EDAH Chapter 221


Chapter 221: The War God’s wish (Part 2)

“Ding……You have obtained the mission item ’Skeleton of Zhan Wu Gui’, and have completed the mission ‘The War God’s Skeleton’.”

The skeleton of the War God automatically appeared in Ye Tian Xie inventory.  Ye Tian Xie nodded and said, “You can rest assured…..Although you are dead, your heroic spirit will never fade.  The future generations of the Lost Continent will remember your name.  I hope that another hero like you will be able to appear on the Lost Continent once again.”

“Hero?  I……just did what a human should do.  The far off countries no longer have the courage to invade the Lost Continent and the Lost Continent is now in a period of peace, so there is no longer a need for a hero like me to appear anymore.  I just want to return to my homeland and sleep in the land I left a long time ago.  Thank you…..for freeing me.”  Zhan Wu Gui spoke in a slow voice.

Ye Tian Xie paused for a bit before speaking after thinking a little, “You’re wrong, the current Lost Continent is not peaceful, but rather facing a large danger right now.  You should know that the Eight Demon Kings were sealed in the Tower of Destiny in the past…..But three years ago, there was an accident and all of the Demon Kings escaped, and they are currently hiding all over the Lost Continent.  The Tower of Destiny is releasing demonic qi, quickly spreading and making countless life forms aggressive, causing a variety of disasters…..The current Lost Continent is not peaceful, but rather facing an enormous crisis.”


The War God’s Spirit was quiet for a long time.  After a while, he muttered, “Tower of Destiny……The place I guarded in the past?”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“A hundred years ago, the Eight Demon Kings were sealed in the Tower of Destiny and it was the most forbidden location on the Lost Continent and the most dangerous.  Before I came here, I was in charge of guarding the Tower of Destiny, stopping people from coming close and destroying anyone that had plans for the Tower of Destiny……Because once something happened to the Tower of Destiny, it would cause a terrifying crisis for the entire Lost Continent……I never thought it would actually happen one day.  Only……I no longer have the ability to protect these lands.”

Zhan Wu Gui’s calm voice sounded desolate, revealing his frustrations and sadness.  To protect the country was his basis for existing, so how could he be willing to see his country face this kind of crisis.  It made him die full of regrets.

Zhan Wu Gui had guarded the Tower of Destiny before?  This was Ye Tian Xie’s first time hearing this.

“Young man, can you help me with a matter……Finish my final wish.  In the underworld, my soul will thank you for it.”

“As long as I can do it.”  Ye Tian Xie replied without any hesitation.

He had killed the awakened War God’s Soul which was considered an impossible task.  Because of this, the impossible quest created a quest which was the “War God’s Wish”.  This quest was a branch of the “War God’s Skeleton” quest, but it was also a quest specially made for Ye Tian Xie.

“I want you to inherit my strength!”  The War God looked up and spoke in a slow voice.  His hawk like eyes stared right at Ye Tian Xie.

Ye Tian Xie became speechless.

Inheriting the War God’s power…..Instead of calling this a quest, it was better to call it a gift from heaven.  Quests triggered by impossible quests were really much better than normal ones.

“Being able to beat my spirit, it means you’re strong.  You’ve let me see a great hope for the Lost Continent.  I hope that you will inherit my “Protection Soul” power, so I can fulfill my wish of protecting my homeland forever….Are you willing to do this?”

“Ding…..The War God’s Spirit has requested you to inherit his power.

Quest Grade: Unique

Quest Time Limit: None

Quest Reward: You can change into the Hidden Job ‘Protection Soul’.

Do you accept?”

This quest’s details were just to accept a Hidden Job – Protection Soul!

This was called a quest?

Hidden Jobs were topics that were the gaming world never stopped talking about and at the same time, it was the dream that every player chased.  No matter which game it was, Hidden Jobs were very valuable things.  To obtain a Hidden Job, not only did one have to have great strength, they would also need to have great luck.  It was not something a normal player could obtain.

In the Chinese Server which had the most players, there was only a single Hidden Job, Ye Tian Xie’s “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon”.  The appearance of this Hidden Job filled all the players with discussion.  With how strong this Job was, it made many players have the urge to find a Hidden Job as soon as possible.

Right now, another Hidden Job had appeared right in front of him…..It made his heart almost burst from his chest.

After using the Heavenly Scroll, “God’s Gift”, he could have two Jobs at the same time.  This also meant…..If he were to accept this “Protection Soul” Hidden Job, he would have two Hidden Jobs at the same time!

“It is my honor to inherit the power of the War God.”  Ye Tian Xie immediately replied.

“After accepting my power, your original job will disappear.  Even though this is the case, are you willing to accept it?”

When one obtained a Hidden Job, their original Job would disappear, this was one of the basic principles of the gaming world.  However, the premise of this principle was that each player could only have a single Job.  For Ye Tian Xie that could have two different Jobs, this was not a problem.

“It’s no problem, I can have two Jobs.”  Ye Tian Xie replied with a faint smile, giving the War God’s Spirit an honest answer.  For a hero like this, he did not dare tell any lies.

The War God was silent for a bit, as if he was surprised by Ye Tian Xie’s answer.  He did not ask anything and just slowly said, “Since it’s like this……”

As soon as his voice fell, a silver light came from the center of the War God’s Spirit, slowly turning into the shape of a shield.  Protection Soul, as the name suggested, was a Job that was focused on defense.

After the silver shield separated from the War God’s Spirit’s body, it slowly moved over towards Ye Tian Xie.  When the silver shield approached, a kind of “protection” strength entered into his body.  Slowly, the silver shield containing the War God’s power moved in front of Ye Tian Xie……


An unexpected change suddenly happened.  As the silver shield was about to enter Ye Tian Xie’s body, a strong repulsion force appeared and the silver shield flew backwards.  It flew back to the War God’s Spirit and once again integrated back into his body.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

This scene made him think of when he tried to change Jobs in the past.  Failure, one after the other…..This situation was quite similar.

Because his potential instinctively repelled all weak…..and not suitable Jobs for him to change into.

At this moment, the War God’s Spirit’s expression finally changed……It was a kind of shock that seemed like he could not accept what had just happened.  After a few seconds of being stunned, he slowly said, “Repulsion!”

The experience the War God had surpassed a normal person, so he was very clear on why this kind of repulsion occurred and what it meant.  There were a few cases of Jobs being repelled, but when a very strong potential power appeared inside a person, it would reject all the Jobs that tried to take over.

But, he had only heard about ordinary Jobs being repelled……He had never heard of a person strong enough to repel a Hidden Job.  The strength of the “Protection Soul” job was very high, surpassing normal Jobs by several times.  There was no one more clear on how powerful it was compared to him, and that’s why his shock was even stronger.

This person…..Just how terrifying was his potential power?

It was no wonder he was able to kill over a thousand Spirit Warriors alone and even fight against the Spirit containing his power at such a low level.

While he was silently thinking, his view of this person completely changed……If he wasn’t wrong, it was something from an acquaintance in his youth……The young man that had become the captain of the guards for Lost City, Gu Ping’s Headband of Bravery.

“It seems like my strength is not qualified to being inherited by you.  Young man, can you tell me your name?”  The War God’s Spirit slowly said.

“Xie Tian.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.

“Xie Tian…..As I am disappearing, I am now filled with a new regret.  I wish that I was young ago, so I could see what kind of achievements you will have in the future.  Your strong potential strength is something I always wished to see.  My power cannot be given to you, this is truly a great regret, but with how strong you are, I can see a new hope……That thing, I can finally allow it to leave this endless Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.”

That thing?

“In the past, my brothers and I were all guards at the Tower of Destiny and became the leaders of the several thousand guards.  To be able to react to any accidents, I was given a power that others could not have…… It was a transfer stone that the Supreme Emperor of Lost City had the strongest mage make.”

“The existence of this transfer stone was very special.  Its power could not fall into anyone’s hands, otherwise terrifying consequences would have occurred.  Because of my loyalty, the Lost Continent’s emperor entrusted me with this stone.  I kept this stone on me the entire time, never leaving my side.  Even when I died, there was no one that knew about this transfer stone’s existence.  Eighty years ago, my body died and that transfer stone disappeared into the endless Ten Thousand Bone Ruins with me, never appearing in the world again……”

“Now, I will give it to you…..Although this goes against the previous emperor’s mission and will go against his wishes, my eyes and feelings tell me that this decision is not wrong.  It should belong to you, the hope of saving the Tower of Destiny!”

As the War God’s voice fell, under his feet, by the armour of his skeleton, a small ash grey stone appeared on the ground.  It flew high into the air and then slowly fell down, landing in front of Ye Tian Xie, falling right into the hand he stretched out to grab it with.

This was a normal looking stone that had a little weight to it.  Because it had been in the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins for a long time, it had now turned an ash grey colour.  This kind of stone, if it was placed in front of anyone, no one would pay attention to it or try to pick it up.

Tower of Destiny Transfer Stone: The special transfer stone made a hundred years by Lost City’s Ice and Fire Magic God.  As long as one grasps their hand around it and think the words “Tower of Destiny” in their head, they will be sent to the first floor of the Tower of Destiny.  No limit on use.  Can only be used when in a free state.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!!!!”

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