EDAH Chapter 227


Chapter 227: The shock of Golden Equipment

The main plaza of Central State City fell into an uproar as all the players present were filled with shock.  The image on the large screens quickly became the center of attention and it seemed like it was a live broadcast of the auction itself.  What was Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce planning to do!?  Theoretically, this was something that players could not do, no matter how much money they spent.

Actually, this ability to broadcast on the four magic screens was something that Liu Qi Yue wished for and this impossible matter was granted to her by Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie had said a few words to the City Lord and he quickly agreed……He even enthusiastically received the two million royalty fees.

This sky high price was something that Liu Qi Yue accepted with pleasure.

This strange sight made several shrewd people smell a strange flavour.  Then they thought about all the incredible things that happened with the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  That amazing spot and building their facilities in such a short time was all very strange.  There was also that server announcement which could not be any stranger.


Instantly, many shrewd people came to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, preparing to buy a ticket……However, it was already past 8:30, so the two hundred gold coins price became one thousand gold coins.  The receptionist had a refreshing smile on her face, but she did not relent to anyone trying to bargain.  Countless players that were curious about Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce were scared off by the price.

At 9 am, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s auctions started.

An hour before the Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s auction began, it was already very lively.  Before the auction started, there were several beautifully dressed girls dancing in the hall, creating waves upon waves of loud cries, making it very lively…..The players that could not buy the limited tickets could only stand outside moaning and sighing.

On the contrary, there were countless players watching the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction on the magic screens……

The Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction house was very big, so big that many people were flabbergasted.  When 9 o’clock came, the auction site became silent, but there were only around a thousand people scattered around.  In the crowd, half of them were from the God’s Realm Guild here to show support and the other half were those brought by curiosity or those that hoped Liu Qi Yue would appear.  After all, if they wanted the auction with the best equipment, they would have picked the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  With their influence, it was very easy for them to obtain the highest quality equipments.

One thousand people.  In the real world, this was not a small number, but this was only a tiny amount of the total number of players in the Chinese server, so it was naturally very pitiful.  The large hall did not seem like a glorious place, but rather it seemed quite cold with all the empty seats present.

Ye Tian Xie was sitting in a small corner, watching the movements of everyone present.  The main hall of the auction only had around one twentieth of the seats filled and was colder than he expected.  However, the colder it was, the greater the shock would be in contrast.

“Second brother, that brat from the Dugu Family really came.  Elder sister already said she wouldn’t be coming, but he still personally came.  It seems like he’s quite smitten with elder sister.”  Zuo Po Jun sitting to his right whispered into Ye Tian Xie’s ear.  At the same time, he was looking at Buried God sitting in the front while revealing a faint smile.

“Smart people know what to do at the right time.  That pitiful child called Son of Heaven is really too pitiful, he doesn’t understand how terrifying our beautiful elder sister is.  Oh!  I wish him good luck!”  Murong Qiu Shui curled his lips and spoke with a face of pity.

One minute after 9 o’clock, finally a person came out from behind the stage and everyone’s eyes focused on the stage.  Walking out was a girl that was around thirty years old with a faint smile on her face and a plentiful stature.  Her body exuded the aura of a mature woman and her appearance made everyone’s eyes light up…..The members of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce were all women and they were all beautiful women.  The number one criteria Liu Qi Yue picked her helpers by were their appearances.  Because of this, there were also rumours that Liu Qi Yue secretly liked women and all the women by her side had been played with by her.  Because of this, she hasn’t gotten married or even had any men that she came in close contact with.

“Hello friends, I welcome you to our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s first auction.  I am the director of this auction, Ninth Moon, as well as the auctioneer.  We offer our sincere gratitude to everyone for picking our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce today…..”  After this girl name Ninth Moon finished speaking with a faint smile, she got to the main point, “Then, I won’t be wasting everyone’s precious time and we’ll start the auction now.  As the director of the auction, I want to first say that according to every one of friend’s trust in our Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, we will bring out the best equipment possible……At the very least, we won’t bring out anything below Gold Grade to insult everyone present.  Now, the first Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction will begin!”

The words of the director Ninth Moon rang out through the auction hall and the Heavenly Stellar City square’s magic screens.  It rang out through the broadcast system, falling into countless players’ ears, making them stunned.

What did they just hear?

“We will not insult everyone’s trust with equipment below the Gold Grade……”

With the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s words, didn’t they know what they were implying?  If it was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, or the God’s Realm Guild, or even the two working together, they would not say something this crazy……They wouldn’t take out anything below the Gold Grade to insult everyone’s trust and hospitality…..Perhaps, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce could even take out Gold Equipment?  Gold Equipment, they were similar to Divine Equipment at this stage, something that even the guild leaders could not ask for.

The answer was placed in front of them in a shocking and beautiful manner.

“Now, we will begin the auction for our first item.  It is something suited for Mage players – the ‘Golden Marked Robe’.”

As soon as Ninth Moon’s voice fell, the large screen of the auction hall and the magic screens in the Heavenly Stellar City plaza all revealed the stats of the Golden Marked Robe at the same time.

Golden Marked Robe: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Male with Mage, Priest, or Summoner Job.

A magnificent gold marked robe that has a mysterious power.

Effect: Defense +55, Thunder Resistance +8%, Intelligence +8, and Vitality +7.  There is a 3% chance that when attacked, the “Golden Guard” will activate increasing the user’s defense by 20%.


Just like that, a storm of excitement instantly swept over the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s auction site and filled the entire Heavenly Stellar City’s plaza.  In the plaza, countless players were completely stunned.  In the auction site, it was unknown how many players could not hold back their excitement as they jumped out of their seats.  Even the smile Buried God had on his face froze at this moment.

Gold Equipment…..The first item the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was auctioning was actually a Gold Item that countless players had never seen before!

This huge shock made the entire crowd instantly lose control!

“The Golden Marked Robe, a piece of equipment of the Gold Grade.  I believe that many Mage players are anxious to start the bidding.  I have said before, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce has prepared the best items for all our friends and will now insult everyone’s trust with items below the Gold Grade.  Now, the first item prepared is a piece of Gold Equipment.  I’m sure everyone is aware of how valuable it is, so the starting price will be a little high.  We will start the bidding at 80000 gold coins!”  Ninth Moon was not scared by the excited scene.  Her faint smile remained on her face as she revealed a calm appearance.  It was clear that she already expected this.

Her words were a casual slap to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven……Wings of Shrouded Heaven advertised themselves three days ago, saying that they would take out two pieces of level fifteen Silver Equipment for their auction.  This heavy move from them was nothing more than “low level equipment” for the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.  This also meant that the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s auction was nothing more than trash in the eyes of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

“100000!”  As soon as Ninth Moon’s voice fell, a person with a Mage’s appearance quickly stood up and loudly shouted his bid.  Before coming here today, he never thought that he would be seeing a piece of Golden Equipment that he could never obtain even in his dreams.  Not only him, no one thought it would happen.

Level fifteen, other than Xie Tian in first place, everyone else on the level rankings were all at this level.  This was the level of equipment that players at the current stage needed right now.  As soon as the voice of the first person to bid fell, another person quickly shouted, “150000!  I need this robe!  I am the World Union’s World Tyrant Song.  Everyone give me some face and we can talk nicely in the future!”

This was a robust man that was around thirty years old.  With a big head and long mouth, he looked very ugly.  One could tell he wasn’t a good person with a single glance.

“200000.”  As soon as his hidden threat was sent out, a calm voice suddenly spoke up.  This voice came from the God’s Realm Guildmaster – Buried God!

That arrogant World Tyrant Song immediately sat down and said nothing else.  After all, with the God’s Realm’s might and the Guildmaster personally speaking out, he wasn’t stupid enough to think he could win against the God’s Realm’s Guildmaster.

The auction site was quite calm, but outside had fallen into chaos.

The news of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce auctioning Golden Equipment was quickly sent out, spreading to every corner of Heavenly Stellar City, even reaching the teams leveling outside the city……It also reached the Wings of Shrouded Heaven First Chamber of Commerce’s auction site.

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