EDAH Chapter 211


Chapter 211: Weakened Xiao Xi

Sending the letter for the City Lord was like the guard searching quest from before, it seemed simple on the surface, but it was actually quite difficult.  Because the long journey itself meant that one would lose a lot of leveling time and the most terrifying thing was…..that one had to pass through dangerous areas along the way.  Half the way involved going past level forty, fifty, sixty…….eighty, and ninety monster areas.  Any one of these monsters would be enough to instantly kill a player of the current level.

In other words, this was a quest that no one had the capacity to finish.

Ye Tian Xie had no choice but to buy a Ferghana Horse and to fill up on potions…..Because of Yao Yao, he also prepared some MP potions.  Then he went back home and sat down in the main hall.  He was tapping the table as he quietly planned out his path for the next few days.

Ten days worth of time……Thinking about it, there were many things that needed to be done that were being conflicted.


For example…..the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.

Last time’s defeat meant he could enter the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins tomorrow.  This period of waiting was already very long for him.  Although he was the only one that had completed a system quest……that did not mean that he was the only person to could complete it.

So, he had to finish the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins as quickly as possible.  Every day he stalled would mean more chances for the other countries to finish the alliance system quest first.

From the moment he heard of the three system quests, he had already decided that he would be the first one to finish all three quests……Otherwise, he would be wasting his innate skills and stats that were far above other players.

There was another matter which was Liu Qi Yue’s Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce……Liu Qi Yue had already said that the company would open with an auction set for……when the average level of players reached level fifteen.  That was a time that could not be more perfect.

“Tian Xie, can we come with you?”  Su Fei Fei asked in a small voice from the side.

“It’s best if you don’t go.  It’s more dangerous than you can imagine…..Moreover, we’re not fighting monsters on the way, but rather running from them, so the less people the better.”  Ye Tian Xie honestly said.

“Oh!”  Su Fei Fei replied with this and then thought of something before saying, “It’s almost noon.  I’ll make some food first, so remember to log off to eat……Little sister Chen Xin, remember to eat on time.”

“Un, goodbye elder sister Fei Fei.”  Broken Heart politely said farewell to Su Fei Fei.

After Su Fei Fei left, Ye Tian Xie said to Broken Heart, “Chen Xin, you should log off first…..Your little sister should be waiting for you.”

“I…..Un, big brother Xie Tian.  I’ll be back soon.”  Broken Heart said this and then carefully added in, “I will not slack off.”

Right now, Broken Heart logged on more than before, but she was never here at noon because she was looking after her own seriously ill little sister.  Moreover, when she heard the sound outside, she quickly left.  Ye Tian Xie could guess what it was about, but he did not try to find out anymore information.  He could help her, but he should only do this much.  The rest, would depend on her.

Dong, dong……

Dong, dong, dong, dong…..

After Broken Heart left, knocking sounds came from outside the door.  This knocking sound made Ye Tian Xie’s heart fill with surprise.

There’s no prompt……Why was there no prompt?

In the Destiny world, if someone wanted to enter someone else’s house, then there would be a “XXX wishes to enter” prompt.  At this moment, he heard a knocking sound like in the real world and did not hear any prompts at all.

Was it a NPC?  NPCs did not have this privilege.  Ye Tian Xie thought about it and could only think of the idea of this being a messenger sent to him from the Heavenly Stellar City Lord because only the Heavenly Stellar City Lord knew where he lived.

He walked out of the main hall and came to the front door.  When his hand touched the door, the main door opened.

Looking outside, he only saw the crowd of people walking around in the Heavenly Stellar City west street, with no one standing in front of the door…..After a short period, Ye Tian Xie suddenly lowered his head……Immediately his pupils shrank inside his eyeballs.

“Xiao Xi!”  He kneeled down and held the little girl by her shoulders.  Completely silent with closed eyes……It was the same appearance she had when he first saw her.

She was like a charming elf coming from an illusory world.  The shock he had from the rainy night still had not vanished and today, she had appeared in an even more incredible and hard to accept manner in front of him.  It completely shook his mind and heart.

He brought some clothes for Xiao Xi.  What she had and didn’t have, he was very clear on……Xiao Xi did not have any kind of gaming device at all.

She……Why is she here?


The little girl looked up and gave a weak call.  From her voice, Ye Tian Xie could tell that she was exhausted and weakened.  Looking down at her face, he noticed that her complexion was completely pale, like she had been sick……Like she was suffering from a grave illness.

Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat.  Without having the time to ask her why she was here, he anxiously asked, “Xiao Xi, what’s wrong?”


She gave another gentle call before her slender little body swayed and fell onto Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder……Following that, her body began to fade before becoming translucent.  Then she disappeared without a trace like mist.

Ye Tian Xie just stayed in his position, taking a long time to recover himself.  Even after the Moment of Destiny appeared in this world and after Guo Guo appeared in the real world, he had not been as shocked as this…..It was as if his entire perception of the world had been turned upside down…..turning the world into something unreal.

Moment of Destiny…..

Guo Guo…..

Xiao Xi……

Xian’er why are all the things you brought to me so unbelieveable?

From the moment we met, even though I had clearly never seen you before, you tightly hugged me and accurately told me my birthday, saying that we were born on the same year, month, and day……Our encounter was like a dream like fairy tail, only after being together for so long, I had forgotten about it……When you left, even though I had forgotten this fairy tail, it led me to some even more unreal legends……

Xian’er, who are you……Why are you bringing them to me?

But at least I can confirm that you really are not a woman of the mortal realm.  You let me know that in this world, there must be goddesses and immortals that exist……When I was smaller, I always said that you were an immortal from heaven.  It seems like……that was not just praise that came from the bottom of my heart……

You leaving me, you must have a lot of troubles……I understand, I really understand.  You were very gentle, treating me like a precious newborn.  If I accidentally poked myself or if I choked on water, it would make your heart hurt for a long time…..This kind of you, how could you bear to make me sad and how could you bare to leave…..making me sad.

Even if we’re not together, my heart is telling me that you left because you wanted to allow us to be together forever.  Also for me, you would bear it all….Xian’er, I will not be sad and silently wait for you to come back.  As long as you can come back, I would be willing to do anything.  Everything you have entrusted me will become the most precious thing in my life……Whether it is Guo Guo, Xiao Xi, or the Moment of Destiny.

Without knowing how long passed, Ye Tian Xie stood up.  Closing the door, he quickly logged off.4

Opening his eyes, the first thing Ye Tian Xie did was to look to the side.  Xiao Xi was sleeping in a curled up position beside him, not moving at all.  Even standing up did not provoke a reaction from her.

Seeing that Xiao Xi was beside him, Ye Tian Xie’s anxious heart relaxed a little.  He looked down and said in a small voice, “Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi?”

There was no reaction.  Xiao Xi’s breathing was normal, but her face was exactly the same as it had been in the game world.  It was completely pale like she was sick.

“Oh la la, master, don’t call her.  She needs to rest and sleep for a long, long time.”  Guo Guo appeared and spoke beside Ye Tian Xie’s ear.

“What did Xiao Xi just do?  Guo Guo, do you know?”  Ye Tian Xie turned to look at Guo Guo and asked.  Guo Guo was brought to him by Xian’er and Xiao Xi was also entrusted to him by Xian’er…..Thinking about Guo Guo’s unusual reaction last night…..Do these two girls know each other?

“Yi ya!  Guo Guo is so obedient and always stays with master, never leaving master.  Of course I don’t know.”  Guo Guo curled her lips and said.

“Then why do you know Xiao Xi needs to rest for a long time?”

“Because she’s very tired……and needs to rest for a long time?”

“Tired?  How long?”

“I don’t know.  Perhaps a month, perhaps a year…..”  Guo Guo thought about it and spoke in an uncertain tone.

A month…..A year?

Why would it be this long……What happened to Xiao Xi?  Why did she just appear in the Destiny world, and that strange method of disappearing…..

Perhaps, she is the same as Guo Guo, being able to freely go between worlds?

“…..Guo Guo, be honest with me.  Have you seen Xiao Xi before?”  Ye Tian Xie said in an serious voice.

“Ya!  I’ve never seen her!  Guo Guo has never seen Xiao Xi before…..Wu!  Master, your eyes are really strange, do you not believe Guo Guo…..Ya!  Guo Guo is the most honest, never lying once.  If Guo Guo had really seen Xiao Xi before, then let Guo Guo never eat another lollipop!”  Guo Guo pursed her lips as she gave this solemn vow.  Then in a small voice, she said, “Wu, what a terrifying vow.  I really have never seen Xiao Xi before.”

Ye Tian Xie looked at Guo Guo with a strange gaze for a while and then carefully placed the blanket over Xiao Xi.  He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

After bustling around for a while, Su Fei Fei had finally finished making lunch, making four dishes and a soup.  Guo Guo’s drool began to drip without stop once she saw it.  There was also a small bowl and a spoon on the table set for Xiao Xi.  Why a spoon…..It’s because Xiao Xi did not know how to use chopsticks.

“Tian Xie, where is Xiao Xi?”  Su Fei Fei took off her apron and sat down at the dinner table.  To many girls, cooking was considered suffering.  For those few high quality girls, cooking had its own pleasure.  Su Fei Fei leaned more towards the latter and this mood change was mainly related to who she was cooking for.

“She’s still sleeping.  We’ll eat first and I’ll feed her later.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a worried manner.

“Un, then let’s eat first.  Yi?  There seems to be a little less soup…..Tian Xie, did you sneakily drink some?”

Seeing Guo Guo standing on the table licking her lips in satisfaction, Ye Tian Xie felt helpless.

After eating lunch, Su Fei Fei placed Xiao Xi’s portion in front of Ye Tian Xie, “Tian Xie, go and feed Xiao Xi.  Children are still growing, so they can’t miss eating food just because they like sleeping…..Go already.  I’ll clean the table.”

Ye Tian Xie revealed a casual smile.  Then picking up the small bowl, he returned to his room.

Opening the door, Ye Tian Xie was stunned to find Xiao Xi who Guo Guo said would be sleeping for a “long time” was not lying down, but rather sitting on the bed.  Hearing the door open, she turned her pale face and gently said, “Big brother…..I’m hungry…..”

Ye Tian Xie was stunned and quickly rushed to the bedside.  Sitting down beside her, he gently said, “Come, this is lunch prepared by elder sister Fei Fei.  It’s very tasty…..Xiao Xi, open wide and have some soup first.”

Xiao Xi obediently opened her mouth and Ye Tian Xie used a small spoon to feed her some meat soup.  He placed it in her mouth and then she gently swallowed it.  Then she opened her mouth for more…..

The two small bowls of food were eaten by Xiao Xi.  Then she leaned in against Ye Tian Xie and fell asleep again.  She really was tired.  What Guo Guo said was not exaggerated at all.  In the future, Xiao Xi would only wake up for meals, enjoying being fed by Ye Tian Xie like a baby.  All other times, she would be fast asleep.  She might occasionally wake up, but she would be very sick and tired.

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