EDAH Chapter 213


Chapter 213: Xiao Bei (Part 2)

Suppressing down his emotions, Ye Tian Xie looked at Xiao Bei’s stats.


HP: 1000

MP: 0


Physical Attack Power: 300

Magical Attack Power: 0

Defense: 100

Accuracy: 100

Evasion: 5

Attack Speed: 150

Move Speed: 150

Magic Resistance: 0%

Xiao Bei’s stats made Ye Tian Xie suck in a cold breath.  At level zero… had one thousand HP and three hundred physical attack power!

In the morning, he had just seen the stats of the other Spiritual Grade Beast, the Frost Wolf.  It was also a Spiritual Grade Beast, but the Frost Wolf had five hundred HP and MP, one hundred fifty physical attack, and one hundred and eighty magical attack.  Xiao Bei actually had double the HP and physical attack power of the Frost Wolf!

However its MP and magic attack power was at a value that was impossible to appear in a living being – zero!

With high HP, physical attack power, and accuracy, it was clear that this was a pure physical attack life form.  Although its stats were unbalanced compared to the Frost Wolf, this would allow it to display a might that far surpassed the Frost Wolf.


Meow Meow Fist: Brandishes the user’s cat claws to attack a single target four times, each time dealing a normal amount of damage.  Costs 3% of max HP to use.  Has no cooldown time.

Xiao Bei’s first skill filled Ye Tian Xie with shock once again.

Because it had no cooldowns and did four times damage… attacking four times!

For the normal Jobs, the Fire and Thunder attributed Mages did the most damage, with their skills dealing 200% of their magic attack power.  The Warrior Job’s “Fierce Strike” and the Assassin’s backstab only did 180% of their normal attack damage.  Ye Tian Xie’s Dragon Rend Strike could deal 200% damage with a strong shock wave and a high chance of knocking the enemy back.  It was not exaggerated to say the Ye Tian Xie’s “Dragon Rend Strike” surpassed the might of the current Jobs’ skills.

But…..Looking at the name of Xiao Bei’s first skill, people could not help but smile, thinking that it was a skill for fun…..However, if they saw they skill’s effects, they would be stunned.  400% damage and no cooldown time.  It ruthlessly stomped down on the Dragon Rend Strike.

Adding in the fact…..Xiao Bei’s attack speed was a shocking 150%.  Attack speed was usually determined by one’s weapons.  Sword Warriors had an attack speed of 100, attacking once every second.  Archers had an attack speed of 120, attacking 1.2 times each second.  The highest attack speed class of Assassin had an attack speed of 150, allowing them to attack three times every two seconds.  The slowest attack speed was the Spear Warrior’s 80, allowing them to attack four times every five seconds.

Xiao Bei did not just have a strong attack power and skill damage, his attack speed was also as fast as an Assassin……With this, attacking at the same time, the damage that Ye Tian Xie could cause in two seconds with the Dragon Rend Strike was only one third of what Xiao Bei could do with its Meow Meow Fist!

Xiao Bei did not just have a single skill.

Meow Meow Kick: The user jumps high into the sky and kicks out with its cat paw to deal explosive damage to a single target.  The base damage deal is equivalent to 200% of the user’s base attack power with a 100% chance of interrupting magic chants or skill charges.  If the target’s defense is lower than Xiao Bei’s attack power, there is a 100% chance of being sent back and a 20% chance of being stunned.  Costs 3% of the user’s Max HP to use.  Has a 5 second cooldown time.

Ye Tian Xie: “God……”

Meow Meow Claw:  The user jumps high into the sky and focuses their strength into their cat claws, dealing a fierce claw attack at a target from above.  Deals 200% of normal attack damage with a 100% chance of causing a bleeding condition that deals Xiao Bei’s attack power in damage every second for five seconds.  Costs 5% of the user’s Max HP to use.  Has a 10 second cooldown time.

Ye Tian Xie: (⊙o⊙)!!

Double damage plus a five second bleed effect……Seven times damage!  Xiao Bei’s normal skill attack was not below the damage of his special skill, the “Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits”!

Meow Meow Step: Xiao Bei’s self created Meow Meow Instant Step.  When near a target, the user can activate this skill to instantly appear in front, behind, or to the left or right of the target, making the target dizzy and their head spin.  It is a very powerful skill to use for sneak attacks, dodging, and creating diversions.  Costs 1% of user’s Max HP to use every time.  Has no cooldown.

Seeing Xiao Bei’s four skills, Ye Tian Xie almost choked with his speechlessness……If it was just the first three powerful skills, then he would have been fine, but this “Meow Meow Step” made Ye Tian Xie’s heart burn with envy……If this no restriction skill with a shocking effect belonged to him, that would be a wonderful thing.  Combined with his innate skills and stats, he could use this Meow Meow Step to its extreme, making enemies fall over themselves.  However, he could only feel envy because this Meow Meow Step belonged to Xiao Bei.

Other than these four skills, Xiao Bei still had four other skills that stunned Ye Tian Xie for a long time.  That’s right, four other skills!

Unique Skills:

Rend · Light: Unknown Effects.  The user is not strong enough, so it cannot be used.

Rend · Nightmare Claws: Unknown Effects.  The user is not strong enough, so it cannot be used.

Special Skills:

Dream Immortal Transformation: Unknown Effects.  The user is not strong enough, so it cannot be used.

Sacred Seal Skill: My own special unique incomparably strong heaven overwhelming cat claw killing fist: Xiao Bei’s self made ultimate attack.  Unknown Effects.  The user is not strong enough, so it cannot be used.

Ye Tian Xie……was completely speechless.

This was like an incredibly funny joke that caught him off guard.  This strange little cat that was strong enough to make him stagger stopped him and took the initiative to become his pet.  Holding this strange little cat that kept drilling into his chest, Ye Tian Xie felt like this was becoming even more unreal……because it was too strong.  If it was a normal little monster……even if it was a Spiritual Grade Pet like the Frost Wolf, then it would be easier for him to accept.

Yao Yao’s strength did have a reason.  It was strong enough to make the strongest Dragon God use his life force to seal it, but what about Xiao Bei?  This strange, strange name and all those shocking skills……If anyone dared to call it a normal Spiritual Grade Beast, Ye Tian Xie would definitely call them an idiot.  No, even an idiot would know that this was strange.

Xiao Bei’s attack skills were all single target attacks, without any AoE attacks at all.  Adding in its high accuracy and attack speed, as well as its confusing Meow Meow step, it was a very terrifying opponent to fight alone.  Who could imagine that a cat with the appearance of a cute and strange little cat would have such a shocking power.

“Guo Guo, have you met Xiao Bei before?”  Ye Tian Xie asked in a hesitant voice….Even though he did not expect to get an answer from Guo Guo.

Contrary to what he expected, Guo Guo did not shake her head like a drum.  Instead she blinked and said, “Of course we’ve met because we have been good friends for a long time.”

“Friends for a long time?  How long?”

“Ya!  I won’t tell master.  Elder sister said that if master can’t find the seven Nuclei of Destiny, I can’t say anything.  Oh la la…..Yi ya, Xiao Bei should not be able to see me or hear my voice right now…..Wu……”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”  After a short pause, he then suddenly asked, “Guo Guo, honestly answer me……The elder sister you mentioned, is it…..Li Xian Er!”

When he asked this, his eyes turned sharp and he stared right into Guo Guo’s sparkling eyes, trying to see if there were any changes with them.  For some strange reasons, there were still things that he could not know yet.  But regarding her… could he be willing to stay silent.  He did not know if there was a set time, but he still wanted to know who she was and where she went…..It was fine even if they were slight clues.

But what made him disappointed was that when hearing what he said, Guo Guo’s eyes revealed a slight trace of confusion.  She innocently blinked her eyes and had a look of confusion as she said, “Li Xian Er?  Who is Li Xian Er?  Why does master think that she is Guo Guo’s elder sister?”

Ye Tian Xie looked away and shook his head, not saying anything else.  He picked up Xiao Bei and placed it in front of him, looking over it…..Xiao Bei also looked up with green eyes that seemed to have many small stars embedded inside of it, glittering as it looked at him.

“You’re called Xiao Bei?”  Ye Tian Xie asked it, feeling very stupid while asking this.

“Meow……”  Xiao Bei clearly could understand what he was saying.  Not only did it reply to Ye Tian Xie in a small voice, it also nodded at him……It was actually nodding.  While it was nodding, it also revealed a very cute smile on its face.

Ye Tian Xie began to feel like what was standing in front of him was not a strange cat, but rather a person……

Since it could understand what he was saying, Ye Tian Xie continued to ask, “Then where did you come from?  Why do you want to come with me?”

“Meow?”  Xiao Bei tilted its head and revealed a look of confusion.

“Do you know a girl named Guo Guo?”


“Do you know who I am?”




“Oh la la, master, there’s no point in asking this, Xiao Bei isn’t the previous Xiao Bei anymore.  He was one of Guo Guo’s good friends in the past, but right now he isn’t pretending to not know Guo Guo, rather he really can’t remember me.  I can secretly tell master that, Xiao Bei……”  Guo Guo said this before pausing and then suddenly changing her tone, she said, “Xiao Bei is very powerful.”

Ye Tian Xie” [email protected]#¥%……

He did not continue to ask anymore.  Although Guo Guo seemed like a very immature and easy to trick little girl, after being with her for a while, Ye Tian Xie was clear on just how good she was at keeping her mouth closed.  Whether it was directly asking, indirectly asking, secretly asking, suddenly asking, or even asking her when she was asleep…..he had never gotten anything from her before.

It was like he was inside a mysterious circle that spun around him, but he was the only person that did not know what was happening……Everything had been given to him by Xian’er.  He believe that Xian’er would not hurt him, but when would he be able to get an answer from her……

If she ever came back, then it would be fine even if he never knew the answer……

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  1. So his two pets are perfectly synergistic. Xiao Bei attacks and wreaks havoc to the opponent, using its life as fuel for its skills. Yao Yao will use its skills to heal Xiao Bei back to full health and let it keep rampaging. So OP.

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