EDAH Chapter 214


Chapter 214: King

“Ding…..Welcome to the Destiny world.  In the Destiny world, you will have a new life and destiny.  You will only have a single choice for your beginning and once you’ve picked it, you cannot go back.  So, please carefully pick the road of destiny that you wish to take.  Now, please pick the name that you wish to have for a lifetime.  As you have set your region as the Chinese Server, you can only use chinese characters.  It cannot be less than one character and more than ten characters.”

After a long period of silence, a slow and calm voice came from the silent world……There was only a single word that was spoken, “King.”

“Ding…..You have successfully picked the name “King”……”



The «Destiny» world had been opened for over half a month now, but the Beginner Village was still filled with voices.  People asking for teams, selling items, or insulting others…..created a mess of voices.  The large population of China had resulted inthe Beginner Village to be noisy like this for a long time.

A human figure with a cold aura appeared in the Beginner Village resurrection point.  He was wearing a set of simple Beginner clothes and was not that tall, but…..the moment he appeared, a strange and cold aura filled the area that made all the other players have no choice but to shiver.  They couldn’t help instinctively walk away and then look around them in a fluster to find the source of this dangerous aura.

Opening the level rankings and seeing the names on it, his cold face finally revealed an expression……It was a sneer of disdain.

This was a man that dared to call himself “King”.


Large Mouth Birds: Level 20

HP: 920

A kind of bird with a large mouth.  Because its mouth is too big and it eats too much, its body is too fat and it has lost the ability to fly, only being able to run on the ground like an ostrich.  It is said that it has a certain amount of skills in manipulating the wind.

Innate Skill: Has 20% increased Wind Resistance.

Skills: Large Mouth Peck, Wind Blade Technique.

Weakness: None.

This was the territory of the level twenty Large Mouth Birds.  These strange birds truly lived up to their names, having long beaks as wide as a duck’s bill and a body as fat as a hippo.

If he had not met Xiao Bei, Ye Tian Xie would have charged right by them, not paying any attention to them, but now…..

“Xiao Bei, go!”

Ye Tian Xie locked onto a target and his Ferghana Horse charged forward.  Receiving the order, Xiao Bei gave an excited “meow” and jumped off the horse’s back with a “sou” sound, charging at the Large Mouth Bird with an incomparable speed……

“Meow, meow, meow, meow……Meow!”

With Xiao Bei’s clearly excited shouts, before it even came close to the Large Mouth Bird, it had already jumped up, directly appearing in front of the Large Mouth Bird.  With its two claws flying out, it was so fast that even Ye Tian Xie could only see the after images left by the claws……

-254, -255, -225, -250!

Those four red damage figures seemed to overlap over each other and the Large Mouth Bird that wanted to attack had its HP bar emptied, falling to the ground dead.

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 1.  HP +100, Physical Attack Power +30, Defense +10, Accuracy +10, Evasion +1.”

A level zero pet against a level twenty monster actually resulted in… instant kill!

This scene was enough to demonstrate Xiao Bei’s terrifying explosive attack power.  Ye Tian Xie could not help wondering what would have happened if he had this abnormal cat by his side when he was still level zero…..Would he have reached level ten in a single day and shocked all the players in the world?

After taking care of a Large Mouth Bird, Xiao Bei patted his claws and charged forward once again, appearing in front of another Large Mouth Bird.  Before the Large Mouth Bird could use its Wind Blade Technique, four bright attacks landed on its body…..

283, 284, 281, 280!

Another instant kill!

Xiao Bei did not stop, soaring out towards another Large Mouth Bird.  Using another “Meow Meow Fist” at an incredible speed, another Large Mouth Bird fell to the ground.  In the blink of an eye, the ground in front of Ye Tian Xie was littered with Large Mouth Bird corpses.

Ye Tian Xie did not give the order to kill all the Large Mouth Bird here, but Xiao Bei was clearly very violent, taking the initiative to oppress all these pitiful creatures that did not have the ability to fight back.

Sou, sou, sou, sou…..With another four punches, another Large Mouth Bird fell under Xiao Bei’s claws.  At this moment, behind it, a Large Mouth Bird that was visibly larger than the others charged out at it.

Elite Large Mouth Bird: Level 20 One Star Elite

HP: 1900

The largest of the Large Mouth Birds.  Not only is it much larger compared to normal Large Mouth Birds, it is much stronger overall.  However, its body is much heavier so not only can it not fly, even moving is quite hard for it.

Feeling the wind coming from behind, Xiao Bei turned around and jumped out.  Doing a flip in the air, the cat took the opportunity to land a heavy kick onto the Elite Large Mouth Bird…….

The Elite Large Mouth Bird was as tall as a normal human, but its body was even fatter than an ostrich by quite a bit.  Xiao Bei wasn’t even half as tall as a normal human…..but this one kick created a clear “peng” sound and the Large Mouth Bird’s fat body was sent flying like a rubber ball.  It flew through the sky and landed around ten meters away, rolling around on the ground several times…..When its body finally stopped, a circle of golden stars spun around its head.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Meow!”  Xiao Bei wildly charged forward and instantly appeared in front of it.  With two Meow Meow Fists, the eight heavy damage figures superimposed over on another, instantly causing the Elite Large Mouth Bird’s HP bar to drop to zero…..

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 3.  HP +100, Physical Attack Power +30, Defense +10, Accuracy +10, Evasion +1.”

A level twenty One Star Elite did not even have time to fight back before it was knocked to the ground by Xiao Bei.  Xiao Bei licked its claws and turned to find two more prey…..

“Xiao Bei, come back.”

Hearing Ye Tian Xie’s call, Xiao Bei obediently came back.  However it still turned around and looked at the Large Mouth Birds in the distance, revealing a look of reluctance.

Xiao Bei’s skills were strong, but they cost HP to use.  When it returned to Ye Tian Xie’s side, it already lost half of its HP, losing it by using its own skills.  Yao Yao looked at Xiao Bei and then a white light came from it.  With a “Profound Spirit Healing Technique”, Xiao Bei’s health was refilled to full.

“Meow…..”  Xiao Bei jumped on the horse’s back.  Waving its tail, it revealed a smile to Yao Yao.

Xiao Bei’s skills not only cost HP, they also took a percentage of its max HP which placed a limit on Xiao Bei’s power.  But….with a strong healer like the Profound Snow Spirit Fox Yao Yao, this limit did not exist at all.  The two of them working together was like a perfect combination set by the heavens.

There was no doubt of Xiao Bei’s strength.  If it was at the same level as Ye Tian Xie, its attack power would definitely surpass his.  This made Ye Tian Xie unsure of whether he should be excited or conflicted…..Not to mention Xiao Bei’s origin.  With pets that were stronger than him by his side, this was quite a strong attack to his heart.

With Xiao Bei, he rushed down the southern path indicated on the map.  At the beginning of the journey, he met this strange little cat.  What would happen in the future filled him with anticipation.

On the first day that Ye Tian Xie set out to Heavenly Sun City, the famed Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce made its move……The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was not famous because it was big.  Rather in previous game worlds, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce never did much and in fact, carefully thinking about it, it seemed like it was established just for fun.  Its fame came from its owner.

The person famous across all of China, Liu Qi Yue!

After three days, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce would begin to do business and its first order of business was to host an auction.  What made people surprised was that the location of the auction, which was also where the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was located, was at the center of the Heavenly Stellar City north street……A place that was hard to believe and hard to accept.

After the currency exchange opened, various large companies and various company unions made preparations to establish themselves.  Whoever could establish their companies the quickest would take the initiative and be able to embed their company’s name into the minds of the players.  However, the first problem they had to solve was finding a location for their company……Perhaps, one could buy some land from the Heavenly Stellar City administration and then commission someone to create a building, or perhaps one could lease a prebuilt location……The former would cost a lot of time and the latter was not free.  Unless one was willing to spend a lot of money, they were not going to be able to get a good position.

For these large powers, developing their powers was a must, but having a company was also essential because they needed funds to develop their powers.  The news coming from the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce made every other company shocked.  Fast, it was way too fast.

With the currency exchange just opening , she was already able to obtain a position.  Could she really have set everything up in this short amount of time?

As for what was being auctioned on that day, the news had not been revealed yet.

But the movement from the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce immediately created a chain of side reactions, slowly spreading their name to everyone.  Not even an hour passed before the news of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce had been released, another piece of information was quickly spread.  At the same time, three days later, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s first company, the Shrouded Heaven Chamber of Commerce would also have their first auction.  They emphasized that in their auction, they would be taking out two pieces of Silver Equipment to sell.

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