EDAH Chapter 204


Chapter 204: The dead Frost Wolf

Not only did Yao Yao get revived, it also went from being a third grade to a fourth grade pet .  At only level twelve, it already had 2650 MP.  With the insane self recovery technique and the three Profound Spirit Walls, it showed just how strong……true Profound Snow Spirit Foxes were.

The Wall of Revenge was a strong repelling move that could send enemies back three meters and had a strong damage figure to it.  Once this wall was released, if one did not have a high enough move speed, it was impossible to reach Yao Yao.  The Heavenly Barrier Wall had a long twenty second use time and had a short three minute cooldown, it was even several times stronger compared to Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon’s Soul barrier.  Perhaps only in a strange monster like Yao Yao could such a heaven defying skill appear.  The Heavenly Blessing Wall, a large scale blessing skill.  Once it was released, not only could it protect allies, Yao Yao could make its own strong healing technique even stronger.

Destiny did not give it any strong attack skills, so it had given back to it with these terrifying defensive skills.  Even though Yao Yao only recovered a part of its power, the part that it had displayed showed Ye Tian Xie just how strong it was.

After being sent flying by the wolf and falling to the ground, Yao Yao had no hesitation as a scarlet glow came from its snow white body.





The red Revenge Wall covered itself, Ye Tian Xie, and Su Fei Fei, enveloping a five meter range.  As soon as the first “chi” sounded, the red barrier flashed with a red glow and the three Snow Wolves inside its five meter range suffered a strong blow.  Their bodies had no way of resisting the barrier at all.

-612, -612, -612…….

The three Snow Wolves were sent back at the same time and their HPs dropped by one third.

Non-attributed magic was a rare and terrifying kind of magic.  Because it had no attribute, there was no resistance that existed for it and it could not be defended against.  But it was hard to display this kind of magic.  Wind Magic was formed with wind and Fire Magic was formed with flames……As for non-attributed magic, it required “nothing” as a medium and did not need any matter.  For those that could use “nothing” to use magic with, there weren’t many people like that on the Lost Continent over the course of millions of years of history.  The Wall of Revenge was Yao Yao’s only attack skill and it had a very strong attack.  Ye Tian Xie’s Dragoon Rend Slash was only a double damage attack on a single target, but this Wall of Revenge dealt magic damage to all three nearby enemies.

Yao Yao’s appearance did not change after its evolution, it was still a small and seemingly harmless cute, little fox.  While it was releasing the Wall of Revenge, Yao Yao also immediately used its Profound Spirit Healing Technique…….

+1020, +1020, +1020…….

The three digits that broke the thousand limit appeared above Ye Tian Xie and the other, immediately refilling their HP that had been drained by the cold.

Ye Tian Xie looked at Yao Yao in a daze for a bit, but quickly recovered.  Then he shouted at the equally stunned Zuo Po Jun who had almost been caught by the five snow wolves chasing him, “Po Jun, come over here!!”

“Ah, ah…..Oh!”  Zuo Po Jun was surprised and then quickly turned around, running right at Ye Tian Xie.  He ran right into the Wall of Revenge.

After the Wall of Revenge formed, it was not locked into place, and it instead followed Yao Yao, always appearing five meters around it.  After Zuo Po Jun ran into the Wall of Revenge, the five Snow Wolves tightly chasing after him also charged over……They were sent flying by the Wall of Revenge and large damage figures appeared above them……

-612, -612, -612, -612, -612…….

The three of them moved beside Yao Yao, standing at the center of the Wall of Revenge.  They all had different emotions as they watched the Snow Wolves charge at them……If they were smart enough, they would not charge again at the Wall of Revenge and wait for it to disappear…..But if the wolves were smart enough, they wouldn’t be wolves.

After being sent flying by the Wall of Revenge, not only did they not retreat, it instead angered them.  After a short while, they charged forth once again with a vicious aura and then they were sent flying by the Wall of Revenge once again.

-612, -612, -612…….

The Snow Wolves had a max HP of 1600 and after being sent flying by the Wall of Revenge three times, they weakly fell to the floor……Even their corpses were sent back by the Wall of Revenge.  The first few Snow Wolves dying did not warn the following Snow Wolves as they continued to charge forward until their HP bars emptied.

The Wall of Revenge could be maintained for a maximum of twenty seconds, but in less than ten seconds, the ten Snow Wolves all fell outside the Wall of Revenge.

Seeing the red barrier surrounded by wolf corpses, Zuo Po Jun and Su Fei Fei were shocked.  Perhaps, shock wasn’t even enough to describe the emotions they felt right now.  Looking at the little fox by Ye Tian Xie’s feet, they looked at it like they were looking at a monster.

“Yao Yao, good job.”  Ye Tian Xie picked up Yao Yao and held it in his chest as he spoke with a faint smile on his face.  After all that excitement and all that moving around, the bone chilling cold no longer seemed all that terrifying.

“Second brother…..This…..This…..Is this really an ordinary little fox that can heal?”

A level twelve pet could protect the three of them so easily in this harsh environment and could take care of level twenty five monsters so easily.

The stats Ye Tian Xie had with his innate skills could be considered “abnormal”, but even the pet he had by his side was not a normal pet.  It was as abnormal as he was.

“Don’t ask right now, we have to leave first…….It’s been a long time, so we should make the best of our time.”  Ye Tian Xie said.  He pulled Su Fei Fei up and helped her fix her snow coat.  Although she had the snow coat, Su Fei Fei was not like him or Zuo Po Jun, she was just a young miss that had never suffered before.  Her tenacity could not compare to them and it was hard for her to stay in a place like this.

In front of them, would there be a stronger enemy?

The answer was…

The Frozen Bone Path was a difficult and brutal test and there weren’t many people that had resistances like Ye Tian Xie, most of them gave up halfway, being unable to continue forward.  Su Fei Fei being able to make it here was because of her own insistence and those snow clothes.  The few Snow Wolves located before the Frozen Bone Path was help given to players by the system before they entered the Frozen Bone Path……Because only by collecting the pelt of these wolves could they make snow coats which increased their chances of passing the Frozen Bone Path.

In a harsh environment like the Frozen Bone Path, although they were normal level twenty five monsters, this was still considered a very terrifying test.  Not to mention the players of the current stage, even a full team of level twenty five players would have trouble dealing with six wolves, not to mention eleven of them.

Those eleven Snow Wolves were the final enemies…….Passing them meant passing the test of the Frozen Bone Path.  This also meant that the quest was half finished.

Only half finished.

After half a minute, they finally arrived at the end of the Frozen Bone Path.  The three of them felt excited and worried……They were worried because in front of them was a deeper part of the Frost Wolf’s Hole, so would it be colder than the Frozen Bone Path?  Because normally, the deeper one went, the more terrifying it was.

The three White Dragon Horses came out of the Frozen Bone Path at the same time.  The minute they came out, they found that their worries were for nothing.

There was no longer ice here, but rather it was filled with snow.  Judging by the feeling from below their feet, there was ice underneath the snow.  This place was just like the beginning of the Frost Wolf’s Hole.  If one’s senses were sharp enough, they could tell that it was even at the same temperature.

Although it was still cold, compared to the Frozen Bone Path, it was like feeling the warm rays of the sun shine down on them.  Su Fei Fei and Zuo Po Jun’s white faces slowly faded and they looked at Ye Tian Xie……Because there was nothing but snow in front of them, with nothing there.  There was no path to continued down, it seemed like they had reached the end.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes just looked forward.  After a while, he slowly said, “There’s no need to move forward…..Look ahead of us!”

With Ye Tian Xie’s reminder, Su Fei Fei and Zuo Po Jun looked at the direction Ye Tian Xie pointed in.  They found that ten meters in front of them, there was a giant wolf.

It was a white wolf, white as the snow.  It was a white that had no impurities, just like it was covered it snow and it fused into the snow in its background.  If one did not look closely, they would not be able to see the outline of its body.  This wolf was really big.  Lying down on the ground, it was at least five meters in length.

The white wolf was in a state of absolute calm.  Its eyes were closed and it did not make a single sound, it was as if it was dead.

“White wolf…..perhaps this is the Frost Wolf the quest was describing?”  Zuo Po Jun said in a gentle and cautious voice.  He was afraid of waking the terrifying sleeping Spiritual Grade Beast.  This beast was not like the little level fifteen Spiritual Beast of the Phantom forest, it was something that normal players could not face at all.

Dead Frost Wolf

Stats: None

The information coming from the Evil Dragon’s Eyes shocked Ye Tian Xie.  It did confirm that it was the Frost Wolf, but what this “dead” part mean!?  Was the quest just referring to the Frost Wolf’s corpse?

His brows slightly knit together as he silently watched the Frost Wolf for a while.  His perception was telling him that…..on the Frost Wolf’s Body, there were no signs of life at all.

What is happening?

“Don’t move for now……I’ll take a look first.”  Ye Tian Xie said this and then completely focused his mind as he slowly walked towards the Frost Wolf without making a single sound.

Ten meters, nine meters……six meters, five meters…….

When Ye Tian Xie came within five meters of the Frost Wolf, a terrifying feeling came from above him.  Ye Tian Xie did not have time to look up as he instantly used the “Dragon Shadow Slash” to return back to his original position.


A long icicle fell from the sky and fell in the snow, sending countless pieces of broken ice flying all over the place.

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    -Reflect Mastery: lv1= Increase 20% damage Reflected[100%+20%=120% damage Reflected ]….. lv10 Increase 200% damage Reflected[100%+200%=300% damage Reflected ]
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