EDAH Chapter 212


Chapter 212: Xiao Bei (Part 1)

The skies of the Destiny world would always be clear and perfect.  At least ever since Ye Tian Xie entered the Destiny world, he had never seen it rain or become cloudy.

Broken Heart was practicing her tailoring technique with the materials the tailor shop aunty gave her.  Su Fei Fei, Zuo Po Jun, and Murong Qiu Shui were leveling together, taking advantage of the few days that Ye Tian Xie could not level to catch up.  Ye Tian Xie ran to the City Lord’s palace once again and got a City Lord’s letter of introduction from the Heavenly Stellar City Lord.  Then he finally left and headed to the south.

Thinking about it, if he were to reach Heavenly Sun City, then he would be the first player to visit another main city.

Taking out a Town Return Scroll, Ye Tian Xie disappeared from Heavenly Stellar City.  When he appeared, he appeared in an open space, appearing in Gu Ping Town……It was the place where he had investigated the missing guards before.


Gu Ping Town was to the south of Heavenly Stellar City.  Although it wasn’t on the road to Heavenly Sun City, starting from here meant that he could cut out one fifth of the way there.  This was the reason why Ye Tian Xie had not been in a rush.  When Ye Tian Xie kept several Town Return Scrolls for here, he had found a use for them today.  

After defeating the young Undead Monarch and “destroying” the Skeleton Cavern, Ye Tian Xie had obtained seventy points of favorability with every resident of Gu Ping Town.  His prestige in this area had already reached the level of being known as a hero.  When he appeared, a warm crowd quickly gathered around him and even the village chief excitedly came forward to welcome him.  Every resident of the town looked at him with eyes filled with worship.

Favorability was a very strong stat, but it was a stat that was hard to increase.  It was hard to gain more favorability with an NPC when it was high, unless one did an incredible task that brought magnificent benefits.  Having seventy favorability with the residents of Gu Ping Town, if Ye Tian Xie used it properly, the harvest he could obtain would surpass the value of a Heavenly Grade Equipment.

With the enthusiasm of the residents of Gu Ping Town, Ye Tian Xie had no choice but to stay a while.  After finally getting rid of them, he summoned the Ferghana Horse and headed to the south.

Ye Tian Xie’s current base move speed was one hundred and eight and adding in the sixty from the Ferghana Horse, he currently had a move speed of one hundred and sixty eight.  This speed was not enough for Ye Tian Xie, so he used the Evil Dragon’s Soul to reduce his HP down to 20% and activated the “Berserk Fighting Will” to increase his move speed to two hundred and eighteen before heading to the south.

Since he had taken this quest, Ye Tian Xie did not have any thoughts of failure.  To be able to finish this quest, with the distance between Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Stellar City, for the next few days, he had to travel without rest.  He didn’t even have time to fight any monsters.  In this period, it was completely possible for someone below him to surpass him in terms of levels.  However, at this point, he did not care about that because he was confident that it was incredibly easy to far surpass them again.

The first quest from the Heavenly Stellar City Lord had given him the quest rewards and the Reverse Boned Evil Dragon Job, and of course the Profound Snow Spirit Fox, Yao Yao.  The second quest had given him the heaven defying Rainbow Bracelet and that incomparably valuable land deed.  Then this time…..This City Lord that seemed full of luck might bring him another pleasant surprise…..Thinking of this, Ye Tian Xie was seriously looking forward to it.

This “pleasant surprise” came incredibly quick.

Looking at the routes the map indicated, Ye Tian Xie picked one that didn’t have many monsters.  This was a relatively remote region, so people were rare.  There was only a single Gu Ping Town around here, so there were barely any monsters that appeared around here.  Ye Tian Xie had only left Gu Ping Town half an hour before he found a small path that was covered in weeds.  At the end of this path was the territory of a monster, the level twenty Large Mouth Birds.

At the end of the winding path, Ye Tian Xie stopped moving and looked in front of him with a strange look……

Because in front of him was a strange being blocking his way forward.  If it was a normal monster, Ye Tian Xie would have charged right at it, but seeing this monster that did not seem like a monster, Ye Tian Xie did not feel like attacking it at all.

It wasn’t even a meter tall, and its white fur that was the same pure colour as Yao Yao’s.  It had a long, slender tail and a disportionate body in terms of limbs and its head…..If one had to describe what it was, then it would be a cat.  It was a cartoon cat standing there.

It had a cat’s long pointy ears and light green cat eyes, but its face was much cuter compared to a normal cat’s face.  Its head was very big, it was extremely disproportional compared to its body and arms.  Its two cat claws were also very disproportional, like it was wearing a large sized cat claw slippers.  Its claws were incredible strange.  While it did look like a pair of extra large cat paws, at the tip of the “paw” there were three cold glowing dark claws……It was definitely not an ordinary cat claw.

At this moment, that strange life form was just standing there.  Its claws were let down and its tail raised as it looked over at Ye Tian Xie.  From its eyes, Ye Tian Xie could see human emotions sparkling in them.

Xiao Bei: ????

Looking at it with his Evil Dragon’s Eye, Ye Tian Xie was stunned again.

Xiao Bei…..Was this its name?  It was very strange, but it was actually a human’s name.  What made him even more shocked was that his Evil Dragon’s Eye had not giving him any information at all……To make the Evil Dragon’s Eye useless, it had to be a monster above level twenty.  Then this incomparably strange monster was…..

“Yi?  Ah…..Xiao, Xiao Bei!!”  As Ye Tian Xie wanted to move forward, Guo Guo’s exaggerated scream came from his ear which made Ye Tian Xie freeze.  Shouting its name in such a surprised tone…..Did Guo Guo actually know this thing?

“Guo Guo, do you know this thing?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

Guo Guo did not immediately answer.  She confirmed that there was nothing wrong with her eyes a few times and then said in a weak voice to Ye Tian Xie, “Master, it’s name is Xiao Bei.  It must be here to find you…..In the future, we will have another partner.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……?”


Xiao Bei opened its mouth and let out the sound of a little cat.  At the same time, it almost made Ye Tian Xie fall down…..It actually smiled and tilted its head at him, narrowing its large eyes.  It revealed a smile just like a human.  Then it suddenly jumped up and jumped in front of Ye Tian Xie, falling on the Ferghana Horse’s head, nearly stepping on Yao Yao who was sleeping there.

“Ding….Xiao Bei has requested to be your pet and follow you, do you accept?”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

If you were walking on the street and someone gave you a thousand dollars, how would you feel?  You would be filled with joy and break out in laughter……You would be stunned and feeling helpless for a while…..Because if something out of the ordinary happens, this was the most basic reaction possible.

The pet ranking could only open after there were ten users that owned pets.  Su Fei Fei’s Frost Wolf and Ye Tian Xie’s Profound Snow Spirit Fox……This also meant that other than them, out of the hundreds of millions of players in the Chinese Server, those that owned even low level pets did not reach eight people.  It could be seen just how precious and hard to get pets were.

Right now, there was actually a strange small creature that was taking the initiative to become his pet for no reason.  Moreover, it looked like it was just waiting for him to decide.  Faced with this sudden request, Ye Tian Xie did not know how he should react.

“Ya!  Master, respond, respond now!  Xiao Bei is very strong, as strong as Yao Yao!  Master, listen to Guo Guo otherwise Xiao Bei will be hurt.  Master, quickly!”

While Ye Tian Xie was inspecting the cat that had jumped in front of him, Guo Guo was anxiously shouting in his ears.  Her shouting like this made Ye Tian Xie certain that…..Guo Guo definitely knows Xiao Bei and they were quite close in the past.

A being that Guo Guo was close to……

Guo Guo was sent to him by Xian’er, then was this strange cat also related to Xian’er?

“I accept!”

“Meow, meow!”

The moment the pet contract was established, Xiao Bei let out happy cry.  Then it jumped into Ye Tian Xie’s chest and rubbed its furry head against him……

Seeing this Xiao Bei act so familiar with him, Ye Tian Xie had a dazed kind of feeling.  Guo Guo was very clear on Yao Yao’s large origin and powerful strength, but she still said that this seemingly strange, but harmless looking cute cat was as strong Yao Yao.  Was this true?

Xiao Bei: Spiritual Grade Pet

Level: 0

Master: Xie Tian

Unknown race, unknown classification, unknown origin.  Determined to be an other world being that suddenly appeared on the Lost Continent.

Spiritual Grade Beast!?  Ye Tian Xie was completely shocked.  This being that randomly took the initiative to become his pet was actually a Spiritual Grade Beast.  This was like a dream, like several million dollars falling from the sky…..Moreover, its description was filed with the word “unknown”.  This meant that even the system could not tell what it really was.

The words “other world being” made Ye Tian Xie’s breathing suddenly stop.

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