EDAH Chapter 206


Chapter 206: Pet system quest, finished!

If you couldn’t touch the Frost Wolf’s heart, then even a thousand words beautifully written would have no effect at all.  If one could touch the Frost Wolf’s heart, then even a single sentence would be enough.

Words could lie, expressions could lie, and even tears could lie…….But a person’s eyes could never lie.

What moved the Frost Wolf was not Su Fei Fei’s words, but rather the pain and sincerity that she showed in her eyes while she spoke.

So, it completely believed Su Fei Fei’s words.  It believed that she would be willing to save her child and take care of it……


That white mass of light was the strength the Frost Wolf used to protect its child.  Inside the white light was a little Frost Wolf fast asleep.  After a hundred years, it had not changed at all.  It did not lose any life force, so it had never grown.

The white mass of light floated to Su Fei Fei’s feet.  Su Fei Fei leaned down and under the guidance of a strange feeling, she reached out a hand towards it……Slowly the white light disappeared and a young little snow white wolf the size of a puppy appeared……If one did not know that it was a wolf, they would have thought that it was a puppy.

The little Frost Wolf slowly opened its eyes and looked at Su Fei Fei, as a strange glow appeared in its eyes.

“Ding…..The Frost Wolf (Youth) wishes to make you its master.  Do you accept?”

“Ding…..If you choose to accept it, then your team will have completed the Chinese Server’s pet system quest, the ‘Frost Wolf’s Sorrow’.  If you don’t accept, then that means you give up the quest.”

“I accept.”The white light covering the little Frost Wolf disappeared and the little Frost Wolf closed its eyes.  It turned into a ball of white light, disappearing into Su Fei Fei’s body.  At this moment, a huge system notification sounded out through the world.

“Ding……World Announcement: The Chinese Players ‘Misty Rain Revival’, ‘Xie Tian’, and ‘Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies’ have finished the server’s pet system quest, the ‘Frost Wolf’s Sorrow’, opening the pet system for all Chinese players.  Chinese players can now learn the ‘Basic Capture Skill’ which allows players to have a certain percentage in convincing monsters on the verge of death to become their pets.  At the same time, defeated monsters now have a chance to drop eggs that can hatch pets.  Since the Chinese Server is the first server to open the pet system, they will receive 200 System Honour Points.  The Chinese Server players ‘Misty Rain Revival’, ‘Xie Tian’, and ‘Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies’ are the first team to finish the pet system quest.  The player Misty Rain Revival  has gained 200 x 5 Prestige and the extra rewards including a Spiritual Level Pet: Frost Wolf and a Spiritual Grade Item: Comprehension Scroll.  The player Xie Tian has gained 200 x 2.5 Prestige and the extra reward, Spiritual Grade Item: Comprehension Scroll.  The player Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies has gained 200 x 2.5 Prestige and the extra reward, Spiritual Grade Item: Comprehension Scroll.

(Note: After finishing a system quest, the prestige gained is based on the honour points gained x 10, divided based on contribution.  If a person finished it alone, then they would gain all of it.  If ten people finished it together, it would be split into ten pieces.  In this quest, Su Fei Fei had finished the critical step, so she gained the most Prestige.)

“Ding……World Announcement…….”

“Ding……World Announcement…….”



While the world still hadn’t recovered from Xie Tian finishing the mercenary system quest alone, and when the world was still discussing on how Xie Tian was able to finish a system quest first, another series of five system prompts shocked all the players that heard it.

Server Honour Ranking:

First Place: Chinese Server

Honour Points: 300

Honor Details: On June 17th, 2210, the Chinese Server’s player Xie Tian completed the mercenary system quest.  The Chinese Server has become the first server in the world to have opened the mercenary system.

Honor Details: On June 18th, 2210, the Chinese Server’s players Misty Rain Revival, Xie Tian, and Shield Breaking a Thousand Armies have finished the pet system quest.  The Chinese server has become the first server in the world to have opened the pet system.

The focal point of discussions was once again the other countries anger and envy towards the Chinese Server, and……the shock that came with the appearance of a Spiritual Grade Pet.

If they had known that the reward for being the first person to finish the pet system quest was a Spiritual Grade Pet……Then, there was no doubt that countless players would have all gone out to be the ones to complete the quest first.

“Young miss Su, you did it!  You did it!”  Zuo Po Jun shouted out in excitement after breaking out of his stupor.  Before this, he never would have thought that the end of the quest would actually be solved by Su Fei Fei.

Ye Tian Xie tapped his forehead with his finger and his lips revealed a faint smile.  He had talked about how he was the boss, but the Frost Wolf did not react at all.  Su Fei Fei had only said a few words and the Frost Wolf had entrusted her with the little Frost Wolf without any hesitation, letting it become her pet.

But this way, the Frost Wolf’s wish would be fulfilled…..It would now disappear.

The Frost Wolf’s corpse remained the same, but the translucent wolf figure began to fade.  It watched the movements of the little Frost Wolf and when it disappeared into a ball of light into Su Fei Fei’s body, the Frost Wolf raised its head and gave a roar.  Without needing to worry anymore, it could finally move on.

Its strength disappeared and the consciousness and body of the Frost Wolf also quickly disappeared.  The Frost Wolf looked at Su Fei Fei one last time.  The moment its body disappeared, a ice coloured glow came from the sky and gently fell onto Su Fei Fei.

“Ding…..You have received the Spiritual Beast Frost Wolf’s Life Blessings.  You have gained Luck +3, Strength +10, Vitality +10, Agility +10, Intelligence +20, Water Resistance +20%, and a small resistance against the cold.”

The prompt sounded in Su Fei Fei’s ear and the body of the Frost Wolf disappeared afterwards.

“Thank you.”  Su Fei Fei whispered.

The disappearance of the Frost Wolf made the three of them a little sad.  However, immediately after, Zuo Po Jun excitedly ran up beside Su Fei Fei and said with glowing eyes, “Young miss Su, let me see the little wolf……God damn, it really is a Spiritual Grade Pet……How can others compete this quest!  From that system announcement, it’s hard to tell just how many people would be filled with jealousy!”

Ye Tian Xie also nodded in agreement.  He also wanted to see what kind of stats the little Spiritual Grade Pet had.

Su Fei Fei stretched out both hands and a little wolf that that seemed like a little puppy appeared as a ball of light in her hands.  After the Frost Wolf grew up, it was a giant wolf, but it seemed like it was very tiny when it was still young.

Frost Wolf: Spiritual Grade Pet

Level: 0

Master: Misty Rain Revival

The king of all wolves born in a cold environment.  It has strong cold resistance and ice and snow controlling powers.  At the same time, it is the most gentle out of all wolf species.


HP: 500

MP: 500

Physical Attack Power: 150

Magical Attack Power: 180

Defense: 120

Accuracy: 10

Evasion: 10

Attack Speed: 120

Move Speed: 120

It can be mounted after level 30.

Innate Skills:

Body of Ice: It can negate all cold in medium and below cold environments.  It has a 10%-30% increase in ice attributed skills in cold environments.  It can cancel out 60% of any water attributed attacks.


Iceball: Summons a ball of ice to attack a single enemy dealing damage equal to magic attack power x 120%.  Costs 12 MP to use.  Has no cooldown.

Icicles Technique: Concentrate countless icicles to attack enemies in front of the user.  Currently the maximum amounts of icicles that can be summoned is ten.  Each one will deal damage equal to magic attack power x 35%.  Each icicle costs 5 MP to use.  Has a 5 second cooldown time.

Frost Wolf Shadow: Creates a wolf shadow out of ice to attack all enemies within 5 meters in front of the user.  Deals magic attack power x 150% water attributed damage and has a 5% chance to trigger a 3-7 second freeze condition.  Costs 30 MP to use.  Has a 5 second cooldown time.

“So strong!”  Seeing the stats of the little Frost Wolf, Zuo Po Jun gave a gasp of shock.  His heart was filled with so much greed that he began to drool a little.  The little Frost Wolf was really worthy of being a Spiritual Grade Beast, it was only level zero, but it had stats that were enough to make any player go crazy.

It had to be said that as a normal Spiritual Grade Beast, the effects of the Frost Wolf’s skils could not compare to the abnormal Fifth Grade Profound Snow Spirit Fox.  So, with a comparison like the little freak Yao Yao, Ye Tian Xie only felt happy for Su Fei Fei when he saw the Frost Wolf’s stats and felt no shock at all.

“Tian Xie…..this little wolf, is it alright to give it to me?  Should I……”  Su Fei Fei hesitantly said.  On the way here, Ye Tian Xie and Zuo Po Jun opened the way and she had only given a little bit of support.  Instead, she had even caused more dangers.  Now that she had obtained the biggest reward, she could not help feeling disturbed.  She felt……the highest Prestige should have gone to Ye Tian Xie.  This strong Spiritual Grade Pet should also belong to him and make him stronger.

Under Ye Tian Xie and Zuo Po Jun’s gazes, the little Frost Wolf seemed afraid.  It timidly looked at them a few times and then began to shrink back into Su Fei Fei’s chest.

“Of course it is your pet.”  Ye Tian Xie understood what Su Fei Fei was thinking of and he said with a smile, “Being able to finish the quest was all because of you, Fei Fei.  If it wasn’t for you, not to mention convincing the Frost Wolf, we wouldn’t have even made it here.  The Frost Wolf is an attack pet, so by coordinating with your healing, it will increase your overall strength by several times.  Now that you can take care of yourself, I feel much more assured knowing that you’ll be safe……Other than that, you must remember your promise to the Frost Wolf.  It trusted you with its child, so you must remember what you said and treat it as your best partner.”

“Un!”  Su Fei Fei revealed a smile, “I understand.  I will become best friends with it…..That’s right, I still haven’t give it a name yet……Wu, it’s so white and its fur is like snow, so I’ll call it Xiao Xue.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

Xiao Xue, this was a very feminine name, but it was incredibly ugly when used on a wolf……

“Un, then I’ll call you Xiao Xue.”

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