EDAH Chapter 190


Chapter 190: Frozen Bone Path

Continuing forward, Ye Tian Xie put up his guard.  Without knowing where the icicles were, a normal player would carefully walk through here, but for Ye Tian Xie, his perception and reaction would allow him to detect the icicle as soon as it fell and he could easily avoid them.

With his HP decreasing by fifteen every second and only recovering five per second, Ye Tian Xie continued to move forward while avoiding all the icicles that fell, occasionally drinking a health potion.

With the exception of the three Snow Wolves Ye Tian Xie met, he did not meet any other monsters within the next ten minutes.  The description of the quest said that one had to “fulfill the Frost Wolf’s wish”, but they did not have to defeat it.  On the other hand, with the strength of Spiritual Grade Beasts, current players had no way of defeating them.

So, this was clearly a quest that one had to pass with intelligence rather than fighting.  It was clear from the strange questions that Yaya asked……If one wasn’t smart, they might be eaten by the terrifying wolf.


He had to be smart……

After another ten minutes, the path in front of him finally changed.  It did not grow wider, but rather became more narrow.  It was still an ice tunnel……But, the colour of the ice had visibly changed.  It had turned blue, no, it was even darker than blue.  This kind of blue was a pure ice blue.  When a person saw this kind of blue, they could tell just how bone chilling cold this ice was.

While Ye Tian Xie was slowly walking forward in this world of ice, a cold current that made his expression change suddenly hit him.  In just a second, this cold spread to every corner of Ye Tian Xie’s body.  Every hair, every drop of blood……

If the cold from before was enough to make a person’s body turn stiff, then this cold was enough to freeze them and rob them of their consciousness.

At the same time, a clear system prompt sounded in his ears.

“Ding……You have stepped into the dangerous map ‘The Frozen Bone Path’.  In the Frozen Bone Path, a terrifying temperature drop will limit your body’s flexibility and you will lose 10% of your max HP per second.  Please prepare properly before entering.”

Every second……he would lose 10% of his max HP!?

With his current 2727 max HP……it meant that after entering the map, not only would he have to endure the inhumane cold, he would also lose two hundred and seventy three HP per second!



The three figured damage figure appeared above Ye Tian Xie’s head and the red damage figure shocked Ye Tian Xie out of his stupor.  With the best health potion he had, he could only restore four hundred HP per five seconds, which meant eighty HP per second.  This kind of healing speed was more than enough for normal players with several hundred points of HP and with a Priest healing them, they had nothing to worry about.  But for him……in this Frozen Bone Path, his high HP became a fatal burden.

Other than the extra two hundred HP from the life ring, the extra HP he gained had came from his Reverse Boned Evil Dragon Job, so he had no way of taking it off……

Bent over, Ye Tian Xie left the terrifying Frozen Bone Path.  Seeing that his HP bar had been emptied by one third, Ye Tian Xie knit his brows.  The current cold temperature was greater than any enemy he face because it was irresistible.  Regardless of what high level skill or innate talent he had, he had no way of getting past.  Drinking another high level potion, his HP bar filled up by a bit.  Ye Tian Xie thought about it for a while and then lowered his head to say, “Yao Yao!”

With his summon, the snow fox Yao Yao appeared by his feet.  It did not like being called out into this world of ice, but it waved its tail and looked up at its master.

Profound Spirit Snow Fox: Third Grade Pet

Level: 12

Comes from an unknown origin.  It was sealed within the Dragon God’s Stone seventy million years ago by the dragon god and has just escaped.  It has an exquisite style, gentle nature, and is extremely ornamental.  It will not take the initiative to attack another creature.

Master: Ye Tian Xie

HP: 340

MP: 1360

Physical Attack Power: 58

Magical Attack Power: 116

Evasion: 17

Accuracy: 17

Attack Speed: 150

Move Speed: 180

[Author’s Note: Yao Yao’s innate skills have been introduced before, so I’ll be scolded if I write them again.]

Yao Yao was already level twelve, but it still did not have any attack skills, only those healing skills.  Compared with a Priest of the same level, its three hundred and forty HP was quite high and its one thousand three hundred and sixty MP is considered terrifying.  In comparison, its attack power and magic attack were pitiful…..But the effects of its healing skills were much higher compared to normal healing spells from Priests.

With its one hundred and sixteen magic attack, her Profound Spirit Healing Technique could restore a max of – 580!  Converting that to seconds, it could heal Ye Tian Xie for one hundred and sixteen each second.

Adding in the potion and the life ring, Ye Tian Xie’s HP was now dropping by around seventy points per second.

Seventy points……

Adding in Yao Yao’s Profound Spirit Restoration Technique that had a ten second cooldown……

The Profound Spirit Restoration could heal 30% of his max HP with a ten second cooldown.  With Ye Tian Xie’s HP, 30% would be eight hundred and sixteen……If it was like this, it could counteract the HP Ye Tian Xie was losing.

After studying the little fox Yao Yao’s stats for a while, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help being stunned.  A third grade level twelve pet could heal him to this degree.  It was enough to make any Priest feel ashamed of themselves……Even with the Rainbow Bracelet, which doubled one’s healing ability, Fei Fei still could not compare with the Profound Snow Fox.

“Yao Yao, are you not cold?”  Looking at Yao Yao waving its tail and just standing there, Ye Tian Xie asked in a curious voice.  From what he could see, it did not have any adverse effect from being in this climate.

Yao Yao clearly understood his words and shook its head.

“Let’s go, we’re going in……Yao Yao, I’m depending on you this time.”

Ye Tian Xie took in a deep breath and then walked into Frozen Bone Path once again.  In an instant, that cold air that was impossible to resist almost made him stop breathing.

Dead end, this was clearly a dead end.

On the other hand, Yao Yao was bouncing behind him, not feeling the influence of the cold at all.  Ye Tian Xie’s teeth began to clatter.  Looking at Yao Yao, he dragged his body that was much heavier than usual and ran as fast as he could.

-273, -273, -273…….




Yao Yao was very intelligent and could clearly see Ye Tian Xie’s current situation and environment.  Every time the cooldown of the healing skill finished, it would immediately cast it on Ye Tian Xie.  It had to stop moving every time it cast the skill, but it was very flexible with double Ye Tian Xie’s move speed.  Adding in the fact that Ye Tian Xie had been frozen stiff and had half his normal move speed, even though Yao Yao was occasionally stopping, it did not fall behind Ye Tian Xie at all.

Only a minute had passed, but Ye Tian Xie felt like it was a century while suffering through the cold.  The Frozen Bone Path was not quiet and in front of Ye Tian Xie, a small group of snow white figures appeared.

Snow Wolves!

Six Snow Wolves stood in a row as if they were waiting for Ye Tian Xie.  When Ye Tian XIe came close, the six Snow Wolves charged at him at the same time.

The Moment of Destiny Appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s hand, but under the attack of the cold, his hands were not his anymore.  It was hard to lift the Moment of Destiny that seemed extremely heavy, even holding it up was hard.  With fierce breathing and a concentrated gaze, he tried to move back to avoid the three Snow Wolves’ attacks, but immediately, he was hit by all three attacks.

-91, -92, -95, -272……

The attack of the three wolves and the cold dropped Ye Tian Xie’s HP by a large amount.  Yao Yao’s flexible body weaved past the wolves and when the cooldown finished, it immediately cast the “Profound Spirit Restore Technique” on Ye Tian Xie, refilling his HP.  In the moment it stopped to cast the skill, a wolf claw slapped onto its body……


Yao Yao’s defence was quite weak and the Snow Wolf instantly lowered Yao Yao’s HP by half.  Yao Yao’s self recovery skill followed, immediately restoring its HP back to max……


A Dragon Rend Slash forced a Snow Wolf Back, but he was also hit with three attacks once again.  His body was stiff like he had lost all his flexibility, losing his attack speed and his accuracy.  In the period of five seconds, the three Snow Wolves were attack by Ye Tian Xie, but not a single one was killed.  Ye Tian Xie’s HP that had been restored by Yao Yao had been taken down by half.

Giving a deep sigh, Ye Tian Xie summoned Yao Yao back to his side and activated the Evil Dragon’s Soul, releasing the Evil Dragon’s Wall.

The Evil Dragon’s Wall was a place of absolute defense.  “Absolute”, not only could it block any kind of attacks, it could also isolate all kinds of influences.

Even temperature.

Even including monster hostility.

The Evil Dragon’s Wall covered Ye Tian Xie and Yao Yao by his feet.   When he released it, Ye Tian Xie’s HP continued to fall, but he no longer felt the influence of the cold.  The Snow Wolves were still attacking him, but they kept hitting the invisible wall around him, not being able to touch Ye Tian Xie at all.

Ye Tian Xie helplessly pulled out the Town Return Scroll.  With the Evil Dragon’s Wall up, he was in a free state, so he could use the Town Return Scroll.

Just like with the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, he failed the first time he entered the Frost Wolf’s Hole.  At least these two defeats showed Ye Tian Xie what he would have to face now.

The next time he came, he would have to undergo Yaya’s test once again…..Thinking of this, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help having a headache.  Before the Evil Dragon’s Wall disappeared, he crushed the Town Return Scroll.

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