EDAH Chapter 203


Chapter 203: Yao Yao’s rage – Profound Spirit Wall (Part 2)

“Fei Fei, are you cold?  There’s no need to force yourself.  If you’re feeling cold, then you can go back first.  It’s fine with just Yao Yao here.”  Ye Tian Xie touched Su Fei Fei’s cold hand as he gently spoke to her.

Su Fei Fei had an intelligence of seventy five and her basic healing technique healed for her intelligence times two.  After level thirty, she would get an intermediate healing technique that could heal for three times her intelligence value.  Adding in the doubling effect of the Rainbow Bracelet, Su Fei Fei’s current healing ability was 7522=300.  Namely, she was able to heal three hundred HP per five seconds.

While Yao Yao’s magic attack was inferior to Su Fei Fei’s, a single Profound Spirit Healing Technique could restore five hundred and eighty HP.  Then adding in the Profound Restoration Technique which could restore 30% of the target’s max HP every ten seconds, Yao Yao’s healing abilities were several times what Su Fei Fei had with the Rainbow Bracelet.

But, Su Fei Fei’s position was still very important.  While Yao Yao’s strong healing abilities could stabilize Ye Tian Xie’s HP situation, if he suffered a strong attack, then he would need Su Fei Fei’s healing abilities to save him.


Seeing Ye Tian Xie affectionately holding Su Fei Fei’s hand and how gentle his gaze and voice was……Zuo Po Jun was finally certain that Ye Tian Xie was serious this time.

Hu……He secretly let out a long sigh.  This matter, it’s fine to tell old third, but should he tell elder sister about this?  If he told elder sister about this, what would be the result?

“I…..I’m fine.”  Su Fei Fei forced herself to reply.  Living the pampered life of a young miss, when had she ever suffered such cold temperatures before?  After a short period of silence, she let out a few short pants.  Looking at Ye Tian Xie, she gently said, “Tian Xie, at least let me finish the quest with you…..Because, this is our first…..time fighting side by side, hee…..”

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

Su Fei Fei’s beautiful smile infected Ye Tian Xie, making the cold he felt slowly disappear.  He nodded and then gave a gentle “un” sound.

The Frozen Bone Path was very long, or at least that’s what everyone thought when entering this place.  This was because every minute and second felt like several hundred years.

After a few minutes, the three of them had reached the limit of being able to withstand the cold, but they still did not see then end.  Rather, they saw a few more snow coloured figures appear in their fuzzy line of sight.

It was another six Snow Wolves standing in a row, blocking off the path forward.

The three of them focused their minds and Ye Tian Xie said, “Po Jun, prepare yourself……Go, we’ll use the same method as last time.”

“I understand.”  Zuo Po Jun gave a hard shake of his hands to ensure that nothing wrong would happen with his “crowd taunt”, then he charged forward on his horse.

He released the crowd taunt once again and pulled in the aggro of all six wolves.  Immediately, Zuo Po Jun turned to run while happily giving a victory symbol with his hands at Ye Tian Xie.

Ye Tian Xie took in a gentle breath and then ran after the Snow Wolves, preparing to take care of them one by one……

With a normal attack and a Dragon Rend Strike, the first Snow Wolf fell.

As Ye Tian Xie prepared to use his second Dragon Rend Strike, a strange sound came from behind him.  The freezing environment did not affect Ye Tian Xie’s perception.  He quickly turned around to find that there were six more Snow Wolves charging out from the ice pillars.  Two charged at him and four charged at Su Fei Fei.

“Po Jun!!”  Ye Tian Xie’s face turned pale in shock.  Then he forced himself to calm down and shouted at Zuo Po Jun.

“This is bad……Second brother, my crowd taunt has a ten second cooldown left, I can’t use it……Second brother, protect little sister Fei Fei first!”  Noticing the danger, Zuo Po Jun was shocked just like him.  With Su Fei Fei’s low HP, there was the chance that she would be instantly killed by the Snow Wolves.  Although his heart fell into chaos, he did not lose his mind.  Zuo Po Jun did not dare to stop moving because the moment he did, he would find himself falling under a Snow Wolf’s claws.

If it wasn’t for the mount, Ye Tian Xie could have used his “Dragon Shadow Slash” to appear beside Su Fei Fei, but the White Dragon Horse was not a battle mount, so he could not use the Dragon Shadow Slash…….Ye Tian Xie could only charge forward on the White Dragon Horse.  As long as he could arrive in front of Su Fei Fei, he could release the Evil Dragon’s Soul barrier to protect her……It was fine to fail here because he could try again another day, but he could not allow Fei Fei to die under the Snow Wolf’s claws.

“Fei Fei, run away!”  Ye Tian Xie loudly shouted.

But even with the White Dragon Horse, it was already clearly too late.  Seeing the approaching Snow Wolves, Su Fei Fei’s face turned pale and her body froze with fright.  Not to mention her running away, moving alone would already be difficult for her.

Seeing that he would not reach Su Fei Fei in time, Ye Tian Xie’s heart tightened……At this moment, Yao Yao standing on the White Dragon Horse’s head stopped healing.  Its small body released a white light and charged out at Su Fei Fei.

Yao Yao’s move speed was close to twice that of Ye Tian Xie’s at 180!


Yao Yao’s little body appeared right in front of Su Fei Fei, slamming into the Snow Wolf’s body.  Yao Yao’s was also hit by the wolf claw aimed at Su Fei Fei and over half its HP disappeared.

“Yao Yao!”  Ye Tian Xie anxiously called out.  He was close enough, so he jumped off the horse and flew through the air with a Dragon Shadow Slash.  His body fell down, landing by Su Fei Fei’s side.  At this moment, there were two Snow Wolves close to Su Fei Fei……with one in front and one to the right.

If it was normal, Ye Tian Xie would have picked Su Fei Fei up and ran away, but right now, Ye Tian Xie’s frozen body had no way of making this kind of movement.  He used his body to block the one coming from the front, but he could not stop the one coming from the right……

Priests were essential existences on the battlefield, but were also weak existences that needed to be protected.  In order for them to protect others, they needed someone strong to protect them first.

The one blocking the other Snow Wolf was Yao Yao.

With the two wolves attacking one after the other, Yao Yao did not even have the chance to heal itself.  It just charged right at the other Snow Wolf.  Yao Yao who had no attacking abilities could only charge right at the wolf.  It was just trying to protect Su Fei Fei because she was the person its master wanted to protect.

Meeting it head on was another wolf claw attack…..Without any hesitation, its HP bar turned empty.

“Yao Yao!”

Before its consciousness faded, it heard Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei calling out at the same time.

I am a Profound Snow Spirit Fox, born in an unknown place.  Why I was born and who I was born for, even after millions of years, I still do not know.

I have a very strong innate ability.  No matter how big my wound is, I will always be able to completely heal it.  A long time ago, I already learned that I could never win a fight with no attacking abilities, but I could also never lose…..Because if I wanted it, I could never die.

Although I couldn’t win……My power could allow my partners to win every fight.  With me there, my partners would not fall, they would only become stronger……Only, that partner was not a true partner.  I only met it because I was born there, so that’s why I became one of them.

And it was because I had appeared that the Dragon Race that had never lost, finally lost.  When we forced the Dragon Race into a bad situation, the powerful Dragon God did not hesitate to use his life as a price to seal me in a terrifying place…..In that transparent world, I could only watch the Dragon Race attack my partners……I did not feel anxious or sad because they were not my true partners, my true friends……

What I am sad about… my own destiny.

The Dragon God’s strength was inferior to me, but whenever I felt like I was about to break through the Dragon God’s Stone, I found that the Dragon God of every generation would infuse dragon power into the weakened Dragon God’s Stone……My power, was unable to resist the countless Dragon Gods from countless generations…..

So, in that desperate situation, I was imprisoned for seventy million years……

My powers were drained for seventy million years, dropping me down to an incredibly weak point……It was only enough to keep my life and consciousness.

They called me the mysterious fox.

But now I have a new name – Yao Yao.

I really like this name, I like it a lot.

Because this is the name given to me by my master…..It was him that saved me from my seventy million years of despair.  I clearly remember everything he said for me and everything he did for me…..He let me know what true emotions feel like.

So, I took the initiative to sign the Soul Blood Contract with him, forever being his pet…..But I never regretted this choice.

The current me……would I die like this?

The current me is truly weak……but the previous me was even feared by the Dragon God.  How could I……die under a simple Snow Wolf’s claws?

My power……Where did you go……

Please come back……Just a little bit……At least let me use a bit to protect my master…..Really, just a little bit……

Yao Yao’s body was sent flying back in a parabola as its seventy million years of memories flashed in its mind.  Time seemed to slow down and everything became calm.  It slowly floated to the ground like a ball of cotton.

At this moment, a white light came from Yao Yao’s body.  An intense wind generated by a strong power was released all around it and the Snow Wolves were all sent flying back.

In the center of the light, Yao Yao’s body stopped falling, floating in the air.  In Ye Tian Xie’s ears, an incomparably shocking prompt sounded……

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ special ability ‘Profound Spirit Resurrection’ has been awakened and activated.  The Profound Snow Spirit Fox has been revived and it has been completely healed.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has awakened for an unknown reason and has become a fourth grade pet.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s’ abilities have awakened and it has become a fifth grade pet.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has gained the abilities: Profound Spirit Wall·Revenge, Profound Spirit Wall·Heavenly Barrier, and Profound Spirit Wall·Heavenly Blessing.”

Profound Snow Spirit Fox: Fifth Grade Pet

Level: 12

Comes from an unknown origin.  It was sealed in the Dragon God’s Stone for seventy million years, but it was freed thanks to Xie Tian.  It’s abilities have dropped and it only possesses a small part of its original powers.  It has an exquisite style, gentle nature, and is extremely ornamental.  It will not take the initiative to attack another creature.

Master: Xie Tian

Because it has signed the Soul Blood Contract, it will never betray its master.


HP: 660

MP: 2640

Physical Attack Power: 102

Magical Attack Power: 204

Defense: 102

Evasion: 36

Accuracy: 36

Attack Speed: 150

Move Speed: 210

Innate Skill: Profound Spirit Body

Profound Spirit Resurrection: The Profound Spirit power of the Profound Snow Spirit Fox defies the heavens.  After it dies, it has a 50% chance of reviving in the same spot with full HP.

Skills: Profound Spirit Self Recovery Technique, Profound Spirit Healing Technique, Profound Spirit Restoration Technique.

Profound Spirit Wall·Revenge: Uses the angry profound spirit power to create a red wall of vengeance, covering the user in a five meter radius.  The Revenge barrier will flash every second which pushes back all enemies within its range by three meters and deals magic attack power*3 amount of non attributed magic damage each flash.  Costs 100 MP per second to maintain and it can be interrupted.  It can be used for a maximum of 20 seconds per use.  Has a cooldown time of 120 seconds.

Profound Spirit Wall·Heavenly Barrier: Uses the tough profound spirit power to create a yellow wall of protection.  After being used, a wall of protection against all damage will be created.  Costs 100 MP per second to maintain and it can be interrupted.  It can be used for a maximum of 20 seconds per use.  Has a cooldown time of 180 seconds.

Profound Spirit Wall·Heavenly Blessing: Uses the merciful profound spirit power to create a white wall of blessing.  After being used, it will create a ten meter wide barrier around the user that reduces all the damage dealt to all allies by 50% and increasing healing to all allies by 50%.  Costs 100 MP per second to maintain and it can be interrupted.  It can be used for a maximum of 1 minute per use.  It can only be used three times a day.

Origin Barrier: Unable to be learnt since user is not strong enough.

Light of Origin: Unable to be learnt since user is not strong enough.

Yao Yao that had died right in front of Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei was instantly……reborn in front of their eyes!

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