EDAH Chapter 215


Chapter 215: Goddess’ sigh

The leader of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, the Son of Heaven loved Liu QI Yue and was willing to fight the Son of God for her.  They all thought that he would be able to obtain her if he defeated the other side, this was no longer a secret.  But the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s company making their announcement after the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s announcement meant they were declaring their intent to fight, which surprised many people and also filled them with questions…..Since he loved Liu Qi Yue, he should have helped her and promoted her auction instead.  In the previous games, this is what Son of Heaven and Son of God did, so why was he acting so differently now?

Everyone was filled with doubts and discussing with one another at this moment, but many eyes also fell onto Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s first company.  Silver equipment, no even bronze equipment meant that one could proudly hold their head high up.  These were top class equipment, treasures of a national level, hard to buy with money.  Currently, most of the Silver Equipment were in the hands of the guild members, becoming a symbol of power and status.

The two Silver Equipment being sold were enough to make the Chinese Server flock together…..After all, Wings of Shrouded Heaven was a large guild.  Although the alliance system had not opened yet and there were no guilds yet, making everything idle, they had a lot of people, so it was normal for them to have a few pieces of Silver Equipment.  These two pieces of Silver Equipment were more than enough to develop the fame of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven company.

In comparison, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was much more quiet…..People were still looking forward to it, being able to personally witness the Liu Family’s fairy.


Faced with Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s move, God’s Realm had no reaction at all.  The development of companies were crucial to the development of their guilds, so God’s Realm was slowly developing their land because it would take a long time.  They did not rent the first place they saw like the Wings of Shrouded Heaven did.

Son of Heaven was lazily leaning back in a chair with one hand on the arms rest and the other hand holding a fragrant cup of tea……His heart was filled with satisfaction at this moment.  Drinking wine was the best, but this world did not sell wine, therefore he could only replace it with tea.

This was the location in Heavenly Stellar City that he spent a large amount of money to buy, today was the first day he was moving in.  Who told him to be intoxicated with this world, he was slowly falling in love with this place.  In comparison, he was not willing to touch the real world with its air pollution anymore.


The door of the room opened and a young girl wearing sky blue clothes walked in.  She had eyes like stars, bright red lips, and snow white skin.  A charming snow white beauty.  If one had to find a person to compare to her, then perhaps only the “most charming woman in China”, Liu Qi Yue would be able to compare.  Only, compared to Liu Qi Yue, who enamoured people with her beauty, she was a kind of illusory beauty.  Her eyes were terrifyingly deep, deep like the bottomless sea or the boundless sky.  If a person looked into them, they would lose themselves in them and lose to their terrifying desires.

Liu Qi Yue was famous because she openly went out, and she was very obscure.  There were only a few people that had ever seen this girl.

“Did you have people send out the news of the company?”

The young girl silently walked in front of Son of Heaven and sat down in the chair in front of him, moving in a very smooth manner.  The silent room did not have a strong light, but her eyes shined like two red lanterns in the darkness, making everything else seem dim in comparison.  When Son of Heaven met them, he unconsciously looked away.

“Of course.”  Son of Heaven revealed a relaxed smile as he placed the cup in his hand onto the table, “Does little sister want some tea?”  This tea is called, “Star Foam”, it’s the best item on sale in Heavenly Stellar City.  This little cup is made with a few pieces and it already costs around two hundred gold coins.  It has to be said that while it is expensive, it is money well spent.  This kind of smell that could drive a person into ecstasy, it is the best tea that I’ve ever had in my life.”

The young girl’s eyes were calm as she looked at him with indifference, “Since you’re chasing after Liu Qi Yue, why are you going against her like this?  I can’t understand your reason.”

“It’s very simple.”  Son of Heaven replied with a faint smile, “Little sister…..You think with Liu Qi Yue’s personality and work ethic, would she pick a man that easily submits and wildly chases after her, or a man that could challenge her and completely suppresses her?”

The young girl did not say anything as she silently watched him, waiting for him to continue.  However, Son of Heaven did not say anything else.

“This is your reason?”

“That’s right, little sister.  What do you think?”

The young girl’s eyebrows slightly knit and she gave a silent sigh.  Shaking her head, she said, “If it was for the development of the company and to quickly suppress Liu Qi Yue’s company, then I would have been impressed, however your methods truly disappoint me…..”

Son of Heaven: “……”  Faced with this young girl’s disappointed expression, Son of Heaven did not dare to refute.  He could act disobediently to his parents, but he never dared to disrespect his little sister.

“This should be a hastily made decision that you had after hearing the news from Liu Qi Yue, right?  You are too immature, not knowing what being thoughtful is at all.  With Liu Qi Yue’s style, perhaps this kind of forceful method might work, but you didn’t think it through.  If the Dugu Family’s Son of God secretly help her, wouldn’t you have given your greatest enemy a good chance.”

“He wouldn’t do that, I understand him.”  Son of Heaven calmly said.

“If you really understood a person, you would have been able to take his weaknesses to defeat him……Now, do you still dare to say that you understand him?”


“With the achievements Liu Qi Yue had in the past few years, although I am not close to her, I can tell that she is an astute and terrifying woman.  The current you cannot compare to her at all.  Your actions will not only not go the way you want it to, you will also make Liu Qi Yue into another enemy for you.  Are you willing to do this?”  The young girl rolled her eyes and gave a gentle sigh.

“Little sister, your words are too serious.”  Son of Heaven revealed a calm smile.  Picking up the cup from the table and taking a gentle sip, then he said, “Little sister, you should have never dated before and never even fallen in love with a man before.  In this field, I have much more experience compared to you.  My knowledge in what men and women want is much higher than yours.  Then again, even with Liu Qi Yue as an enemy, we are both clear on how strong the Wings of Shrouded Heaven are and Liu Qi Yue only has a few people that she can count on in the Destiny world.  The source of our merchandise are the millions of people in my Wings of Shrouded Heaven and Liu Qi Yue……Little sister, do you think her company can really compare with ours?  From the past “Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce”, it is clear that it is just something Liu Qi Yue set up for fun.”

“Since it’s like this, with your large ‘Wings of Shrouded Heaven’ picking on a ‘tiny’ Liu Qi Yue, aren’t you afraid of others laughing at you?”

The words of this young girl made Son of Heaven’s expression froze and he did not say anything for a while.

“How clear are you on the previous company Liu Qi Yue set up?  The current Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s position is the center Heavenly Stellar City, having a large advantage over the Shrouded Heaven’s first Chamber of Commerce.  The scale is much higher than you can imagine.  The scale is acceptable, but that location is not something that can be bought with money.  A woman that could set up a company this quickly and prepare everything in the next three days……Do you really think that Liu Qi Yue is as ‘unworthy of worry’ as you think she is?”

Son of Heaven: “……”

“The face of an angel, the body of a devil, and a demon’s way of acting…..Countless people are infatuated with her, but there have been quite a few people that have died by her hands.  You shouldn’t ignore this.”

The young girl stood up and walked away in a delicate manner.  Her gentle voice was released, “I hope that my fears are groundless.  Your impulsive actions are filled with disasters one of the other.  Having a bit of success is very unlikely…….Facing Liu Qi Yue… will also have to face the heavy pressure from Tian Mo Xie.  As your little sister, I hope you can succeed…..I also hope you fail because it would be a good chance to teach you a lesson.”

Closing the door, the room fell into silence.

Son of Heaven gave a bitter smile and closed his eyes.  He continued to drink the half filled cup of tea, only his mood was different this time.  It wasn’t the first time he had been scolded by his little sister like this.  Every time, he did not dare to refute her.  Time has proven that every time…..she has never been wrong before.

In the past, betrayal from within sent the Yun Family into dire straits, but this plot that had taken ten years of planning had been turned around by a single person……That thirteen year old, blind and paralyzed girl that everyone ignored.  She had saved the entire Yun Family, but she did not allow the traitors to escape.  They did not know that they had been dancing in the palm of the girl’s hands all along.  With a single move, she could have killed them without giving them a chance to be buried.

The sharp edge that this girl abandoned by the heavens had displayed had filled their birth parents with fear.  At that time, they finally knew that they did not understand this silent and indifferent young girl at all.

Players did not inherit their real world disabilities in the Destiny world, so she could walk and see the world here.  When they had seen her eyes the first time, her brother beside her, Son of Heaven had been stunned for a long time.

It was a pair of eyes that seemed like they could see through a person’s soul.

Only, since it had already begun, he could not stop this plan.  If he stopped the opening of the Shrouded Heaven first Chamber of Commerce in three days, it would be a large blow to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  After all, a man was only as good as his words, especially for a large guild like the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

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