EDAH Chapter 207


Chapter 207: Amethyst young girl


A small, green hill was split apart, sending sand and gravel flying into the sky, and dirt blotting out the sky like locusts.  A man slowly walked out, with a heroic figure and azure hair…..He looked just like a wolf.

One step, two step……Then he stopped, looking at a human figure in front of him.  As the auras of the two people clashed, the dust in the air around them was quickly pushed down to the ground.

“Hee, hee, I’ve been found again.  Big brother, your nose is sharper than a wolf’s.”


In front of the azure haired man was a young girl releasing an illusory purple glow.

She had a small and delicate stature, with floating purple hair that was draped down her back.  This hair was not just purple, but it also released a strange purple glow.  She was not wearing actual clothes on her body, but rather……clothes made of amethyst.

She had a pair of tender and delicate like snow hands with slender, white fingers like jade.  On her wrists were two tight rings of amethyst that formed amethyst bracelets.  Above her hands revealed two snow white arms, but the rest of her body was covered in purple amethyst.  The amethyst was very thin, revealing the perfect outline of her body.

On her feet were a pair of small amethyst shoes and there were two similar amethyst rings around her ankles.  Above that were two slender and long legs that were half covered in amethyst clothes.

The upper half of the young girl’s face was covered by a purple mask.  It hid her eyes, but it still revealed a white face and tender lips.  Her lips were drawn back to reveal a teasing kind of smile.

This was a girl that seemed like she was carved of amethyst with a magnificent purple glow surrounding her.  If one looked at her too long, they would not be able to withstand the purple glow coming from her.


The azure haired man had no emotions on his face as he slowly raised his hand…..With a terrifying tearing sound, black lightning with a terrifying pressure fell from the sky and landed in the center of his palm.  In the center of the black lightning, a black short sword formed in his hand.

The amethyst young girl’s lips curled back and she revealed a mysterious smile.  In a gentle voice, she said, “Big brother, do you want to kill me?”

“I won’t kill you and I can’t kill you…….But, you must return to the place you belong.”  The azure haired man raised his black sword and pointed the edge of it at the young girl.

“Hee, but I never want to go back to that place.  Big brother, what should I do?”


A purple light came from the young girl’s hands and instantly a purple glowing sword of light formed in the young girl’s hands!  The sword of light was around half a meter long and revealed a dazzling purple light.  It created a terrifying pressure the moment it appeared, and the purple light distorting the air around the sword created visible distortions in the air itself.

The azure haired man said nothing.  That calm expression was his answer.

“Big brother, we should have never met before.  Why do you chase me down wherever I go?”  Although she had summoned her weapon, the girl’s voice still gave a laugh that could make any person’s bone go soft.  It was as if she did not care about the strong man in front of her and she felt no danger at all.

The azure haired man walked forward and narrowed his eyes.  His eyes revealed a cold glow that was as sharp as a blade, “I have no grudges with you, but for a person, I have to defeat you…..This is one of the only reasons……I am still alive.”

The girl’s face revealed a look of confusion, but then she giggled and said, “Big brother, you really are a strange person…..Big brother, you’re strong, the strongest person that I have seen, but you can’t defeat me…….The reason why I was hiding the whole time was not because I was afraid of you, but rather I’m afraid of fighting.  My strength will summon people that I do not want to see……But, if big brother keeps chasing after me, then I will get angry.”

“I indeed am not your match…..He, also is not your match.  For humans, it is impossible to find a match for you……But, what if I add in my partner!?”

After the azure haired man’s voice fell, an azure light shined beside his body and a powerful giant wolf appeared.  A pair of azure glowing eyes instantly locked onto the amethyst girl’s body.  It was burning with a fighting intent as if it was about to go crazy with excitement……

“Ya!  Indigo Soul!”  The amethyst girl called out in shock.  After being stunned for a while, she revealed another faint smile, “Indigo Soul, it really has been a long time.  This big brother being able to tame you, it seems like he’s much stronger than I imagined, right?  But, Indigo Soul, you should be clear on how strong I am.  Did you really think the two of you could beat me?  Hee, this is so funny……”

Chi la!!

The sound of space shattering rang out and behind the amethyst girl, another purple figure similar to her appeared from the crack in space.  When she appeared, the tense atmosphere became even more tense.  The azure haired man and the amethyst girl both revealed a look of shock.

Black hair, purple clothes, a delicate body, a beautiful face, and closed eyes.  Her arms and feet were hanging down naturally and she made no sound and released no aura.  She just silently floated in the air, like she was asleep.  If it wasn’t for the ear grating space tearing sound, the azure haired man and the amethyst girl would not have noticed her at all.

“……It’s you!”  The smiling amethyst girl finally revealed a serious expression as she looked over.  With the azure haired man and Indigo Soul to her left and the mysterious girl to her right……This kind of enemy, even if it was her, she would still feel a heavy pressure.

“For big brother……I…..will……defeat……..”  The little girl whispered.  Although her eyes were closed, she could still accurately tell where the amethyst young girl was.  Raising a white hand, the empty space began to fall……


The most terrifying thing in the world isn’t an energy explosion or an elemental explosion, but rather……a space explosion!!


Comprehension Scroll: Spiritual Grade Scroll.  After being used, it will increase the user’s pet control skill allowing them to bring an extra pet into battle.

“An extra pet!  God!  There must be something wrong with my eyes!”  Carefully holding that seemingly ordinary scroll, Zuo Po Jun excitedly looked at it again as if he did not dare believe his own eyes.  A Spiritual Grade Scroll would naturally have strong stats, but he never thought that it would be this strong.

What did having an extra pet in battle mean?  If a player had a strong enough pet, it would increase their strength in battle by a level, so if one could bring two pets, it would increase their battle strength by two folds……If it was an incredibly strong pet, the results would shock people.  Summoning two pets was a privilege that only the Summoner Job had.

Ye Tian Xie looked at the Comprehension scroll and then put it back.  With a strange look, he said, “Un, Po Jun, you should use it now.  Otherwise, when we go back, there is a 100% chance that Qiu Shui will try to forcefully take it from you.”

With a “chi” sound, Zuo Po Jun crumbled the scroll.  His movement was incredibly fast as if Murong Qiu Shui would appear beside him in the next second.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Let’s go, we’re heading back…..Un, we should go comfort old fourth.”

Su Fei Fei hugged the little Frost Wolf as she broke out in laughter.

In another place.

“Ai, the heavens are truly cruel.  Giving me such a beautiful appearance, yet why am I so lonely.  Oh…..Loneliness, what a terrifying thing.  I even miss that damn fatty right now.  Hu……Why is there not a place to buy champagne in this world, I really need it right now……”

The lonely and hurt man had a bow in his hand as he continued shooting out arrows.  Although he was thinking out loud, each arrow he shot kept hitting monsters with not a single one missing……If one looked at it carefully, they could see that the arrows were landing in the center of the monsters’ foreheads.  Not off to the left or right, completely accurate like it had been calculated.

No one would have believed that this kind of accuracy could have come from a person who was swaying around and talking to himself……A man couldn’t do two things at once, this basic law could not be applied to this man at all.


An explosive arrow was released and exploded, procing a rare stun effect on two Demonized Sheeps (The stun effect of the explosive arrow is 3%).  Murong Qiu Shui curled his lips and said in a quiet voice, “I am merciful to this kind of unlucky and pitiful little beasts, so I will give you three more seconds to enjoy this beautiful world…..Three…..Two…..One……Bingo!  Farewell, baby!”

Sou, sou……

After a few arrows, the two pitiful Demonized Sheeps were killed.

Demonized Sheep were level fifteen monsters, but because they had a high respawn time, not many players chose to level here.  Looking around, there were only a few players here leveling on the sparse sheep scattered around.

“……Hu, second young master, the textbooks say that dinosaurs have been eliminated for a long time, so why are there so many dinosaurs in the China?  Wu, wu, wu…..I’ve walked this long and I haven’t seen any beautiful girls yet.”

“You actually believe the textbook……Go, go, go, thinking about beautiful girls all day, can someone like you even find a wife!”  A fifteen-sixteen year old youth with cold eyes and wielding a two handed sword said disdainfully.  There was a youth that was even younger than him by his side complaining to him.

The names above their heads were, Violent Star Shadow Spirit and Peaceful Xiao Xie

“Hei, with second young master’s backing, how could I, Xiao Xie not find a wife?  I……Ah, ah, ah!!  Second young master, look over there……Beautiful girl, beautiful girl!!”

Peaceful Xiao Xie seemed like he had been injected with stimulants as he excitedly began to call out.  The boss who had been looking down suddenly looked forward at where his finger was pointing.  Violent Star Shadow Spirit looked over and then was stunned……Indeed there was an elegant and stunning high grade beautiful girl.


“Second young master…..Second young master, will you go for it?  If you don’t, can I go for it?”  Peaceful Xiao Xie wiped the drool from the corners of his mouth and rubbed his hands together as he spoke.

“Un……”  Violent Star Shadow Spirit tapped his jaw and then said with a strange look in his eyes, “Xiao Xie, as your young master, I suggest……it’s better if you don’t go near that person……”

“No problem!”  Peaceful Xiao Xie patted his chest, “With my charm, what woman can reject me?  If second young master isn’t going, then I’m going for it!!”

After saying this, he anxiously ran forward, charging at……Murong Qiu Shui.

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