared.  Walking forward a few steps, he found that it was like walking on an ordinary rough road.

At least his money was well spent……Ye Tian Xie comforted himself as he walked into the Frost Wolf’s Hole.

The world of ice was incomparably silent and he could not hear any sounds at all.  The initial tunnel was not long and Ye Tian Xie walked around for a minute before light appeared, as he entered into a broader world of ice.

At the same time, a bone chilling cold met him head on.

If the previous cold could be endured, the current cold already surpassed what a normal person could resist.  Even Ye Tian Xie who could resist the cold better than a normal person was beginning to shiver.

-15, -15, -15, -15……

The continuous line of damage figures appeared on his head.  He didn’t know how long the Frost Wolf’s Cave was, but this was just the beginning.

In front of him, there was a large ice surface that seemed like a skating rink.  On the ice, there were several snow white wolves walking around.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie enter, they gave a low roar as they charged at him.

Snow Wolf: Level 25

HP: 1600

A rare kind of wolf that lives in cold environments.  It is born with a gentle nature and has strong adaptive abilities.  It’s fur can be made into a coat that resists the cold.

Innate Skill: It does not fear the cold and can move freely in cold environments.

Skills: None.

Weakness: It fears fire and earth attributed attacks.

The Snow Wolves all charged out at the same time towards Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie summoned the Moment of Destiny and when he moved to dodge the attacks, his stiff body made him knit his brows…….

The coldness of this area made froze his body and hands, making his nerve somewhat numbed, turning his movements stiff.  His greatest strength was his innate skills, but in this environment, his innate skills were sealed.  He knew that if he lost his innate speed, then his path forward would be very hard.

Taking in a deep breath, he forcefully moved his body and dodged the attacks of the three Snow Wolves.  Quickly moving forward, he used the Dragon Rend Strike on a retreating Snow Wolf and then took another step forward to release another attack, killing it.  Turning around to charge at the other two Snow Wolves, in a few seconds, he had killed them as fast as possible.

Other than the three Snow Wolves, there were no other living beings in this empty space.  In this cold atmosphere, the rate that he was losing HP exceeded the regeneration of the life ring, so he drank one of his smallest potions.  Squatting down, he used the “harvest technique” on the Snow Wolves.

“Ding……You have harvested one ‘Snow Wolf’s Pelt’.”

“Ding……You have harvested one ‘Snow Wolf’s Pelt’.”

Snow Wolf’s Pelt: The fur of a Snow Wolf.  It has a strong cold resisting ability and can be turned into a cold resisting coat.

Walking forward again, there was an incomparably wide ice road in front of him that was one hundred meters wide.  There were several icicles hanging over the road, some even growing long enough to reach the floor.


A dangerous feeling came from above him and Ye Tian Xie instinctively moved.  Without looking up, he quickly jumped to the side according to the air currents he felt.  Rolling on the floor, he heard a giant collision sound come from where he had just been standing.  Where he had been standing, there was now a giant icicle pierced into the ground.  Since the icicle was incredibly sharp, it was stabbed into the ice surface, not breaking or falling over.

Without a doubt, Ye Tian Xie would have been pierced by the icicle if he had not moved and would have died.

In this quiet ice hole, there were all kinds of hidden dangers.

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