EDAH Chapter 191


Chapter 191: Broken Heart’s first “quest”

The scene disappeared and Ye Tian Xie restored his HP as soon as he arrived in Heavenly Stellar City.  Afterwards,he headed off towards his own home.  There were no easy quests out of the three system quests.  The mercenary quest was purely killing the enemies that spawned, but the faction and pet quests required the ability to explore and the ability to work together……After entering the Frost Wolf’s Hole, he knew that it was incredibly hard for him to complete this pet quest alone.  That terrifying Frozen Bone Path required him to bring along a Priest.

Un, forget about it.  Wasn’t the Priest with the strongest healing ability already on his side?

Today, it was Broken Heart’s first day coming to “work” at Guo Guo’s Little Cabin.  This place was so beautiful and magnificent that it seemed like an illusion.  It wasn’t exaggerated to say that compared to the place she used to live in, this place was like heaven.  If she could frequently be in a place like this, even if she did not get any income, she would not want to leave.  Every woman would instinctively be drawn to beautiful and warm things.  At the same time, even if it was a thrifty girl, she would still deeply feel moved by this kind of luxurious thing.

Although she was here by herself all day, she did not feel lonely at all, rather she enjoyed the silence.


From yesterday to today, she kept having this kind of unreal feeling……It seemed like happiness and hope could come so quickly and suddenly.

For her little sister, her little sister’s future, and this opportunity, she would definitely work hard.

In the morning, she familiarized herself with this place and in the afternoon, she picked several matured fruits, placing them into the dining hall.  Then, she cleaned whatever she could clean.  Houses in the Destiny World were like houses in reality, they needed to be carefully taken care of.

She really wanted to bring her little sister here because this environment would definitely raise her mood.  Perhaps, it would also be good for her condition.  Only, this place did not belong to her and she did not dare to do things that might dissatisfy the master of this place……At the same time, her little sister’s condition required her to rest for long periods of time every day……Even playing video games would be considered quite taxing on her.

When the door opened, Broken Heart ran in from the backyard and quickly greeted Ye Tian Xie.  When she heard the prompt of Ye Tian Xie coming back, she felt nervous, but she also felt hard to describe feeling of excitement and happiness……Only, she naturally ignored this feeling.  She did not realize just what this feeling meant.

Fei Fei was not home, but this did not surprise Ye Tian Xie at all.  Sitting in the main hall, Broken Heart quickly poured a cup of freshly brewed tea for him and then sat down in front of him…….However, her head was hanging down and she did not know what to say.

“Chen Xin, can you tell me about yourself?”  Taking a light sip of the tea, Ye Tian Xie put down the teacup and asked her this question.

Thinking of the past she never wanted to remember again, Broken Heart’s face turned pale.  Her expression made Ye Tian Xie’s heart skip a beat……He was convinced that the eyes she had and the feeling she gave him clearly show she had  suffered a painful experience, or even a miserable past.  With this kind of past, remembering it was like opening a wound once again.  He quickly added, “I was just casually asking, it’s fine if you don’t answer.”  Then he said in a half joking tone, “A man’s curiosity is also quite strong.”

Broken Heart bit her lips and said with a anxious look on her face, “Big brother Xie Tian, you are my friend and have helped me this much……I shouldn’t hide anything from you, but…..But……That matter, I really do not want to remember it at all……”

“If you can’t bear to look back, then don’t look back.  Just like me, all the things that I am unwilling to remember, I will not think about it at all.”  Ye Tian Xie looked at her panicked expression and spoke with a faint smile.  That smile as gentle as a breeze calmed Broken Heart’s heart and with a grateful nod, she gently said, “Un.”

“Do you have anyone by your side right now?”  Ye Tian Xie casually asked.

“Un……There is still my little sister, by blood related little sister.”  Thinking of the pitiful girl abandoned by the heavens, her only sister, her only relative, a faint smile and a deep pain appeared in the bottom of her eyes at once.

Although it was very hidden, Ye Tian Xie noticed something from her eyes.  His heart was shocked once again.  Casually asking two random question increased his understanding of this girl by quite a bit.

Ye Tian Xie changed the topic and casually said, “No matter what, you are the housekeeper that I worked hard to find, so you have to carefully organize everything in this house……If you’re not serious, then I will have to deduct your wages.”

That half joking tone defused the tense atmosphere and Broken Heart slightly bowed forward, “I will do my best.”

Ye Tian Xie knew that after coming here, her heart was even more nervous because no matter how it was covered up, this “help” was too heavy for her.  He could only allow her to slowly adapt to her role and let her feel more comfortable accepting Ye Tian Xie’s “help”.  Only then would she really be able to relax.  A frail person that had been hurt before had hearts that were the most fragile.

What Ye Tian Xie could help her with was just this alone, everything else depended on her.  He had a tragic past himself and that was why he was willing to help her, but that did not mean that he was willing to change her destiny.  At least right now, he wouldn’t think that much about it.

The current Broken Heart was showing him a nervous and respectful appearance…..Just like a little maid.

He took out the two Snow Wolf Pelts that he harvested from the Snow Wolves from his inventory and placed them into the curious Broken Heart’s hand.  Then he said, “Chen Xin, run to the tailor shop and have the tailor make me two sets of cold resisting clothes.  As for the other required materials, just accept the tailor’s offer……Un, I’ll have many running errands to trouble you with in the future.”

“It’s no trouble, no trouble at all.  I will go right now.”

Broken Heart was currently in a very delicate state of mind.  Her kind heart decided that if she took one thousand gold coins from Ye Tian Xie a day while not doing anything, her heart would feel unsettled because it would definitely be a loss to Ye Tian Xie.  If she could be very busy until her body was very tired, then her heart would be satisfied.

So, in the Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, she carefully paid attention to every detail.  To this “quest” that Ye Tian Xie gave her, she was very happy to complete it as soon as possible.

Seeing Broken Heart quickly running off, Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile and said in a low voice, “This kind of girl…..she would make a perfect wife.  I don’t know who will have the blessing of placating her heart and entering her mind.”

Raising his wrist, Ye Tian Xie shouted, “Fei Fei, where are you?”

On the other side of the communication device……

“Yi?  Tian Xie, you’re finally out!  When I called you earlier, it gave me the prompt that you were still on a special map……I’m with big brother Zuo and Qiu Shui bullying little deers to the south……Hu!  These two are really dumb.  These weak and cute little deers, the two of them take so long to kill them!  They can’t compare to my Tian Xie at all!”

Zuo Po Jun’s dissatisfied voice loudly rang out, “Young miss Su, old fourth and I have already explained it a hundred times, our clearing speed is already quite high compared to the other players.  You are just used to second brother’s abnormal killing speed, so you feel like this……”

“Hey!  Humph, humph, you guys are sworn brothers and you’re not embarrassed to say this.”  Su Fei Fei stuck out her nose as she spoke in a teasing manner.

Murong Qiu Shui quietly said, “That’s why Tian Xie is the second brother and we are the third and fourth brother.”

“Alright, my Tian Xie is back, so I won’t stay with you any longer.  Bye bye.”

Hanging up the call, Su Fei Fei quickly returned to the city.  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui did not even have a chance to say anything before she disappeared.

Zuo Po Jun rubbed his nose and said in a small voice, “Hu, hu, that young miss taking our experience points is finally gone.”

“No, no, no, beloved third brother, don’t you think that with the beautiful and kind elder sister Fei Fei by our side with her loving healing technique making it so we have nothing to worry about, our punishing speed of the pitiful life forms became faster……If I had a choice, I really hope……She can forget the glory of our second brother and stay by our side…….Oh!!  I would treat her better than second brother.”

Zuo Po Jun looked at him and disdainfully said, “Would you dare say that to second brother’s face?”

“Only if I was tired of living in this beautiful world!”


“But then again, thinking of second brother’s voice, why does it seem like I’ve forgotten something important?”

“Something important……Oh!  Second brother’s voice reminds of the summon of the Heavenly Soul mercenary group!”

“Fuck!!  Quickly return to the city!  We have to enter the Heavenly Soul mercenary group!”


Heavenly Stellar City, the tailor shop.

“Hello aunty Yu, can you use your most basic materials to help me make a cold resisting cloak?”  Broken Heart took out the two Snow Wolf Pelts as soon as she entered the tailor shop and respectfully handed them over to the tailor shop’s boss, aunty Yu.

The legendary aunty Yu wasn’t just an aunt, she was also a Heavenly level tailor.

When she received the Snow Wolf Pelt from Broken Heart, she was still holding a needle in her hand.  What she held in her hand wasn’t a terrifying Frozen Soul Needle, but rather it was… embroidery needle.

Broken Heart’s polite and delicate voice made aunty Yu take a few extra looks at her.  Then when she saw the Snow Wolf’s Pelt, her expression changed as she said, “Snow Wolf Pelt, it comes from the Frost Wolf’s Hole from the far north of the Lost Continent.  There are only a few Snow Wolves and it is a species of wolves that could adapt to the cold of the north.  If you use its pelt to make a coat, then it would have a strong cold resisting effect……Little girl, did you bring any other materials or any gems that can be embedded into it?”  She raised her head to ask.

“No……As for the other materials, can I just buy it from you?”  Broken Heart became visibly nervous.  This was the first request that Ye Tian Xie had given her and she did not want to disappoint him.

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