EDAH Chapter 222


Chapter 222: Wishing Glass

This seemingly normal stone could actually instantly teleport a person to the Tower of Destiny at the center of the Lost Continent!

In the past, the Tower of Destiny sealed the terrifying Eight Demon Kings and several fierce demon beasts, claiming the title as the number one forbidden area of the Lost Continent.  However, an incident happened three years ago and it had become the forbidden area of forbidden areas.  The guards around the area were doubled and no one was allowed to enter.

However, this stone could disregard all impediments and restrictive powers and directly send someone into the Tower of Destiny.  According to the Beginner Village 60001 village chief, the number one expert, Nameless had the qualifications to enter, but he had achieved nothing in the end.

Right now, he had the power to enter the Tower of Destiny.


Just like the War God’s Spirit had said, this was a forbidden item that could not be obtained by anyone else.  It should have been forever lost in this place with the War God, never appearing in the world again, however a chain of events that should not have been possible had occurred.  So, the Tower of Destiny’s transfer stone now fell into Ye Tian Xie’s hands.

“The Tower of Destiny’s transfer stone…..The Tower of Destiny has many terrifying demons sealed within, so why are you giving me this transfer stone?”  Ye Tian Xie asked as he held the Tower of Destiny transfer stone.

In a voice filled with anticipation , The War God’s Spirit said, “The Moment of Destiny is very strong and with its power existing, the Eight Demon Kings could never break through the seal of the Tower of Destiny.  I hope that when you’re strong enough one day, you will be able to enter the Tower of Destiny and find out what happened inside.  The Tower of Destiny is the core of the Lost Continent, containing the faith of countless people, sealing the demons that we cannot fight against.  It cannot be destroyed and it cannot fall, otherwise we will suffer unimaginable consequences.  I hope that you can investigate why the seal of the Tower of Destiny broke and solve the root of the problem.”

Ye Tian Xie was silent for a bit……The reason why the seal of the Tower of Destiny broke was very simple.  It was because the most powerful Moment of Destiny had disappeared…..disappearing into his hands.  However, the War God had never seen the Moment of Destiny.  Perhaps no one had ever seen the Moment of Destiny, because what was in his hands now was the Moment of Destiny……Only it was still missing six of the Nuclei of Destiny.

Then again, he also wanted to know what happened inside the Tower of Destiny and why the Moment of Destiny had appeared in his hands.

“The Tower of Destiny is very dangerous and terrifying, you should be very clear on this.  Why do you think that I will be able to find an answer when no one else has?”  Ye Tian Xie raised his head and asked.

“Because even my “Protection Soul” Job’s power was repelled, so your potential strength is far beyond and talent that I had ever heard of.  When you are strong enough, you will stand at a point where normal people can never hope to reach.  So, you will be able to do it.”

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie did not ask any more questions.  After all, the Tower of Destiny transfer stone was a strong item that should not have appeared in a player’s hands.  Other than being secretly, he did not have any reason to reject this request, “Since it’s like this, I will do my best and not disappoint you.”

“……Thank you for your help.”  The War God’s Spirit said in a happy voice, “Before I disappear, I want to ask you for a final favour……”

The white light from before appeared once again and formed a silver coloured shield.  The War God’s Spirit reached out a translucent illusory hand and held the silver shield in his hand.  Instantly, the silver shield dissipated in his hands, slowly disappearing like fog……It was followed by a silver coloured scroll appearing in his hands.

He gently pushed out and the silver scroll slowly moved forward.  It moved in front of Ye Tian Xie’s and he reached out to grab it.

“This is a scroll with my power sealed within…..Since you can’t inherit my strength, I hope that you can entrust this to someone suitable.  I believe in your eyes.  The person you pick will not bring disgrace to this protective power.”  The War God’s Spirit said this, in a voice that was clearly getting lower.  With his power leaving his body, his spirit had lost the support for its existence and he could disappear at any second.

Job Scroll – Protection Soul: A Job Scroll sealing the power of the “Protection Soul” Job.  It can be used to obtain the powerful protective strength Job, “Protection Soul”.

This was a Hidden Job Scroll.  Although the “Protection Soul” Job could not be his, it still fell in his hands.  He placed this kind of scroll that could make players wild into his inventory because Ye Tian Xie had already decided on who to give it to.

Fertile water did not flow to outsiders, it didn’t matter if he lived up to the War God’s name or not.  This scroll was naturally going to Zuo Po Jun that had picked a defensive Job.

At the same time, he was silently pondering something.  Even a Hidden Job was repelled, then what would his second Job be?  Was he only allowed to have this “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” Job?

“You go on your way feeling assured.  I will give it to the most suitable person.”  Ye Tian Xie confidently said.

“Thank you…..Also, this partner that has always been with me……I’ll give it to you.  I’ll let it guard the place that I dream of returning to for me.”

An old shield that had a bit of gold colour left on it flew up from the ground, falling into Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  This was the shield that the War God’s Spirit had equipped before.

Imperial Transmigration: Unknown Grade

Requirements: Defensive Job, Strength over 100.

Seven hundred years ago, a jet black meteorite fell from the heavens, landing in the north of the Lost Continent.  Perhaps it was divine intervention, but this jet black meteorite fell where the greatest Mysterious God Grade ranked blacksmith Iron Toothless was secluding himself.  Using this meteorite, he extracted a special kind of metal with a strange power he called “Black Gold”.  Its toughness exceeded every metal known on the continent which decided its attribute.  Iron Toothless used thirteen years and the blood of over a thousand beasts, integrating all this power to create a powerful shield with a strong protective strength.  This strongest shield was named “Imperial Transmigration”.  After Imperial Transmigration was known to the world, everyone dubbed it the strongest shield in the world.  After some time, it was obtained by the Lost City Emperor, who gave it to the strongest Knight of every generation.

Eighty years ago, Imperial Transmigration fought to death with its master Zhan Wu Gui in the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.   With the corrosion of the undead’s power, its strength had been slowly drained away.

Stats: Defense +50, Strength +1, Vitality +1, and Block Rate +2%.

It looked just like a normal shield.  The front was very dark, but it was smooth without any kind of markings at all.  This kind of large and common looking shield was actually the strongest shield in the word.  It was a pity……

“After several decades of corruption, the shield fell into deep slumber in order to not lose its power.  Only the legendary Water of Life can restore its strength.  If you can, I hope that one day, you will find the Water of Life and life long partner’s strength……Then, goodbye.”

After saying these final words, the War God’s Spirit finally could not hold on any longer.  Without waiting for Ye Tian Xie’s answer, he disappeared like mist right in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes……Disappearing without a trace.

The area became silent and only the sounds of the rotten smelling wind blowing could be heard.

The shield in his hand was half a meter wide and a meter tall, being able to block half his body.  Only the shield in his hand was like the two pieces of Heavenly Equipment that he owned.  They had all fallen into a deep sleep to protect their own strength.  To awaken them, he needed the Water of Life.

Putting away the shield, Ye Tian Xie took a final look over the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins……Because once he left, he could basically never come back.  He picked up Yao Yao and gently said, “Yao Yao, this time was all thanks to you.”

Thinking about it, this was his second time calling out Yao Yao to fight.  Because its stats were too weak, Ye Tian Xie subconsciously chose not to call in out in fights.  The first time was in the Frost Wolf Hole, where the environment forced him to depend on Yao Yao’s healing abilities.  That time, Yao Yao, fighting for the first time, suddenly gained an increase in strength, solving their crisis.  Today, it was the second time…….It was the first time it had used its power and created an impossible miracle.  It also brought Ye Tian Xie a large harvest.

Today, he clearly understood that the previous him had neglected just how powerful Yao Yao’s stats were……It was the mysterious Profound Snow Spirit Fox that even the strongest Dragon God feared in the past.  Its stats were low, but that could not hide its shining brilliance.

Opening his inventory, Ye Tian Xie took out something that he was impatient to look at.  The item that was called one of the Seven Ultimate Hidden Items of the Destiny world – the Wishing Glass.

What appeared in his hand was a little crystal ball the size of a fingernail.  It was a rainbow coloured glass that released a illusory glow.

Wishing Glass: One of the Seven Ultimate Hidden Items of the Destiny world.  Unknown origin, unknown production method.

On the Lost Continent, there has always been a beautiful legend.  The legend said that there was a mythical Wishing Lake on the Lost Continent itself.  By the lake, there was a green Wishing Tree growing on the banks.  There was no fixed place for them, existing like leaves on the wind, not knowing when they would appear next.  The legend says that as long as one finds the Wishing Lake, waters the Wishing Tree with the lake’s water, and pray in front of the Wishing Tree with the Wishing Glass in hand while closing one’s eyes, while thinking about the most desired thing in their hearts.  The Wishing Tree will listen to their deepest wishes and will make it come true in the near future.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Holding this little beautiful and precious glass ball, Ye Tian Xie was shocked to his core……Achieving a person’s wishes.  The Destiny world actually had this kind of…..absolutely unbelievable kind of item!!

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